October 14, 2018


Stewart M

Wonderful flowers - your name came up in conversation with another blogger last week - if you keep an eye on some posts your may work out who it was! (I'll give you a hint - he is from Canada!)

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne Airport (!)

riitta k

Yes, October is Golden <3 The same in Finland, still for a few days until the leaves fall down.


Beautiful golden colors and the flowers are lovely too but those grapes look the best of all. Would you believe there were delicious looking grapes in my food store this week - a bit pricey - nearly eight dollars - and where were they from??? the USA of course!!!!


Very beautiful trees and autumn flowers, Sallie! We had some snow on the front range of Colorado today. It will melt fast as it warms up again. We went to Long Island NY this past last week and it was hot and humid--glad to be back in cooler Colorado!


Fall colors and bright blue skies, you've certainly struck gold this month! Eugene's flowers are always pretty and this season is no exception.
Happy Mosaic Monday to you!

Penelope Puddlisms

I could almost pick those grapes off the picture you took … they look so delicious and edible. I think anywhere you go is your happy place because it’s within you to be an enduring optimistic! Have a happy Monday, Sallie.


Beautiful colours and flowers-and I love grapes!
Here, in the UK Midlands, it has turned from gales and 70F., to non-stop rain and 10F for the last two days:).

Eileen Wise

Wow, gorgeous Autumn colors and trees. The flowers are lovely.
You have two happy places, Oregon and Florida. Enjoy your day and have a great new week!

William Kendall

The fall colours look beautiful.


I do love the fall and all the color. Great flower boxes. I love your images of Eugene. It looks like a wonderful place to "be"!

Sharon Wagner

Lovely colors. And nice flower photo mix-and-match. The sun is finally out here today, so our colors will look much more dramatic too.

Michelle Banks

Beautiful fall colors Sallie. You make such lovely collages to showcase your photos..Michelle


Sallie - treasure abounds in your neck of the woods right now! Does Eugene ditch the summer flowers from its planters, and replace with fall flowers? Those grapes look scrummy … I like your fading technique on some of your photos - I will have to give it a try! I hope the good weather continues!!!

bill burke

Beautiful fall colours and flowers. You create such lovely collages to display your photos. Very nice indeed.
Have a wonderful new week Sallie.

Bob Bushell

Hi Sallie
What beautiful flowers, nice one.

Su-sieee! Mac

The other day I was thinking how nice it would be if the days were longer in autumn, but then it wouldn't be autumn. Your photos are awesome, Sallie. Whenever I see dahlias in person or in photos, I get a yen to grow them. Ha! I went and wrote it on my wish list. Finally opened the notebook next to the computer again.


Beautiful flowers and landscapes - I always smile when I visit you


Aww pretty love the Big tubs of fall flowers. Eugene looks like a fab town to live in.


Why would you want to stray too far from home when you have those incredible Autumn scenes on your doorstep. Thanks for your visit and comments.

Phil Slade

Lovely colours there Sallie. Fill your boots with those grapes. I have grapes for brekkie every morning with banana, yoghourt and honey.

Over here we cannot grow grapes in enough quantity to supply shops. All are imported from hotter countries but luckily, available all the year thank goodness.


beautiful autumn gold and pretty flowers


appointments...they really do get in the way of having fun. i see a team of doctors and i try not to make any appointments during spring or fall, and none in december. it does not always work out, but i try!!

your autumn is beautiful, so many pretty colors. i am looking outside right now and all i see is green. the neighborhood has a few trees that are starting to turn but we just don't have much color yet. the temperatures have started to fall!!

the flower boxes look like they are filled with marigolds?? that's a great flower to plant as it transitions well into fall!!

i am a bit of a homebody too!! the hubs pushes me to do more and i am always happy when i do. get out and enjoy the world, winters can be very long!!

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous autumnal photography and sooooo creative!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Linda Brown

What a gorgeous world you live in!!! I love your little town. Soon you will be heading to the blue water and sunshine, but for now you have golden Autumn.

ellen b

I'm finding that I don't need to wander from home to find gold for sure! Lovely colors you are sharing with us. Happy mid October to you!


How gorgeous Sallie, and loved the sign "This Is My Happy Place." I think this is my happy place when I visit and look at all your fall leaf photos and those beautiful flowers, and the grapes :) I think you are so wise to get all your appointments done in one fell swoop.


Oh your family grows grapes too? They're beautiful and big!I have never seen so many grapes on the blogs as this year:)
The dahlias and turning The yellowing leaves and also the dahlias are spectacular - a true Fall -post! Many thanks, Sallie, Jesh (Junieper)

Alan Bates

Not much red here either, but lots of yellows and browns and that's okay.
For some reason Fall is the season for appointments with us as well.
Love all the colorful flowers you have.
Take care!!


Your Fall colors are spectacular. It is nice to live among the colors.

Linda Walcroft

Lovely images! Happy autumn!

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

Those grapes! Mine not as full but the same color. So pretty and yummy.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Great colors for sure. Eugene is such a nice town. And you are right we find gold right here at home and our hearts.

Heidrun Stallwanger

It’s always a great pleasure to read your Post, to see the beautiful captures.
Heidrun xxx

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

Lovely our trees haven't changed color yet! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great week.


I agree completely. I remember getting some great wine from somewhere in OR, I think there was a bike tour of wine country we almost went on. That's a gorgeous collage, you really do live in a pretty area. Fantastic job with the flower box photos.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

I'm happy!

Lady Fi

Beautiful autumn shots.


Wonderful ! Eugene seems to be so a charming town. Here the colors are the same... and I like it !


...it surely is colorful in your neck of the woods.


Autumn moved in at your place, beautiful pictures ! we are still in summer, but it seems that next week autumn will move in too !

Lavender Dreamer

This is my happy place....I like that! And I've VERY happy to be back in FL even though it is still hot! lol Love those downtown areas that have such pride...and pretty flowers! Hope your appts all go well. Hugs!

betty - NZ

Wow! I miss autumn colors but your photos help!

Peter B.

Love the first collage shot with all the fall colors!


You have some beautiful fall colors here! It is my favorite season, so I enjoy these photos. Thanks for linking up today!


Gorgeous fall and flower pictures, but the one I love most was the one of the grapes. Just beautiful!


Beautiful pictures! It looks so pretty there, and all that wonderful produce looks yummy. (In your last post too.) Are winters cold there or mild?


Autumn leaves AND dahlias, the best of both worlds. I'll have to go up on the Parkway and hunt for some color. It has not been evident here, as late as the spring flowers were early.


You sure have found gold. Lovely pics of your surrounds. It must make you feel happy despite appointments.


Oh my . . . this is golden for sure, Sallie. Your collage is particularly splendid.

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