July 30, 2018



...what a lovely area.


Great shots of the festival. I love going to events like that. I usually don't get good shots like you did because I have trouble photographing when there are crowds of people. Too bad someone drew on the hummer but I'm guessing that won't be hard to cover up.


I forgot to ask about the OR fires, no news is good news on your end?


What a fabulous event - anything that gets people outside and interacting is a blessing. And I adore street performers of all types - it takes courage and perseverance, to be sure. An interactive mural is a clever idea! Enjoy your weekend!

Linda Brown

Summertime in that colorful city is STUNNING!


Summertime is the best!


Hello Sallie - this is Beth from Garden Grumbles - you are correct - we do both live in Eugene - you in downtown proper, and me a couple miles southwest up in the hills!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Peter B.

This is what summer is all about!! Looks like a great festival, and wonderful photos!

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh what a fun festival and delightful photos!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Gosh what a beautiful colourful place you live. It looks like so much fun in the streets.

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: I am always happy to see cities close off steets to cars and open them up
for pedestrians. It really restores a city to what it was meant to be. It may be a bit of a pain for drivers but it is a small price to pay for a reduction in pollution and a restoration of community spirit.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

I'd love to be somewhere where it's summer now.


That looks like a lot of fun!


You town is a fun place to be (at least in the summer)
Spacing is a store that sells all things with a Toronto theme.


Hurrah - it went through! This looked like such a fun event! Love the "interactive" mural. Am with you on murals - that's why I decided to do my big paintings on canvas! Some may like it, others not so much. This is the first time I've seen onions sold with the top! Many thanks for sharing your fun in the weekend with All Seasons! Enjoy your summer week - and thank you for your comment on the flowers of my post:)


Hello Sallie, yesterday I was not able to reach you on your blog with a comment on your All Seasons share, as well as by email! (Wonder if it has to do with the fires. When I got up I smelled smoke!)


Great mural. Like it.

MaryBeth Schwartz

I think I am in the fountain with the kid or am I just a kid myself. Great fun for Eugene and all


Street fairs are the best. Your photos are wonderful and I can see all the fun things to do. Thanks for sharing Sallie. Keep cool!


Those sorts of events do spark people's imaginations and get them involved in activities out of their normal comfort zone. It's a great idea, helped of course by the weather.

And from the pictures, everyone looks to be so enjoying themselves.


The first thing I saw was the bikes !! Having been in Amsterdam I still have nightmares, lol ! Can you imagine no cars and only bikes like in your beautiful pictures ? It seems that there are a lot to see and going on where you live !

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images, the mosaic, the skies, veg market, and the bikes.

nancy chan

Looks like a wonderful festivals where everyone can enjoy. Wow on the beautiful flowers and fresh onions.

riitta k

What a great summer festival! I am sure the kids enjoyed in the fountain and a great thing that the city shust some streets because of an event like this. Your selection of fresh onions calls out loud SUMMER - I can smell them here. It is hot in Finland too - let's try to cope with it.


So much pink makes me happy. And I love love the mural, even the scribble on the bird.


Downtown Eugene looks like a happening place, Sallie! I love the murals, flowers. streets closed to traffic for pedestrians, and all the arts and festivities!

Alan Bates

That looks like a lot of fun. Anything to close the streets and get people out and walking.
I would think a mural that has rules where you can draw and where you can't is doomed to failure. Some can't read, others who can read don't think the rules apply to them. But that mural is very nice.
I love the flowers.


Now you've got me determined to dig up a photo from my people powered cart days, only ours didn't have brakes so I guess they were popsicle and dry ice powered.
This street fest looks like a blast and I believe our reasonable weather is ended and yours is blowing our way.
I need to know what is going on with that bike and red triangle thing.


Hard to believe it's so hot. But this is colorful festival with water should cool you down.

Patrick Tillett

Love events like this one. I haven't been to Eugene for a long time, but I remember liking it a lot. The last time, I was "stuck" there for almost a week when my VW bus engine blew up. I remember thinking that it would be a nice place to live.

Photo Cache

This post made me long to go biking again. Have a lovely August.


That would have been fun to walk around. The last time I did anything like this was on my holiday last year in California. Love these kind of farmer's markets. Great pictures Sallie. Thanks for the shares.

Stewart M

Thes kinds of festivals are always a great source of pictures - love the hummers on the wall.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

Festvals seem to be the only times when you see people nowadays. Going downtown you see just a few. They are not there anymore. Only in the large shopping malls outside town. And they have no fun time. Just shopping.

We finally got some rain. It stoped some of the fires going on but a few are still burning.


It all looks like a great place to live - lots of fun things to do close by and beautiful flowers and great fruit and veges. Enjoy it all!!

Linda in Virginia

What a great festival!


this looks like a fun event...you are never too old to splash in a fountain!!

Su-sieee! Mac

Closing down streets for fun--awesome idea. But then Eugene is a fun friendly city. After visiting several blogs in different parts of the country, it seems like temps are hot everywhere. I wonder if we might have a rainy winter because of the way our summer is going. I'm thinking along the lines of What goes up must come down. :-) Cheers, Sallie.


What a delight this festival must be and your photos bring it to life for me, Sallie. Of course, I am always drawn to the flowers. Lovely. Just lovely.


Looks like great fun! Are you dying in this heat like we are? :-) Beautiful onions too.

William Kendall

The flowers are splendid!


Looks like perfect weather for a festival.
Aren’t Farmer’s markets a visual delight!!


Looks like a really fun festival! Beautiful mural!

Forest Dream Weaver

The festival looks exciting and colourful and there's something for everyone. I'm really drawn to the onions, looking so fresh and beautiful! Thank you Sallie - have a lovely week! Ruby

Penelope Puddlisms

The mural and the festival are wonderful ideas not only for eye-candy and musical sounds but also for bringing a community together. We can never have too much personal one-on-one closeness that gets lost in this digital age. It all works towards growing a sense of responsibility to one’s community, although it doesn’t seem to have worked so well for some folk who scribbled where they shouldn’t.

Lavender Dreamer

What a wonderful event! I love that they have the streets just for walking and riding! What fun that would be! It's in the 80s for highs all this week...not so bad for the middle of summer! Hugs!


Happy Mosaic Monday Sallie

much love...


The Arts Festival looks like a great place to visit, wander, have fun, and see interesting things. I like the mural and it's too bad about people who must break rules. It has been hot here, too, but it's supposed to break later this week. I hope the cool air reaches Eugene!

Lady Fi

Your town looks so lively and attractive! I love that mural.


I love art festivals. Eugene looks like a very special place to live. You are a wonderful travel guide. Have a great week!

Eileen Wise

Hello, Eugene looks like a beautiful city. Lovely place to live. The festival looks like fun for everyone. I love the mural, it is a shame people do not read. The flowers are beautiful. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!


Fun, was that 3 wheeled hack for rent? I think I would end up in the fountain with the kids, pretend one was my grandkid! teehee....I have never traveled in a hack! I recall what we used to call "street fairs" in NYC it was fun and always more food than craft, and in winter more craft than food. I always enjoyed a stroll through and getting an ear of grilled corn was a real treat.


There's something about an arts festival that takes to the streets that makes you just want to be there. Thanks for taking the MM crowd along with you this week.
Happy Mosaic Monday.

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