August 26, 2018



lovely photos, specially the American avocets

Joe Todd

Ocean and wildlife... Doesn't get much better


Marvelous photos Sallie. I loved seeing the birds on the water, and those beautiful flowers. Manila looks like the kind of town I would love to walk around, many interesting things to look at and pretty scenery. Happy traveling!


looks like a wonderful place for a getaway. Lovely to see all those birds, the avocets are beautiful

Hootin' anni

Fantastic shorebirds & waders today. I'm late getting around to visiting today...birding early before the holiday traffic built up! Thanks for linking in with us this weekend!..Anni, from I'd Rather B Birdin'


Thanks for visiting my blog Sallie.
At first I wondered how you could have visited those 3 far away places in just 10 days, lol, what a coincidence those towns have the same name.
All those birds together, wow, and I love that earth house.


Wow you went to some great places and I love the shorebird photos especially the Avocet! cheers, Nora

Michelle Banks

I love the magic van and I could use that right now or I may have to leave for Canada....hugs..Michelle


what a great getaway!


Oh, how I enjoyed this latest adventure of yours, Sallie. The nature center/earth house is so intriguing to me and reminds me of the sod houses of the prairies.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie! What a beautiful place to go camping. Lovely scenes and sightings. The birds are all beautiful. The last photo is gorgeous, I would love to walk on that beach. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


It sounds like you had a very nice get away to some interesting places.


peppylady (Dora)

Little I seen of Oregon coast is so lovely. I have a son in Medford Ore
Coffee is on

nancy chan

Beautiful shots from your getaway. My favourite is the Gold Beach Oregon. It feels like I can hear the waves lapping on the beach. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.


This looks like a great trip with such views! Also, how nice that you travel in your own digs?! There is nothing like a good getaway. Thanks for linking up and I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


I'm always intrigued by how such towns and villages got these names for from far-away places.
Love the birds :)

A ShutterBug Explores

fun travels and photography!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores

MaryBeth Schwartz

What fun to find towns with such exotic names. Love the last shot.

Sharon Wagner

That's a lot of Godwits! They have a great name. It would be fun to name a bird. Thanks for linking up when you can.


Definitely a magical trip with all these bird sightings. Nice to get away from the smoke.

betty - NZ

Fabulous post, as always, Sallie! The photos are just wonderful to see.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Cool shots.


Lovely lovely photos, Sallie. The American avocets are my favourite :)


"Birds of a feather flock together" And your pics prove that one, Sallie!


this is my kind of trip sallie, nature, birds, flowers...fill my heart with so much joy!! the American Avocets and the Marbled Godwit were real favorites, i don't think we see them here. i enjoyed seeing them clustered together, what a great picture, but goodness, you would think they would need a little space!!

i love pictures of signs, they are such a big help in remember the details!!

as for my blog, one comment, 5 comments whatever is good for you...but please don't feel like you have to read them all or comment on all of them. whatever works for you!!! it does make my heart smile that you enjoy my blog. i so enjoy my visits here!!!

rupam { xhobdo }

Beautiful pics

riitta k

You had a great road trip Sallie! The photos please me very much- The earth-shelter house is beautiful and so interesting - would be fun to live in such a house. Wishing you a nice week.


What a nice get away ! I recover from my mammoth trip, now the fatigue comes out !


How fun to find all those little namesakes of far away countries! Lovely shots...


Didn't Eureka get affected by an earthquake last year? I remember taking Hwy 1 down from OR to N California and loved it.
The lumberjack restaurant is a great idea although there's still a Paul Bunyan's in the Dells (now under a tornado warning) I don't remember much about eating there. Either too young or too, uh hmmm...
I was just wondering how you knew that was a Godwit and then you said it was Godwit Days but then you knew those were willets and American Avocets so you probably knew anyway. How do you know all these birds, woman? This kid had to point out a green heron I would never have seen hanging out with the ducks (if that's what they were) in the soccer field let alone identified.
Earth homes are cool, there used to be some on Hwy 14 (now under water) on the way to a pond, rec area and shoe store (under water) I like. It seems like a fitting place for a nature center. It looks there's like an observation deck on top.

Photo Cache

I love this part of NorCal. I remember we did a road trip here a few years ago. These all look familiar; gives me nostalgia.

Worth a Thousand Words


What a wonderful get-away! Great photos.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

wonderfl trip. Love the Avocets and the ocean. I always long for the ocean and large waves :)

ellen b

What fun to scroll through this post about your adventure and to see all these fabulous sea birds! Love those Avocets...I don't think I've ever seen them in person. Glad you are enjoying your Pacific adventures!

Linda Brown

WOW! You take some of the loveliest trips. Thank you for sharing.

Linda in Virginia

Looks like a great trip! Love the bird photos.


A wonderful destination for shorebirds! I think I've had a blah summer, too much family stuff going on to enjoy any time doing any trips! SO nice to see this super spot through your awesome photos!!


What a great little getaway to foreign-sounding parts. The cookhouse breakfast sounds wonderful. Those birds - I love the long curving beaks on the avocets. Great captures of them all. Have a good week, Sallie.

Lea Holt

Love seeing all the shorebirds!

Tamar A Strauss-Benjamin

Looks like great time! So many birds!

William Kendall

Quite a wealth of birds!


Manilla and Samoa in California - wow, that should peek people's interest:) And so many birds! Like to eat in the Cook House:)
Haven't been there yet, even though it's in Northern California! My painting in the last years has really slowed down our travel quite a lot, but it's nice to see the views via your blog! Many thanks from All Seasons. Hope next year our summer won't be as smoky!


You had me fooled. I had no idea there were towns with those names in California. Sounds like the perfect break.

Penelope Puddlisms

Birds of a feather do love to flock together. Lovely photo of them crowding around one another like some folks at the mall. Nice you had a chance for a getaway to all the faraway places that weren’t really so far. That IS magic!


Beautiful photos, such quaint little towns of history. I love getaways!!

Lavender Dreamer

How funny about the names of the towns! You really had me going there for awhile! Of course getting to spend time by the ocean and see all of the birds there is my dream vacation! I'm so glad you had fun! Happy Mosaic Monday!

Phil Slade

Trinidad, Samoa, and Manila. That's some camping trip in a just few days. I know my geography Sallie. Some impressive waders there, none of which I've ever seen. You surprised me in saying you live in a smoky area, I always imagined it was quite rural. Now I know why you like Florida so much.


How beaitiful.Happy Modaic Monday



Great trip to Trinidad, Samoa and Manila! Small towns are special adventures. Great images of all the birdlife -- exciting. Wonderful get-a-way. Thanks for sharing and have a fun-filled week!

bill burke

What a wonderful getaway and lots to see. I love Gold Beach and visited in the 90s. Fantastic photos of the different birds and scenery. Thanks for sharing your getaway photos, I enjoyed seeing them.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, it looks like a great camping van trip. The California coast is beautiful. I love the beach and wildflowers. The birds were great, I would love to see the Godwits. The Avocets are beautiful.
Great photos from your trip. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead.


Looks like you had a great time and I love the bird photos. Take care Diane


I think earth homes are fascinating. Would love to visit one. Beaturiful photos - thanks for sharing!


You caught me! I couldn’t figure out how on earth you went in.a camper to Samoa. LOL!!
Beautiful shorebirds. I love the beautiful avocets. Small coastal towns are great places to visit.
Glad you had such a nice trip.


My first reaction when I read that you had been to Trinidad, Manila and Samoa was What! Where? You got me! Nevertheless it looks like you had a great time and what a relief it must have been to get away from all the smoke and enjoy that beautiful coastline. Thanks for taking the MM crowd to such far flung places with you this week, Happy MM!

// Heidrun

Nice to meet you on Monday - Wish you a very fine Week!

Bob Bushell

Fabulous collection of travelling items. I love the Avocets, Willets and Marbled Godwit, so beautiful.


A lovely Blog and pictures-sounds a perfect "getaway" comparatively near to home for you! I love small, peaceful spots.


What wonderful photos, Sallie! Those small towns have a lot of history and interesting sights to see. The shorebirds clustered in a large group like that looked so unusual--there were so many of them! The Oregon beach looked so beautiful.

We had a windy day and much of the hazy smoke left our area too. I hope that is the end of it!


It sounds like a wonderful trip away and it would certainly be good to get out o==f all the smoke for awhile. Any holiday by the seaside is great but you added in some wonderful shorebirds as well - fantastic! That big group all close together is similar to what I see around here in the summer season - and then we are expected to get an accurate count for the wader study group!! It used to really bother me until I realized that no-one could be absolutely accurate when a large flock gets together like that and constantly moves around a bit. btw I agree with the earlier comment that your great close bird photo is not a godwit but a whimbrel The bill of the godwit turns upwards and is two colored.

Amy Franks

Still looks like a nice place to explore, can't believe there were that many birds in that photo though.

Lady Fi

It really does look like a magical outing with birds, flowers and beaches!


I've never heard of those birds. The flowers make me happy!

Su-sieee! Mac

I'm glad to hear that you got out of the smoke for awhile. Hope air quality is better for you. Today we can actually see the mountain out our window, which is only several miles away, as far as Thor can throw his hammer. (Trying to break my new habit of using cliches—idioms?)

Your Gold Beach photo is so inviting. I like your bird photos too. The birds look so happy, and that has me smiling. :-)


It looks like a great getaway. Gold Beach is spectacular!


I love small towns, no cities for this country girl

Peter B.

LOL... vacationing in Trinidad, Samoa and Manila... CALIFORNIA!! I love small towns on the beach like this. It looks like the perfect road trip!


Sallie - yes, a magical getaway - and how clever of you to pull us in with "Trinidad, Samoa and Manila"! The earth shelter house is very intriguing. If we ever have to build another house (God forbid!), I would explore this as an option. The single shot of the marbled godwit/whimbrel is fabulous! And have to say I am attracted to the blue skies in the last shot - hoping we will see some again sometime … got smoke here too!

David Gascoigne

Now that’s the kind of little getaway everyone should be taking. It really does sound like an ideal getaway without a whole lot of advance preparation and effort. Great bunch of birds that you saw, Sallie, but the bird you have labelled as a Marbled Godwit is a Whimbrel. As for your Willets they are correctly identified.


Many years ago we flew to the Samoa airport. There used to be a B&B within walking distance. Don't think it is still there, but if it is that makes a wonderful destination as long as there's no fog. - Margy

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