September 09, 2018


Michelle Banks

We live near one of the prime locations to see gulls and gulls in migration, but I don't know one from the other sadly..I should try to study up on them...Michelle


Awesome, awesome photos, especially the first of the redwoods. It is really magnificent photography and is is just as I imagine this part of the northwest.


Our latest posts have a lot in common - massive trees, mist, boats … I love the redwood photo - so mystical. Makes me think of the Twilight series!!! Enjoy your week ahead!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Oh my goodness! The mystic of your Redwood image is outstanding. Lovin' the gull!

Your sharing is much appreciated with all of us at I'd Rather B Birdin'...thanks so much!


What a beautiful landscape! I'm sure I would have enjoyed that trip, too!

Linda in Virginia

Nice! Makes me want to go there!


Seeing the Redwood trees is on my bucket list. I sure hope to get to that area one day. Your photo is certainly amazing and makes me want to go visit right now. Love the cute little gull as well.

Jennifer Jilks

Wonderful photos. I like the ferry boat mosaic, best.

Betty Crow

That shot of the redwoods is amazing!

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, this is a beautiful area to visit. I love the view of the sea stacks and ocean. The gull and egrets are pretty birds. Beautiful scenery and great photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


This is an area we hope to visit next year. Beautiful views! Thanks for linking up today!

Peter B.

Wow, I love your opening shots of the redwoods in the fog. I remember reading somewhere that redwoods require a certain amount of foggy moisture in the air to survive. I would really like to see the Sea Stacks someday!


Beautiful post as always, love redwood trees

Amy Franks

oh we have a forest here in NZ also called Redwoods - we visited it a couple of years ago.

Jill Chapman

What beautiful photos of such a beautiful area! Love that moody one of the Redwoods. You've captured it perfectly

Judy Biggerstaff

I love seeing the Redwoods. We visited Muir Woods several years ago and were amazed at their beauty. Very nice pics of your adventures and sites.


Very beautiful landscapes ! I love seagulls, they remind me of holidays in Eastbourne, although they can be very naughty !


Very beautiful sights. I always enjoy seeing what you share here.

betty - NZ

What a great way to see the scenery! Your images are great, as always!


You photos are beautiful and the redwoods amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful photo of the redwood forest!


That bar is for the lonely drinker :)


Great pics of your trip, Sallie!


Many years ago my son and grandson and I drove from BC to see the Redwoods. We should have stayed longer, thinking we could return again we didn't. We have good memories of our time surrounded by the amazing Redwoods. Visiting from Maggie's Normandy Life.

Dina Johnston

What a great trip you had! Love that first shot of the trees.

Photo Cache

That part of California is so beautiful. I get lost among those trees - in a good way.

Worth a Thousand Words


This is such a beautiful area and I love all the photos you have shared Sallie, always do :) I was particularly taken with the misty Redwoods today. Magical!

Tanza Erlambang

awesome photo of gull.
thank you for sharing


Beautiful photos Sallie! I took my grandkids to Muir Woods near San Francisco to see the redwoods earlier this year and they were magnificent.

Lady Fi

WOW to that first shot!

nancy chan

My favourite is the misty redwoods in the first picture. Have a beautiful day!


what a lovely trip, my parents took me on a trip to California when i was about 8 or 9, so this brought back some memories


The mist in the Redwood forest makes the trees look even more grand and majestic. That's a beautiful shot. The gull is indeed handsome, and he posed so well for you. I'm glad you had a good trip, with blue skies at least some of the time.

Hildred Finch

I seem to be at the stage in life where home is a great comfort, but I'm so glad you're still traveling Sallie, and that you are so generous with lovely pictures and travel info!


Reminds me of our trip last year! Beautiful shots. I'd love to take the ferry whenever we go back.


Beautiful. The first misty redwoods shot is incredible - they are such special trees.


Love the Redwoods Photo!! So beautiful. It sure looks like a Heermaan's Gull Saw my first on the Coast of WA. You did have some awesome looking weather! We have a hurricane bearing down on our coast and it will affect my weather too...not looking forward to that!


That's an awesome looking ferry boat, and more vacation fun.

ellen b

Looks like a beautiful part of our world to visit. I've never been on the northernmost coast of California. I think Mendocino is the furthest north I've been. Glad you got good weather!


Is there a wrong time of day for a drink from a one stool tavern? I didn't know there were any other kinds of gulls than the Grey Suburban Burger King, you are such a good birder. Red nose, hmmm, I think that Heermann's Gull was in the Madaket's hold.
I think all your pictures are wonderful and am trying to pry memories of Eureka from my aging brain. I think I got lost there which is always a good bet, but maybe this time on foot. I did a LOT of trying to forget how a boy hurt me driving on that trip and remember how otherworldly the redwoods looked and how dangerous the mountain curves were in my little rental car.


lovely post.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great woods shot.

Linda Brown

I would love to see the Redwood Forest someday...to stand and smell them and look long and lovingly into their heights!


I dream of seeing those redwood trees one day! I've visited Muir Woods and Yosemite's Mariposa Grove, but the coastal redwood forest is on my list. The harbor cruise sounds relaxing and full of sights to enjoy. I'm always up for a boat cruise to see the shore from the water and all the seabirds. Eureka is supposed to be a very beautiful Victorian town--can't wait to see more!

MaryBeth Schwartz

What a fun trip to be on. My youngest grandson just started school at College of the Redwoods in Eureka. I want to go visit him'
Great shots

bill burke

Redwoods look absolutely beautiful with the mist. Nice photos, Sallie and have a wonderful day.


Happy Mosaic Monday

much love...

A ShutterBug Explores

How wonderful that you were on the coast of CA ~ way to go, girl! Great series of photos ~

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Love that first photo! The gull is very interesting and I was glad to see. Have a great week. Sylvia D.


so many wonderful photo opportunities!! the redwood image is gorgeous, i really like the haze and the perspective!!

very nice mosaics, i like the blue boat and seeing the interior!!

thanks for the advice on deranged drivers, you are right and it is good to remember!!

Phil Slade

Of course those Redwood forest are very famous, at least via the TV. I would love to see them for real. I would enjoy that Heerman's Gull too. It is a very handsome gull as are many, a branch of birding that many neglect by naming every gull species with the coverall "seagull".

You had two lovely excursions there Sallie. Our own on Wednesday. Off to Greece.

William Kendall

The mist in that first shot is a marvelous sight.

David Gascoigne

I think that those coastal redwoods should be declared part of the patrimony of the entire world. We have destroyed so much of these ancient forests what remains should be protected for all time. One bar stool huh? I guess Miriam would have to sit on my knee.

Su-sieee! Mac

I love going through the redwoods up in that area. It's so peaceful, magical, and mystical.The Husband's maternal grandfather is from Arcata. The next time we find ourselves up there, I want to take the cruise on Humboldt Bay.

Penelope Puddlisms

The top shot of the Redwoods exemplifies the majesty of the trees so beautifully … it’s picture perfect material for a poster to hang on the wall. It’s interesting about the ancient coastline, especially in light of the fact that current coastlines will also one day be ancient.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie,

Wonderful report on your visit to the Redwood Coast and the boat ride. The first photo of the tree and fog is gorgeous, I love it.
Hubby and I were there many years ago, it is a beautiful area. I think you are correct on the Gull id. Great photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!


On my second trip to San Francisco, I took a tour of the Redwood forest. Love those magnificent trees. Beautiful photos Sallie. You captured the misty beauty of the area along the highway.


The Madaket looks like such a jolly little boat with or without the bar being open. I so enjoy coming along with you as you travel the roads along the Pacific coastline, happy travels my dear.

// Heidrun

A wonderful Post for Mosaic Monday - I enjoyed the captures. Especially the gull.
Wish you a good Week!

Bob Bushell

I love the the Redwood trees in the mist, fabulous Sallie.

junieper/Jesh StG

Oh how much this looks like the Californian coast - grass dunes, beaches! some images I have seen of the Oregon coast are more on the dramatic side:) Had no ides (the Madaket) was the oldest passenger ferry in the USA!
Am getting to know more about California because of your trip, Sallie - they're always so interesting! Thank you for sharing with All Seasons! have a great week:)

riitta k

I have read about those Redwoods - your photo is magnificent. Happy MM.


I have some great memories - from many years ago - of those redwood forests. Of course, the sunshine and blue skies and blues sea from the last series of photos are just perfect. You certainly had a really nice holiday around all the area.

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