November 11, 2018


Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

As you know...we have no Canada geese nor scrub jays in South Texas...so your post was a special treat!

Thanks so much for linking in & sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin" this week.

Michelle Banks

Moving is such a pain. I have been here 14 years yet I can still tell you where everything was in my previous 25 years home....Beautiful area Sallie....


Love the photos! Really love where you live now. Hope you get settled soon.


Love the colour of the Jay

Adam Jones

Looks like a wonderful place to live. Love the Scrub jay too

Jennifer Jilks

Kitchens are tricky to figure out!
I think I only have one move left in me.
Wonderful area you are in!

David Gascoigne

Good morning Sallie: It is a real bonus that you can either walk to the mall or drive your car. Here we have a farmer’s market about a twenty-five minute walk from our house, so I walk if I am only picking up a couple of items, but I drive if we are picking up bushels of beets for canning, for example. It is great to have the option, isn’t it? And I am sure all the waterfowl will get to know you and honk and quack their greetings as you walk by!

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, I love all the lovely views and the ducks and geese. The Scrub jay is a favorite too. You did find a nice place with some beautiful park land nearby.Thanks for linking and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Gad you are settling in and keeping Bill working! your area iis really nice or walking around. .Have a lovely weekend


Oh, Sallie, this seems so idyllic to me. Enjoy.

Peter B.

Love those photos along the river. Eugene looks like an awesome place to live!

Lavender Dreamer

Oh I love seeing your Scubjay! How neat! And I'm sending you some Florida LOVE! Come on back now. The weather is cool this week and NICE! Hugs, Diane


Looks like you have a great, new place. The kitchen will come along as you use it, or at least that is how it happens in my experience. Thanks for linking up today.


Love your leaf art :)


As always I love your photos and the blue skies. Wishing you lots of days for walking as I do love going with you.

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Alan Bates

I would have a hard time concentrating on getting organized with all those walking trails. I have a hard enough time here in Tulsa.


Good luck with the new home, I'm sure with some help it will come together soon.
Great walks and scenery.
Love the "love" sign.

betty - NZ

I love that Hubby 'helps' you organize the kitchen! Great images, as usual, my friend!


Very good, Sallie. I think you've been successful! And best wishes for the future and your trip down this way!

Life Images by Jill

I am sure your house will get sorted, and in the meantime you can enjoy those gorgeous nearby walks. Have a fabulous week!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Hi Sallie, I get the same error message that Lowell mentioned. I think I mentioned it before.
Regarding your comment about the Swinomish Tribes The reservation is across the channel in LaConner and their store is along hwy 20 before one gets to Anacortes---easy to access and we have been there many times.
Good to hear you adapting to the new home and have a marvelous place to walk


Getting things organized in a new home takes time, especially things in a kitchen. I'm always moving stuff around to make it more efficient.
What a beautiful place to walk. There's nothing like water and trees for calmness.


Beautiful area you live in now, and very pretty photographs! There are days when I wonder if we have another move. Some days the spirit is willing and some days the spirit is not :))) But if this area was where I would be moving to I would do it in a heartbeat. Great post Sallie!

I read your first comment from Lowell as I too have not been able to get to you by using your link in my comment section. It always blocks me but I also go to Google and find you there. No big deal for me to do that but just thought I would let you know. This has happened the last three times I have tried to look at your blog. Servers not communicating with each other maybe?

Amy Franks

It looks like a beautiful place to live. Moving isn't something I try to do too much, although it is a good opportunity to have a hefty declutter.


oh sallie, it looks like home is beautiful, the perfect place for a nature lover like yourself. how wonderful to reward yourself, after a yucky trip to the mall, with a hike outdoors with those gorgeous views and nice wildlife!!

it looks like i will be able to comment, hip-hip-hooray!!!



bill burke

Beautiful scenic photos, Sallie. You moved to the perfect spot, lots of nice walks and beautiful scenery. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!


Wherever you are you are there with nature and ducks! I'm not familiar with that bluebird.


Pretty river scenes! Creative use of fallen leaves - may delay all the raking for a little while!


Beautiful location. I can just picture those paths along the Willamette! I hope to visit this spring.

Phil Slade

Hi Sallie. Yes, I got the same message as Lowell so Googled you. Seems you are unsafe!

Me too, I would give the shopping a miss, drop my wife off and hit the birding trail instead.

Looks like you are both settling in well and I get the real feeling you much prefer this new place. Enjoy.

Linda in Virginia

Great scenery! I like the birds too.


YOur location is fabulous with so many wonderful views. Enjoy!

riitta k

Yes, all you need is love <3 Your photos with stunning blue sky and blue water are so, so beautiful! Happy MM.

Lady Fi

The area around your new home is so scenic! Glad you're settling in nicely.


Hi Sallie

What a wonderful new location! It does look peaceful and bucolic there.
We had 9 inches of snow this weekend! I am not sorry, however, as I'd rather snow than the fires California has been having. I hope our drought will be over and our snowfall will go back to normal this winter.


Sallie - how important it is to have natural areas close to urban centers - it keeps us grounded and gives us an opportunity to expose younger generations to the beauty of our planet.

A house never has enough shelving … with the advent of winter, we have added a much larger shoe rack in the closet of our mud room - just in time for those big snow boots!

Thanks for the "love" note for Mosaic Monday!

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi, Sallie! I love that LOVE on your path. Kudos to the person(s) who did that. :-) Eugene is such a pretty city. My cousin lives a few miles east of downtown. The first time I visited her, I thought she was in a wilderness and so was surprised to see how near "civilization" she was. lol


Beautiful neighborhood. The kitchen can wait.


Lovely mosaics. Enjoy your walks


Photo Cache

You know I think autumn is meant to be therapeutic. I feel it is so for me.

Linda Brown

You have chosen a perfect spot! Two Thumbs up for you to move to this lovely place!

Do you think you might brave the winter up there?


Im glad you have some great spots to commune with nature! Awesome birds and landscapes too.

William Kendall

Lots of good bird company, it seems!


Beautiful captures - I have faith you'll get organized.

A ShutterBug Explores

Magnificent nature shots of your lovely walks ~ wishing you much happiness in your new home ~ lucky Bill is so creative too building shelves ~ ^_^

Happy Veterans Day
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

martha z

How nice to have the river nearby. I don't have a river but I do have streams and ponds.


It's so good for the soul to be out and about by the water with those blue skies overhead.


Great to have a husband who can put up some shelves in the kitchen! When looking at your beautiful blue skies, our skies were opposite from normal - because of the fires North the strong wind blew smoke and ashes our way - in Sacramento to the point that the workers in Trader Joe served with dust masks on! (first time I have seen this) and also some people outside walking with dust masks.
Great to see your serene and peaceful scenes for All Seasons - thank you and have a beautiful week!

ellen b.

How nice to have a nice walking trail close to the mall. Love your photos and the blue skies! Pretty. Fun shot of the leaves spelling Love! Have a good week.

Sharon Wagner

Love the leaves. Literally!


It looks a truly beautiful spot and you are so lucky to have water birds nearby. I have moved so many times I feel for you it takes a while to settle in and find the right place for everything.
Have a good week Diane

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

The Love carved out of leaves has me smiling. Have a lovely week!

Penelope Puddlisms

Hahaha … love the sign … that’s a pretty clever usage of the leaves. You are so lucky to have a handy man in the house and to be living in such a nice area. Quiet scenic wonders are right under your feet whether you’re in the east coast or west.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie
You are in a beautiful area. It is good you are able to get outside and enjoy nature and not have to work all the time on the house. The walking trail and birds are great. The Scrub Jay is a favorite. The views of the river are beautiful. I like the "love" in the leaves. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

a spirit of simplicity

Oh I just love the love leaves! What a great way to make raking a little more bearable. It's so windy here that we could never do that!

Stewart M

Nice. Kitchens are weird - they are the only place where you are always in the way, even if you are on your own!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I admire you making another move. Our last move was a chore. Anyway you sound like you are getting organised and the area looks beautiful.


You seem to have chosen a perfect spot for walks, nature-and also town! Glad you sound so settled.

Mary jo

Yes, she’s right about the link... like your new place.


Hi Sallie...I left you a note on my Cleo post as your link does not work. I finally Googled "FullTime-Life" and I was able to get to your website. But you may want to fix your link as other people are probably having same problem. When I click on the link I get an error message and the note that your blog's certificate is nnt right.

Please send me an email so I know you got this note.

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