September 30, 2018



I brake for dahlias in real life and online! I love those crew cut like trees in the last shot. Seeing family time makes me smile.


You are fortunate to have such gorgeous places to enjoy the fall colors and blooms, especially with family.

betty - NZ

Gorgeous photos, as always, Sallie. Thanks for posting the poison oak as I really never knew what it looked like as poison ivy and oak don't affect me.
I don't do people photos, either, so kudos on you for remembering and sharing your family with us!

riitta k

Your family get together seems to have been fun. The boys are cute! Beautiful dahlias and great autumn views. Well, the rain comes for sure - enjoy wjile you can!


Super to see all your sweet family and I also enjoyed seeing the deer, the flowers and others. A lovely collection, but ouch on the itches. Been down that road before. Thank you Sallie. Hope your weekend is a great one.


I'm so happy to see your family's shots ! Your great-grand-son is so a big boy now. He is really beautiful. I'll be happy too to meet your daughter she looks so to be a strong woman.


Wonderful post! I enjoyed this September in OR...now it's October and getting colder and finally some rain! The snow can't be far behind!


Oh geez, we're getting another week of it which is fine except I'm missing the shank of the fall. It's getting to be time to go back down, isn't it? It seems as if you just got there. You really caught some of that poison oak, bummer. I got hit pretty bad by poison sumac once but it was entirely my fault.
Lots of great colors, even seen in the berries. I love that tree spilling over the fence. All that red and pink, gorgeous.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, I love all the beautiful flowers and the lovely Autumn colors. The berries are colorful and pretty. The deer are beautiful, I always enjoy seeing the deer. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

Adam Jones

Autumn is such a wonderful season. The colours are amazing.


Poison oak would not be fun at all, except the way it looks. I'm particularly bad at spotting poison plants. I had to ask a park official three times to teach me how to identify poison ivy. I think I have some kind of block about the stuff.


Hi Sallie-
Glad you got to spend time with your relatives and grandchildren during the family get together. Those events, even if they are sometimes stressful because of our own expectations, are a lot of fun. I do like people photos too along with photos of flora and fauna, so all the pictures in your post are wonderful. Animals are always close to my heart, so I enjoyed the deer very much.
Happy Fall. Enjoy the treasures and thanks for sharing your moments with all of us.
Peace :)

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

Gorgeous deer shot and so much color and laughter captured this week. Thanks for spreading joy! Have a great week!


Didn't September just fly by. Its hard to believe we have been in Spring for a month already. Luckily it is still perfect temps and not too hot yet.

Michelle Banks

Oh no...My husband got into some poison oak tending a friend's yard and it was all over him and really awful so I know what you are going through. It can look like something harmless too.

martha z

I hope you got your rain but perhaps it didn't make it that far north.

I'm not very good a people pictures, either.


You have some gorgeous photos. I am currently suffering with a bit of poison ivy, so I understand your "itches"! Thanks for linking up today!

Jill Chapman

Fantastic shots! I'm not very good at people shots either and I rarely remember to take them but I'm trying to get better.

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi Sallie! I love your dahlia photos. I've been seeing dahlias a lot lately. Maybe it's a sign for me to grow some. Did you get your rain? We got ours early this morning, at least six hours of steady, more gentle than hardy, rain. It was delightful.


...a colorful, wonderful time of year!

Peter B.

Looks like a fun family get-together, and I like the last photo of the orchard. Beautiful photos!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

There's so much to be thankful for in this big, beautiful world!

Lavender Dreamer

Spending time with family always makes things special...any season! I love the flower close up and the orchard! Hugs!


Beautiful flower shots and loved the deer.
Family is what it's all about!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great post


All are beautiful, but I did love seeing the family pictures!


We have had lots and lots of rain here these last few days!
But there are lovely signs of fall everywhere.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh beautiful series of end of September photos! Love the deer ones!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores


Fall color is definitely more visible there right now, Sallie, but, it is starting here, too. I'm about to take a walk in the woods and will heed your warming about poison oak as I'm sure it is where I will be.
Ah - those dahlias. :)

Tanza Erlambang

waw...wonderful pictures: trees, families and animals.
Happy October

Stewart M

Great colours - we are having our first spring like weather here - although we could do with some spring showers!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lady Fi

Precious family moments are the best! Love your autumnal colours.


Beautiful flowers. But stay away from the poisonous ones!


Great photography and that first flower is absolutely magnificent! I love the pics if the deer as well - very exotic out here!


Flowers, wildlife, and colored leaves - lovely!

bill burke

Autumn looks lovely in your photos. Being with family is the best, wishing you a fantastic October and the rain that you need.

Bob Bushell

Stunning autumn images Sallie.


Wonderful photos Sallie! The dahlias are gorgeous. So far there has been no cooler weather at all here in north Florida and we usually have cooled off by now. I'm getting tired of waiting!


Love the dahlias and I can't grow them here. Autumn hasn't arrived here yet and looks like it might show up a little before Halloween! Really enjoyed all your autumn colors. Lovely deer. All the berries! Beautiful family, too! Fun post!


bummer about the itch..my adventurous spirit has gotten me ticks!!! as much as i love fall, i am sad to say good-bye to summer this year!!

the dahlia are gorgeous and you know i love those deer, they are always a treat for me!!! you wear autumn beautifully there in oregon!!!


Looks like the last days of summer in your lovely part of the world were full of autumn colour, family togetherness and nature at her finest, so glad you shared it all with the MM crowd this week.


Dahlias are such wonderful flowers at this time of year. Glad you're enjoying them. Family times are special and I'm glad you are enjoying lots of them. Rain fell here overnight, so perhaps you are getting some, too. We do need it!


The berries look luscious … I hope you plucked them all? But the dahlias are hard to beat. Rain is forecast for next three days - fingers crossed - and lots of snow above 5000 feet!

Photo Cache

I cannot wait for a full-blown autumn sighting.

William Kendall

Lovely autumn colours!


Autumn looks very beautiful there in Oregon, Sallie! Happy October!


You are right to remember to take some family photos. After all they are the ones that reinforce our memories of occasions. Lots of other lovely photos of one season blending with another. Enjoy your week.

Hootin' anni

Stunning flowers...and, love the deer Sallie!!


beautiful autumnal colours! Hope you get the rain you need

MaryBeth Schwartz

Beautiful images. I chuckled at the Poison Oak. I used to get it as a kid in Portland Oregon. Once I didn't want to go to school so I rubbed it on myself and paid the price but still had to go to school.


Our trees up the lake are just beginning to turn. I hope we get some nice colour from the maples. Right now it looks like they are going straight from green to brown. - Margy


Great photos! Sorry about the poison oak itch. I hope it didn't last long. So far (knock on wood), I've been immune but I hear that can change. Is that first picture a dahlia? It is gorgeous! We've decided to do our family visiting this fall too. It's just too cold for travel by December. When do you go back to Florida?

// Heidrun

Happy Mosaic Monday and a wonderful week!
- Heidrun

Penelope Puddlisms

Good to remember about poison oak … I’ve accidentally touched poison ivy but not for years. I so enjoyed seeing your lovely collage of family photos, Sallie, and seeing the curling crunching leaves as an autumn backdrop. The rain will come … once it does, it’s like a faucet has opened and it might take all winter to stop like in my neck of the woods. :)

Alan Bates

Beautiful shots, so sorry that you got too close to the poison oak. I am immune to poison ivy and poison oak but I still treat them with extreme care because I read that your body can lose its tolerance with too much exposure.
I love the deer shots and your other flowers. Autumn is my favorite season. Here in Oklahoma it is very long and we have warm days and cool nights.


A sweet end to summer...Enjoy the cooler weather and the fall colors!


Beautiful photos. Enjoy the coming week, Diane

Phil Slade

It's hard to beat an apple and blackberry crumble and this year, thanks to the hot summer, we have more apples than we can use. So does everyone else it seems, so it is almost impossible to give them away. In the freezer I guess for the remainder so as to bring them out for the winter thrushes.

It's perhaps strange, but I like to see photos of other families but never show any of our family on-line.

junieper/Jesh StG

All your dahlia captures are stunning, Sallie! Sorry you got too close to the poison oak! I only knew about poison =-ivy! Thanks for the warning. Look you all had a great time spending time with the family. That's the most important:) Thank you for sharing these enjoyable time with All Seasons and making memories!

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