October 07, 2018



I'm with you! I think the October skies are special. You had a lovely walk with your daughter around Fern Ridge Lake. The puppy looks like a big, happy boy! Your daughter and son-in-law have green thumbs...lucky you!


Your first mosaic is really stunning - a perfect companion to your prose about blue skies - oh my, how those reds do set off the blue! We were the lucky beneficiaries of some free home-grown fruit this week - one of my fellow 'flower committee' ladies from church brought in pears and plums to give away. Yum, yum!


wonderful autumn colors - like nothing else anywhere! Thanks for sharing. btw I really like the look of that big puppy!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great Autumn colours.


Love the mosaic of the Autumn reds.

Bob Bushell

Absolutely stunning autumn colours, wonderful photos.


Your red leaves mosaic is gorgeous. Have a nice week

much love...


I miss seeing such vivid colors - nothing like that here in Florida.

Penelope Puddlisms

Looks like you had a great visit, Sallie. The seasons really do seem to circle quicker and quicker every year. The red of the leaves will soon drop and the world will appear more open when we peek through the branches at the wider sky. Five acres is an amazing amount of land to have this day and age. Not only lucky for the pup but for the family that is taking such fine care of him. :)


oh sallie, the first mosaic is so pretty, the reds are so vibrant and the skies are so blue. you are right, it will be coming to an end soon and we must enjoy this season every day!!

it is pay dirt for the herons and egrets when the water recedes some. you got pretty close to that heron, and captured a beautiful image!!


Beautiful shots! Love city leaves.
Have a great day!

Lady Fi

I love those red leaves - so beautiful! And what an adorable pup!


Enjoyed all these lovely photos Sallie, pretty leaves too, especially enjoyed the ones floating in the water. The heron photo is lovely, and Parker is a handsome dog. The squash makes a very pretty picture and an impressive harvest. I would have to go to the store for mine, for the blueberries too which is my favorite fruit of the moment. I've also recently discovered how much I like delicata squash. Enjoy the rest of your week and I look forward to coming back.

Ingmarie We/Refugium

Beautiful Fall-colours and a lovely mosaic.

Phil Slade

Well Sallie, I think we would call Parker a dog and a half". He is huge. As to those lovely squashes, you don't say what you used them for but i think I would be making a whole load of soup for the winter freezer.

Our own water levels are beginning to pick up after the direst summer on record. Swings and Roundabouts.

bill burke

The Fall coulours are always a pleasure to see. Your mosaic is very pretty and nicely done. Have a wonderful new week!

junieper/Jesh StG

So much wory for the farmers when it's so dry. Yeah that would be scary not able to get the boat out in time! Beautiful fall details - and much more advanced in Oregon, even though in Northern CA, there's still hardly any yellowing of the leaves. Great to (literally) harvest the benefit of being a grandparent and having homegrown edibles without having to grow them! Fun to share these things with All Seasons - thank you much! Have a wonderful week!

Hootin' anni

You had a very active day ... and in such a glorious, gorgeous area! That squash looks familiar...I am in the middle of an Autumn oroject with the very same.

Oh, and LOVE that brindle coat of that 'puppy'? (big puppy!)

Photo Cache

You showed the reasons why I love this time of the year!

Tamar A Strauss-Benjamin

Autumn is here! I love the winter squashes!


There is much to be thankful for in your photos. The blue skies, delightful scenery and yummy food.


Beautiful fall color,,,and what a nice dog!! He is a gentle giant.


A fun day!
Have a wonderful week!

Lavender Dreamer

That is one BIG puppy! heehee! And how wonderful to walk with your daughter. Love the leaves in the last photos. Perfect for Fall! Enjoy your week! Hope this ole storm calms down before it gets here! Hugs!


That's a beautiful place. There's no swimming here this time of year either!


I do remember seeing the shrinking lake in years past. How fortunate to go home with fresh groceries.

Su-sieee! Mac

The reds are brilliant up there. That's one of the colors I've taken to these days. The bottom of the gourd that I entered in the fair is that kind of orangy red. The Husband and I feel like Parker when we get home. The Husband, especially loves to walk through the leafy wooded part of the front yard. It's short and small, but helps us quickly wind down to being ahhh, home. We got delightful rain the other day, too.

William Kendall

Beautiful colours!

Parker is a cutie.

Linda Brown

I love your colors! And that HUGE wonderful dog!!!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Gorgeous photos ~ colors are so dynamic and my favorite, of course, Parker is my favorite ~ what a handsome dog!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores

martha z

I love those brilliant fall colors. We still haven't had time to get up to the cabin and close for the winter. I fear that by the time we do all of the color will be gone.


October sun is so gorgeous, full of warmth and golden light. How wonderful to enjoy a long walk with your daughter. It was a very dry summer here, too, so no wonder the lake needed to be let down for farmers. I hope we get plenty of rain to fill up the reservoirs.

// Heidrun

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

Greatings from Augsburg... and a happy WednesdayAroundTheWorld
Heidrun xxx


I hate winter so October skies are pretty special. Cheers Diane

Wil Francois

October is very colourful at the moment. Thanks for showing us yours, and thanks for your comment.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Thanks so much for those colorful shots of leaves for Macro Monday 2!

ellen b

October is a beautiful month in the Pacific Northwest. Glad you are here to enjoy it. Looks like a nice walk. Oh my, that is one big puppy. :) I'm enjoying someone else's hard work in the garden at this new house. I'll have my work cut out for me, though in garden clean up, etc. Happy October to you dear, Sallie! Finally have a break from unpacking boxes and I'm trying to catch up with all my favorite blogs.


That is one big puppy! Love the red trees, Sallie!


We have no color to speak of at this late date! You're always on the go!


A beautiful place and a happy dog ! We have unusual warm weather, it's nearly like summer !


It sure looked like a perfect day. Love your happy photos. How do you make your collages. I've been looking for a decent program.


What a cute dog :)
Lucky that you go home with wonderful fruit and vegetables, in my case I'm the one who takes fruit and veggies to my son and daughter in law.

MaryBeth Schwartz

A perfect October day for sure.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great Autumn colours.

Peter B.

Beautiful October photos. You really capture the season well!


Your photos are so evocative of this month. I LOVE them! Gorgeous! Thank you for linking these up today!

Alan Bates

I love Fall, here in OKlahoma it lasts a long time, generally through Thanksgiving with warm days and cool nights.

Linda in Virginia

Such great colors! Love the reds and blues.

Tanza Erlambang

beautiful autumn colors, great shots.

Happy Friday

riitta k

Autumn red foliage - what a magnificent sight! I have more copper tones here.... Enjoy! We too have stunning warm October days & blue skies, heavenly.

Adam Jones

Some great Autmn colours. It’s a special time of year. Lovely Blue Heron stalking its prey in the water.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, the red trees are gorgeous, lovely Autumn colors. Great sighting of the Heron, they are seen around the low water areas. I like Parker, he is a beautiful dog. The squash looks delicious. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

Jennifer Jilks

I love the fall!!!!


Gorgeous fall photos! Parker is a cutie.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Your post & photos are super this week, as always...thanks so much for sharing it all with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'


You live in such a gorgeous place! Enjoyed all of your photos. We had a very dry summer around here as well but now our area has caught up with 10+ inches of rain so far in October. Quite jealous of your blue, October skies. Hope you have a great weekend.

Michelle Banks

Oh I love the colors of fall..just not that it leads to winter.. That is a big dog and I am sure enjoys and need a good run....Michelle


Sweet big ol' brindled baby, what is he chewing on, a log, lol. So that whole area fills up enough to swim in, wow. I remember eastern OR being dry but can't even imagine it not raining. Like every day. I was recently getting my herons and egrets mixed up then found out egrets are white, right, they're white birds? What a beautiful mosaic, makes me want to take some more fall pictures. You must miss the RV days.


You are so right. The skies in October are the bluest ever. It's getting colder here. I want Autumn to go on and not end early as it sometimes does.

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