September 02, 2018


handmade by amalia

I enjoyed tagging along. I love driving along the coast, looking at the water and all the lovely views. And I always love seeing a lighthouse.


I put up pics of the red piano I was talking about, Sallie. Did I tell you how fresh your last picture makes me want to feel?

Amy Franks

Looks like you picked the best weather to see it all with, btw I want a puppy too!

Michelle Banks

Lovely photos..when I was a kid I wanted my parents to buy a camper. I thought it would be sooo much fun and it is...Michelle


Great photos Sallie! Fabulous scenery and the fog, I have always loved a misty morning. I hope we get back to Oregon one day. We loved our drive through the state along the coastline. I'm looking forward to seeing your California photos too. Thank you and have a great weekend :)

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh so lovely ~ what a place and marvelous series of photos!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores

David Gascoigne

The coast looks truly spectacular, the kind of scenery that makes you want to stop at every scenic lookout and drink it all in. Seems like you are travelling at a nice relaxed pace and taking the time to enjoy it all. Sounds just about perfect to me.


I think if it took you four days to go 300 miles you're the ones I'd choose to road trip with. Fantastic photo set, where is the Ocean View I wonder.


These views are gorgeous. The Pacific NW is a place I still need to visit. Thanks for linking up today.

Peter B.

Such beautiful photos! I would really like to spend some time at the Oregon coast. We vacationed there some years ago, and I loved it!

Jill Chapman

I love,love,love the Oregon Coast! Beautiful photos and especially love those sun shots


Now I have a hankering for the beach! I need a walk on the beach. Though I would like it without the kids. Have a great weekend.

Judy Biggerstaff

Beautiful pics. Love the fog pics and your last pic of the water and waves rushing in.


I'm following that arrow. I love lighthouses. So much coast to California!


I like your rate of travel. I once took a month to drive from Astoria to LA along the coast. And in November, it was more than fog. I do like the Oregon Coast. Glad you got to go play.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sign.


Nice a sign that prepares you for a view you can not see on the moment.


That's the advantage when you are retired, you can take your time to return home and look at things you never had time before because you had to hurry home !!


Beautiful views - with and without the fog. I love the sign for the ocean view - I guess it's not obvious without it?!?


That's a beautiful area.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, What great water photos! I love the sign on the road letting you know the ocean is near. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

William Kendall

I find fog to be quite appealing.

riitta k

It is astonishing that you don't go sightseeing the places near you, the same with me :) Great photos of these beautiful sceneries. Was it the blood moon also?


I would love to spend some time there; your photos are beautiful! That is definitely not a place where you want to drive up and back in one day. Enjoy your lovely fall there.

Jennifer Jilks

Such heart warming photos! I enjoy your travels!!!

Stewart M

Great series of pictures - and why hurry when there is no need!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Bob Bushell

Beautiful foggy images Sallie.

Phil Slade

600 miles in a day? I bought a new car in May and have just clocked up 700 miles.

I always thank of California as Hollywood, sunshine and LA. It's interesting to see the real California from your coastal trip. the old lighthouse is very spectacular and also very photogenic.

I think those seamen must be very experienced to navigate and cope with extremes of the weather like they do.


We drove through Gold Beach and Oceanside on our way up the coast last summer, and found it all wonderfully beautiful! Loved this post and re-living some of the sights!


What beautiful photos of the Coast. The barge in the mist would have been fascinating to observe, and I'm glad it arrived safely. You have adventures on both coasts!

Lady Fi

What an adventure! And such lovely scenery along the way.

Alan Bates

One of the best vacations we ever had was years ago when we were able to leave our little one with his grandparents and we went to the Oregon coast and had a grand time. About froze in August on the beach but we loved it.

Photo Cache

We love road tripping so we probably should start thinking about RVing when we retire, at least part of the time anyway (the other part cruising, hehehe)

Worth a Thousand Words

bill burke

Beautiful photos and beautiful area, Sallie. They brought back so many memories of the Oregon coast. The ocean view sign in the road, I took the same photo back in 1990s. :) I liked it when I first saw it.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful images and have a fantistic week.


So many beautiful photographs!


I love the coast and this area is spectacular even with the mist rolling in.

Su-sieee! Mac

Four days to travel 300 miles sounds wonderful to me. There's so much to see and experience between starting and ending points, while driving. I like the blues that you captured of the ocean in your photos. That was an amazing sun set. I wonder what the sun was reflecting. Maybe there were bands of smoke/smog that the sun was passing through. Reading your posts gets me into a wandering mode.


Awesome adventure! LOVE the Oregon Coast...my old friend whom I never did get to meet personally before he passed lived in Port Orford. I did drive thru there when I finally made it to Oregon. I am so wanting to do a California Coast Road Trip if only it was on the other side of the Continent! I've done some interior, southern cali, the eastern half and some central but never made the Cali Coast! I'm anxious to see what else you saw while there!

Linda Brown

Thank you so much! Your trips are so magical!


they made it there and back in one day...and missed all the beauty that you captured. there is something so pretty about fog, i just don't know what it is, although the beach does nook beautiful without it!!

LOVE the street "ocean view" and that gorgeous lighthouse. gold beach is spectacular!!!


I really enjoyed seeing your photographs of the Oregon coast today because they brought back such wonderful memories of the second time the SP & I went RV'ing in the US. We picked up a Winnebago in Portland to go exploring in Canada finishing off with a short trip down the Oregon Coast. I fell in love with the Pacific ocean on that trip and I continue to be fascinated by it still.
Happy MM.

nancy chan

I like the shot on the road leading to ocean view. Love the shots on the setting sun.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Gold Beach looks beautiful. I love the lighthouse! Neat views of the tugboat in the fog. The Oregon coastline is beautiful. Sounds like a great camping trip! Happy Labor Day, have a great new week ahead!


The Oregon coast looks beautiful, Sallie. We have not traveled to Oregon as yet and someday soon we will have to do that. We were having hazy days here too recently, but it wasn't fog, it was smoke in the air from California and Montana fires! The jet stream seems to bring it all our way. Happily, it cleared up after we had a few windy days. I look forward to seeing where you are RV-ing to next!


We have traveled along the Pacific coast over the years. It is all beautiful beyond words. I so enjoyed seeing your photos. Happy Mosaic Monday!

MaryBeth Schwartz

I like Gold Beach. And on up the hills to Agness and rivers and more fun

junieper/Jesh StG

I am early today!Have heard so much about the beautiful Oregon coast, and you have captured it beautifully:) Love the ocean, the waves, and the cute light house. To me a fog always seems worse on a photo than in reality - and it's more difficult to capture it well! LOVE the scene of the long bridge with all the hills/mountains in the background! Much thanks for capturing the beauty here for All Seasons, Sallie! Have a great week:)


Great photos of very beautiful coastal scenery. Very wise of you to leave yourselves enough time to enjoy all the smaller beauty spots! Calling a place the "banana belt" can be confusing - before I moved to the Okanagan in British Columbia - that is what locals called the region to me! In my naivete I really thought they meant it!! What a shock and how very far from the truth as I new it from a real banana growing region!!
I hope the rest of your trip was as nice as this part.

ellen b

The coast always appeals to me. Love the rugged ones a lot. Looking forward to see more from your journey.

Penelope Puddlisms

The fog always looks so mysterious and lovely. Glad to hear it was fog and not smoky smog from the California fires and/or BC fires. It’s been years … but I still vividly recall the beautiful rough seas driving along the Oregon coast and the enormous ancient Redwoods in California. You and your husband are having the best retirement ever!

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