November 25, 2018



I don't think I've ever seen penned in turkeys before, they roam around here like a bunch of thugs. I can barely take one holiday with family let alone two, good for you. Are they left over for Christmas dinner or is that goose?


I always believe sky is a sheet of drawing paper, and it is painted with so many different versions of beautiful art piece.


Tanza Erlambang

Geese and such beautiful sceneries.
have a great day

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I could have sworn I left a comment Sunday but I don't see it. Loved seeing the turkeys & geese. And the squirrel is sweet!!

Thanks for linking up with us at I'd Rather B Birdin this week.

Michelle Banks

Hi Sallie..I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving and live turkey to see... Ours was quiet..


Common red-shafter Flicker is unknown in France but so charming... the squirrel too ! We have two of then near our home one is brown, the other one black. We give them hazelnuts and they take and hide them in other places. They are one of the winter's pleasure !

Lavender Dreamer

We've had more squirrels on our hikes lately than ever before! Love those turkeys! Enjoy your weekend! It's rainy this morning but a nice day to stay inside and blog! Hugs!

Pisi Prkl

The moon shot is spooky. In a good way.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, I hope the turkeys are safe there, great capture. I love the geese photo, it is also a colorful Autumn scene. Your Flicker and Junco are great sightings. Cute squirrel pose. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your d PS, thanks also for the nice comment on my blog.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

glad you had a great time at Thanksgiving. Love the Moon shot as well as seeing all the birds and that cute Squirrel. Have a wonderful weekend Sally.


The moon shot is stunning

Little Wandering Wren

Love your cute little Flicker bird which is new to me! Your moon shot is great :)
Wren x

Magical Mystical Teacher

All those photos simply sing of autumn!

Peter B.

The squirrel photo made me smile! Yes, lots of leftovers at my house too. I think I can safely say we are all tired of turkey for a while!!


Wow, that moon photo is amazing! I love the critter photos :)

Linda in Virginia

Nice photos! Love the moon and the geese and the rascally squirrel!

bill burke

Beautiful images, Sallie. I love the squirrel, it looks like you caught him right at the perfect moment. :)


oh sallie, how fun to see the flicker. i see them here, but not very often and they are so difficult to photograph. if you hated it fly off, then you saw the beautiful show of yellow on it's "undercarriage"!!

2 thanksgivings are awesome, we kind of did the same thing but our second one was just chuck and i, we celebrated last night. i made all of our favorite thanksgiving foods and we pigged out. thanksgiving at my nieces is wonderful but the food is just not the same. it can't be, there are too many people. and they fried the turkey so the gravy was from a jar!?!?!? the mashed potato casserole was cooked in the oven....and i can't even talk about the stuffing!!!!! next year, i am going to try to bring sides instead of appetizers and a pie. i am so thankful to have that home and those people to celebrate with, i am the luckiest girl on earth but lets face it, thanksgiving is also about fresh mashed potatoes and homemade gravy!!! and now we have lots of leftovers!!!

beautiful leftovers you shared today, novembers full moon was exceptional. i hope some of those turkeys survived thanksgiving!!!


I also took photos of the full moon the other day :)
Love the squirrel, so cute.


Loved all your shots but my favorite is the cute squirrel.


Hello! The first photo is awesome. The flicker looks so beautiful. Great photos!

Lady Fi

Your leftovers are a feast!

Su-sieee! Mac

The Flicker is a cutie. Another bird unknown to me. We took a drive on Saturday and came across wild turkeys. That was a treat. I like your full moon photo. It has me thinking of that teacher of Harry Potter's who turns into a werewolf. Cheers, Sallie!

nancy chan

Beautiful shot of the full moon, turkeys and geese. I seldom get to snap good photo of birds because they will quickly fly away before I could focus my camera on them. The squirrel shot was a good one.


I love your squirrel. I've never seen a wild turkey.


Sounds like you had lovely celebrations Sallie. Leftovers are always welcome. We finished the last of the soup today, and still have some turkey and ham to get through. A pot pie is in our future :) Great photos and wishing that the rest of the week is a great one.


Glad you had a good thanksgiving. I love the shots of the turkeys and flickers are one of my favorite birds. I usually see them at my house when the weather is bad and I put out food. I used to hang suet cages up which had lots of visitors but not doing that in recent years.

Adam Jones

Lovely looking Flicker. Have a great week.

Heidrun Stallwanger

Lovely !

Now it’s time for reading… MosaicMonday times! Each Monday a great pleasure.
I enjoyed your post.

Heidrun xxx


Haha, same here. When you love the company it's hard to think about camera work. And also, I might have the feeling like I took many pics, and I come home to only two decent ones!
Yeah, here was a whole group of turkeys on thanksgiving day hanging out in your yard, but they didn't like the camera. With my first click, they fled:(
glad yo were able to observe the Flicker - such a cutie!
Am still full from Thanksgiving, also because on the Sunday after we had a birthday!
Thank you for your interesting postfor All Seasons Sallie, and have a great week!


Sallie - leftovers are often better than the original - the flavors have a chance to blend … And I can relate to your comment about the difficulty taking pictures when you are trying to enjoy company and eat, etc. I find there is a limit to how much people are willing to wait/pose while I take pix "for the blog". And you know what, that's OK!!! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!


Great flicker pictures! Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was good.


THat Flicker was very busy! You got so many good photos of him as well as all your "leftover" photos of the turkeys and geese. My son prepared a 26-pound turkey for Thanksgiving this year -- he brined tit two days and it was very tasty!


For some reason Turkeys always look so comical to me although I am told they are smart. I am also told that they can be very mean when riled up.


Since there's just two of us we didn't do a turkey. I sure miss the flavour and the leftovers. We did Cornish game hens. Tasty but just not the same. - Margy


Enjoying time with family and friends is way more important than taking photos. Love the birds in your new neighborhood, and the squirrel too.


Great photos and you reminded me of some very lovely thanksgiving times I had with friends in the USA many years ago.


Leftovers are often tastier than the actual meal. Great series especially the flicker.


What a cute squirrel! Wonderful photos of the Flicker!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. All Mockingbirds in North America are officially Northern Mockingbirds because there are Southern Mockingbirds in (you guessed it) South America!
Hope you have a great week!

MaryBeth Schwartz

We had a nice Thanksgiving also and also 2 different times also to accommodate the ones that could not be around at the actual date.
Lovely mosaic.

riitta k

Lovely leftovers - great moon! Glad you showed, enjoy your week.

William Kendall

Lots of avian photo subjects... and a cute fluffy distraction!

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely photos ~ especially the first one and the squirrel ~ very creative!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Penelope Puddlisms

The moon is so beautifully haunting. Hahaha … that’s a clever use of the word “leftovers” after what was obviously a great Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when I’m reminded that wild turkeys, freely roaming, don’t know how lucky they are!


Those wild turkeys don't look fat enough for Thanksgiving. I just pulled the squirrel card for a totem, conserving energy, storing what I need, and getting rid of the clutter of old.

Jennifer Jilks

This is fun! Happy US Thanksgiving!
I hear you about gatherings, I often forget. We have documented the weekend, as we had the grandkids, and momma and papa like our stories!!!

Phil Slade

Yes those piles of leaves are always good for hiding grubs and all sorts of goodies that birds like. A playground without kids - they would all be indoors on their Iphones and digital devices!


Love that first shot and I have never seen a Flicker so new for me. Hope you have a good week, Diane

Eileen Wise

Hello, Pretty moon capture. Two Thanksgiving meals, sounds yummy. We have plenty of leftovers I am thankful for that, lol. Love the turkeys and the Flicker. I think our Canada Geese do not migrate, they stay year round. You have a colorful and pretty shot of the Geese. Have a happy day and a great new week ahead!


That's nice that you had such a good Thanksgiving with the family ! Poor turkeys ! I love the little squirrel !

Bob Bushell

Perfect images Sallie.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Your moon photo is perfect and the Flicker most unusual. I have never seen that bird before. Beautiful squirrel!


Lovely left overs. It is good the you didn't think to take photos because you were too busy enjoying a feast and family. They are more important than a camera but memories are good to capture.


You always share the most interesting nature photos. I enjoy my visits.


You have some very pretty leftovers, along with the fresh photo of the flicker. They are such interesting looking birds. Glad you had a most enjoyable Thanksgiving.


Wishing you safe travels. It's gotta be a little hard to leave this pretty spot just as you're settled in!

Amy Franks

It's at a Turkey farm? We have a ton of wild ones here in NZ that roam around the countryside but they would probably be as tough as old boots to eat.

ellen b

I love good leftovers! Happy new week to you!

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