August 05, 2018



As always, I love seeing birds, and I loved seeing the raptors.
I would certainly try those sweet peppers from outer space. :)

Patrick Tillett

Another interesting post. You are always good at doing that.
I'd love to visit that Raptor Center someday.

Bob Bushell

Lovely raptors.


Enjoyed seeing the raptors especially the owls. What a neat place to go see.

Hootin' anni

As always, thanks for linking in at I'd Rather B Birdin' Wow...I could spend hours at this center...great narration & photos Sallie.
As for the pepper, I think I'd have say more like Phyllis Diller hair!!

Alan Bates

Well that is pretty darn cool. We have a raptor center near Tulsa as well. It specializes in bald eagles and has another function of providing eagle feathers that fall off naturally in the enclosures to Native Americans for use in the their ceremonies.

Amy Franks

oh very cool, I love the owls - they look very grand and the peppers almost look like octopus tentacles.


Yes, sweet pepper Jules Verne sea creatures, how cool is that photo (very). I love Guapo's story and would rather share a burger with him than a Memorial Union duck. I wonder why he got separated from his owner, sad but a happy place to end up.
I love this place, I was so frantic when baby robins were displaced during a storm on my porch and no mother came to feed them and no place to turn to. Then I stumbled across a wildlife center by hearing a humane society recording (no one was there) and was thrilled.
Did you see Dimitri's education was Mouse University?


Thank goodness for those wonderful people who run the rehabilitation centers. I love the photos of the birds. While I am sorry they can’t be released, it is such a blessing that they have a good place to live out their lives and some can be avian ambassadors to teach people. Thanks for sharing.


We have a hawk who lives in a neighboring tree! I love to watch him fly.

Sharon Wagner

The peppers do look like monster tentacles. Good one!

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie.

The raptor center is great, I am glad these birds are being well cared for at the rescue. I love the Owls and Hawks. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Nice place to pay a visit and I oved the image of the Eagle Owl. Have a lovely weekend.


Oh, how it warms my heart to see the outstanding work that is being done some places. There is hope for us, don't you think? I love how each raptor is a member of a 'team', just like a human would be. I hate to see any animal injured, but just maybe, this was meant to be to help further educate all of us. Enjoy your weekend!

bill burke

The birds are great to see, they're beautiful. The sweet peppers do look like monsters from outer space. :) Great photos and thanks for sharing.

Peter B.

Something about raptors is so intriguing! Some beautiful photos.


Nice to see that these birds are being taken care of!! Thanks for linking up today. I hope you have a GREAT weekend!


So happy you posted this this week! I posted a photo of what I wasn't sure about and now feel certain was definitely a Swainson's Hawk (thanks to Phil!) At first I thought it might be a Peregrine Falcon but the size as well as wing coloration wasn't right. Good to see both in your post. We will have to go to the Cascades Raptor Center some time! Also, that weird fruit from the Farmer's Market looks like alien life! :-0


Thank you for this visit, Sallie. Some peoples do beautiful work. In our cruel world it's always comforting to know some people take care of birds !


Interesting visit. I do love Peregrine falcons. I used to have a boss on Rhodesian days who did a lot of falconry and I learnt to fly one of the peregrines. Have a good day. Diane

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Interesting centre.

Taken For Granted

Such beautiful birds. You were lucky to be able to visit this center.


The best way to get up close to these magnificent birds.
And the peppers remind me of Chihuly!


...I love birds of prey!

Photo Cache

The raptors center is a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Brown

I love raptors!!!

David Gascoigne

These rehabilitation centres are wonderful facilities where raptors can be given a chance at life. More often than not their injuries have been caused by human activity so it is more than fitting that we aid in their recovery. The value of educational birds cannot be overstated. Many schoolchildren get their first understanding of birds of prey from school visits by rehabbers, and perhaps some of the awful myths and downright lies about raptors are dispelled. And we should not overlook the importance of having these birds breed in captivity for ultimately reintroduction into the wild. I hope you made a little donation, Sallie!


Neat place! I like raptors.

William Kendall

There is a place near where I grew up that operates under the same guidelines- rehabilitation for wild birds, and those who can't be released for whatever reason become ambassadors of a kind for education.

Michelle Banks

This reminds me that I need to get to our center that has raptors and others for education..Michelle

Forest Dream Weaver

Thanks for sharing your tour of the raptor centre. Especially interesting to see the peregrine. I've never seen peppers like this....super fresh edible aliens! Best wishes - Ruby


Your pictures are so breathtaking and I can't stop looking at them. The Cascades Raptor Center sounds like a fun place to visit and see.


Raptors are fascinating birds. I love seeing the bald eagles and hawks against the blue skies in our area. Those peppers could certainly feature in a horror movie, but they are paradoxically cute, too.


those peppers are amazing.


Same blue sky everyday and everywhere.

I enjoy it and so you do.

But my brain is different from yours, it is slightly off center. I ran 200km in August.

Stewart M

Seeing birds of prey that close is always great. They have such a look of concentration.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

Love your raptors. I wish we had a similar center to see them up close.

The last one... aliens for sure. :)

betty - MZ

Raptors are so cool! Great photos. I'm thinking green spaghetti!!


I thought that last shot was an advert for 'The day of the Tryffids'! It is a privilege to see these birds up close.


oh I really enjoyed this post so much! I love reading about places like this and the work they do. Love your pictures also! Great blog!


What an interesting rescue center! It's so good that places like this exist. I've learned a lot about raptors since moving to Colorado, but there is always so much more to learn! I feel fortunate to hear owls hooting at night and see hawks and eagles flying overhead from time to time.

I made peppers and eggs for my husband this morning with peppers that looked like these---so good!

Lady Fi

Wow - fabulous shots of the birds! And I love your monsters from outer space.


That raptor center is a fantastic place to visit and wonderful that the staff are trained to look after the birds so well. It be great if all places in the world were so careful of our raptors. Those sweet peppers are fantastic!


It's amazing to see birds like that close-up.


The centers where damaged birds are taken care of are so cool! Love the description of the owl's case:)
The sweet peppers, I would eat these "monsters" because I know how they taste - one of my favorite veggies:) Thanks you Sally for sharing the birds center and the veggies with All Seasons!
Also thank you for your thoughts on the fires! I can tell I'm becoming a local here - can't think about anything else, lol!


Hot monsters and lovely birds!
Great pictures, Sallie.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

ellen b

Such beautiful creatures!
Love your random shot of monster peppers!
Happy new week to you.

Penelope Puddlisms

Haha … the peppers do look like gnarled monster fingers reaching out to grab someone. I can see why the owl, Dmitri, has its own fan base. The all-knowing, all seeing, big brown eyes seem very wise. Organizations that rehabilitate such creatures have my respect and admiration.


I so appreciate these rehab education centers even though when a volunteer at CALM and Woodland Park Zoo I felt both the honor and sadness.

Love the pepper monsters.

A ShutterBug Explores

Awesome Raptors photo ~ so glad they have centers like this ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


I love centers like this. So important for the wildlife and the educational opportunities they offer. Fun image of sweet peppers from the farmers market. Never know what you might find! Ha! Have a fun filled week.

Lavender Dreamer

Monsters from outer space...definitely! Hide your children and pets...it could DEVOUR them! Love those wonderful birds and the help they are receiving! Enjoy your week!


i enjoy nature centers like this where you get to see raptors we would not ordinarily see. better yet, i love when it is a rehab center taking care of the sick or injured!!

i enjoy a good, local, farm market...we have been missing our towns farm market this year. we have been so busy on saturdays!!

nice images of the birds and the signs with more detailed information, i do that also!!!


It's awesome to see some good work being done!! I too love those peppers, they do look like they're out of this world. I just read Life's Little Adventures post they too were in Salem at the Farmers Market...I bet you guys walked right past each other! How's your weather this has to be the longest spell of humidity we've ever had!


I did enjoy the visit to the Raptor centre and reading the stories of the birds in the Educational Program, imagine a bird having it's own FB page!
The peppers look to me like an underwater sea monster rising above the waves, very scary.
Happy Mosaic Monday.

Eileen Wise

Hello, I would love to visit this raptor center. The owls and hawks are beautiful birds. I am glad the birds could be rescued. The peppers are strange looking. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!


I've visited other rehab centers for birds - they do such important work. Lovely post today!

Bob Bushell

I love the peppers, hot or cold, these are excellent.


What a lovely Blog-and an excellent raptor centre! They do a wonderful job.
(It's been stifling here in the UK Midlands for weeks and I collapsed with heat stroke two weeks ago. Mercifully for me, the heatwave may end Wednesday😊).


Those sort of rescue facilities are so, so valuable, especially with raptors. Most people never see raptors or if they do, just briefly, so there is a huge gap in the understanding and appreciation of such creatures. It's also good that each bird has a story to tell rather than simply be an exhibit in a gage.

Sweet peppers I like, hot ones too. Can't beat a good chilli con carne.

Su-sieee! Mac

Sweet peppers! I love how you caught the peppers' octopussy arms. They remind me of those mutli-colored blown glass sculptures that hang from ceilings. A cool and fun photo, Sallie. See, you are an artist.

I'm glad that there are more and more wildlife rehabilitators out there.

nancy chan

I haven't seen a real life owl. The peppers really look like aliens. Have a great new week!


What fun to see those amazing raptors. Great photos Sallie and your aliens made me smile. They really do look like aliens. It is also considerate of them to offer explanations of each bird. Have a great week and thank you fo stopping by and leaving such sweet comments.

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