November 04, 2018



Good wishes in your new home. I love to read and see your adventures - and all your walks.

Michelle Banks

While I hate moving...this looks like it was a good choice for you..hugs..Michelle

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Enjoy your new area you now call home! Beautiful fall colors & SWEET kingfisher!

It's been great to go with you on a birdin' adventure this week from The Bird D'pot. Thanks for taking us along.

Linda in Virginia

Nice shots! Retirement seems to have several stages. We've been looking at different options. Life changes when driving becomes tricky.

Betty Crow

Beautiful view of the river! Love the Kingfisher! You sure do have some beautiful fall colors. Have a wonderful weekend!

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie,

I love your beautiful fall colors and pretty trees. Your views are beautiful. Great sighting and photo of the Kingfisher. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!

a spirit of simplicity

It looks like you will be enjoying some beautiful walks from your new home.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

your new home ana surroundings look lovely and I hope you will be very happy there. Wonderful to get the shot of the Kingfisher. I hope you have a great weekend.

Anne (Cornucopia)

Your new home location looks beautiful. I like the Fall colors. And Kingfishers are very quick, elusive birds! It took me quite awhile before I got my first photo of one. (One lives near my house, too, but I've never gotten that one on camera.)


I do hope your move works out so well and you never have to move again:) Thank you for linking up this week and I hope to see you back again next Thursday.

Peter B.

Congratulation on your move. It would be fun to compare notes with you on pros and cons of living locations during retirement. My wife and I have been in the same house now for about 30 years (yikes!!). We have some family issues that keep us in place now, but I sometimes wonder about relocating. Anyway, great sky shots!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

Adam Jones

A very good looking Kingfisher


Lovely Autumn color!
Great photo of the Kingfisher
Have a wonderful day!

Hildred Finch

Moving is good!!! It helps you keep the accumulation of "stuff" under control. I started this amazing accumulation in 1945 when Charles and I were first married, and here I am, over 70 years later, contemplating whatever the family would do with all these THINGS we have loved and given storage room to. I am in the midst of a de-cluttering project =- wish me luck!!


What a warm and wonderful place, Sallie. And I loved the fall photos with all the fall colors and that elusive bird you finally caught with your camera. So glad that you are happy in your new home. It won't be long, though, before you're back down this way in your "old" southwest Florida home. It's still warm here in Ocala but we've had a few nice cool days.

Thanks so much for your comments. They mean a lot to me. And thanks for buying my book; I hope you like it. If you ever read any of Leonard Cohen or heard any of his songs, you'll probably think my book is OK. He's sort of my mentor. Well, he was - he died earlier this year.

I had a terrible time getting to your blog. Everytime I tried I got an error message (Error 403) and another message. I finally had to circumvent the system, type in your URL and then make your address a special bookmark. I don't know what that's all about.

Hurry back. I'm doing pretty well now, but it was iffy for a bit. Had a major heart attack with one artery 100% blocked. The doc put in a stent and will probably put in a couple more stents before we're through! :)

Take good care!


Definitely a good omen for your recent move. I hope you'll be very happy there. It does look like a really pretty area. We moved a lot in our navy days but we have stayed in one place now for 27 years. I can hardly believe it as I loved seeing different places and we still do, we just don't live in them for any length of time but travel to them when we can :) I am not sure if this will be our forever home, it just feels like it after all this time. Getting a bit of the wander-lust I guess and also thinking of downsizing :)))


Congrats with more space!! It's nice to be able to organize your stuff, isn't it. That fountain in the park is amazing! When the kids came, that definitely slowed down our moves (now, happy about it, because they have their memories of experiences in certain houses!
Love the king fisher, such a cute bird! Thank you for updating us at All Seasons on your your new living quarters:):) enjoy your week of settling in!


Moving is such a difficult thing to go through. I hope we never have to do it again, but there is a slight possibility. Not any time soon, though for sure! I have yet to go see the Willamette River. We did go into the Valley a couple of times and absolutely loved it! Beautiful new digs!


It looks like a wonderful place to live. I collect bird themed accessories too and my kids and grandkids are always on the lookout for them. I have lived in the same house for 38 years. Raised my kids here and now retired here. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!


Hello! Congratulations on your new home.
Beautiful colours of autumn and great kingfisher!


Your new place looks great, Sallie! Proximity to the river and a more rural/suburban area seem like good things to me. I know what you mean about those elusive kingfishers. They are hard to photograph. You got a great shot. Enjoy settling into your lovely new home.


Congratulations on your new place. Moving is so stressful; I'm glad you were able to take some time to go exploring and photographing too.

I always think I would love to live downtown where it is so easy to get to places, but when it gets down to it, I don't think I could take being packed in that closely with other people.

Linda Brown

Welcome to your new home!!

I've lived in the same house for 50 years! If Terry and I were to move it would shock our children.

Photo Cache

Enjoy your new digs and hope you have a lot of photo subjects nearby.

Worth a Thousand Words

Su-sieee! Mac

Whooo-hooo! Cheers to your new place, Sallie. When I was young and single, living in San Francisco, I moved every few years. I enjoyed the apartment hunt and the making of a new place into mine. Living by the river in a city, sounds perfect to me. A sense of being far, far away, as the Husband used to say when we lived in the metropolis.

I like your open shelves. They look built-in. We have the rest of our lives to open boxes. That's what I tell myself. The Husband and I are finally opening boxes that we brought with us 15 years go. It's like Christmas.

Your mosaics are cool.I like the arrangement. It looks different from your others. Are you doing Mosaic Monday? When I get back to blogging, either Molly or I will take part. Probably me, Molly is content with sitting under a certain tree and looking up at the birds telling her to walk away.

Chris Rohrer

Congratulations on your new life! Enjoy! Looks beautiful.

David Gascoigne

Looks like a wonderful area to live, Sallie. I am sure there were many advantages to living downtown, but nothing quite beats a walk along an undeveloped area with lots of wildlife. You see, the Kingfishers knew all about it and decided to give you that picture you have been waiting for for so long. Enjoy your new digs. I know you will.


What big news, Sallie. I was just getting used to you living in the city. The photos of your new area are wonderful. Hope you are soon unpacked and able to relax.


Sallie - thanks for sharing your good news with MM this week. I admire your willingness to pick up sticks and readily acknowledge that you 'haven't figured out this retirement thing yet.' Some people know they need a change but fear keeps them from it. And you set an example for all of us by requiring only what is needed for 'daily smiles' - I am going to start using that phrase!

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh how exciting for you with a new beautiful place ~ yet another ^_^

Lovely photos and presentation of them too!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

betty - NZ

It sounds like a great place and it's good that you realized that it's what you need 'now'. I sure wouldn't want to do that raking, either!!

I am one of those that have moved countless times, for many reasons, but they worked for me at the time. We have been in our last home for over 5 years, a record for me!

martha z

Looks like you found a great place.
I too have found that the kingfisher does not like to be photographed. When we lived at the power plant there was one living behind the house, try as I might I could never get a picture of it.


Congrats on a successful move! It sounds more conducive to your love of the outdoors!

Lydia C. Lee

Looks beautiful! And BIG!!!!


Welcome home again! You are on the move. As long as there's birds in the mix. Now if I could only get a picture of a woodthrush, not as pretty as your kingfisher but they sing my favorite birdsong.


Wonderful mosaics. Have a good week


William Kendall

Pretty views around your area!

My paternal grandparents had a tendency to move a lot.

Lavender Dreamer

I'm so happy for you! We thought about moving downtown in NC...we could see all of the fun advantages. But it turned out to be too expensive. I love that you have a nice place to walk at your new home. LOVE that Kingfisher! Get some rest...moving is hard work!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Oh I forgot to mention----If I go to your profile and click on your web page It says I am not allowed to see it but if I click on your icon on the meme you are following---it all works---weird

MaryBeth Schwartz

Welcome is such a wonderful word isn't it. A few years after I married we bought our first home and we lived there for almost 40 yrs and then we moved to my next home which I still have although my life has changed so much with that move. One year later my husband had a massive stroke but I took care of him at home until he left for even greener pastures. I guess I am in the class of those who rarely move even though I might have wanted to.
Enjoy your new home and treasure it


What a lovely new spot you've chosen to begin the next chapter of your lives together, I hope you'll both be very happy there, it looks like you'll have quite a lot of new things to blog about in the future.


It looks lovely and I hope that you will be happy there.
During my adult life (there were several as a child also) I have lived in 14 different places and I have made 6 country changes as well!!!!
Have a good week Diane

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh, wow, it looks like you have lovely fountains near where you live, and paths aplenty with a river nearby. The leaves like the books and cushioned chair give a cozy feel to the scenery. Congratulations on making a change when things were not right … and for capturing the Kingfisher. Looks like a good move all around!


Eugene is one of my favorite cities! The picture of the trails near the Willamette reminds me of the time I ran the marathon there. Such a beautiful location. Your picture of the kingfisher is wonderful! I can never seem to get close enough to birds to get a decent picture. I will have to keep practicing!

Phil Slade

Congrats on the move Salle. I'm sure you have done the right thing. Even though you don't mention the downsides of city living the fact that you seem to have more outdoor space and air to breath will be beneficial. Just seeing more of those Belted Kingfishers is a real plus and I'm sure you will begin to see more wildlife once you learn the ropes of your new habitat.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Congrats on your new place. Sounds like you are in a lovely area with the walking path and close to the river. Love the Kingfisher, they are shy birds. The Autumn trees and leaves are so colorful and pretty. Enjoy your new place! Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!


Congratulations to you both for moving again! It looks a delightful spot, especially for nature walks. And to get a close up of a kingfisher is magic!!!!
I hope you still get to winter away?


Wow you have moved to a beautiful area by the river. But I admire you for moving again. The thought of moving horrifies me it is such a stressful time but you don't seem to have any problems there. We have friends who retired in a beautiful apartment in the city and we were thinking about it for a while but I wasn't keen although Bill thought it would be okay. I'm glad we didn't I love it here next to a quiet forest.


I hope you enjoy your new home. The surroundings are beautiful and a photo like that of a kingfisher looks like a good omen!

Linda in Virginia

Congratulations on surviving your move!

Lady Fi

Congratulations on your new home - looks lovely and in such a beautiful spot with walks and river views!

riitta k

Congratulations to your new home! I’m planning on moving into an apartment in a few years... Your mosaic of autumn leaves is stunning. Happy MM.


Congratulations on your new place, Sallie! It looks like you are in a very beautiful area and I'm sure it will be nice to have a little more room. It also looks like a beautiful autumn season there--enjoy!

Alan Bates

Congratulations on your move. I am sure it will work out for you. I've thought that I would like to live downtown but we have three dogs and that is a major hassle for urban apartment dwellers.

Amy Franks

Hope the move went well. I was in the same position as you, our last place was an apartment, this one is a house, it's nice having a bit more space.


Your new views and walk availability seems good. Don't we all have different priorities for what unpacks first. Congrats on the long awaited Kingfisher shot.


It sure looks beautiful there! I hope to see more photos, inside and out! I'm in the camp of not much of a mover. Grew up maybe 9 miles from here, went away to college, came back to same home. Lived there about 8 years, and moved here 37 years ago. I plan on my ashes being thrown on this land, near the dogs, of course! :<)))

bill burke

That looks like a lovely area you moved to. Enjoy your new home. Have a wonderful new week.

RE your question, the coffee shop and museum are located on different floors in the department store. Makes it very convenient to spend time there.


I'd love to have those views - enjoy your new home!

ellen b

Oh boy! Congrats on your move and the good things about it. That is one pretty kingfisher! Enjoy your new digs!

Clair Zarges

I'm happy for you to be in such a beautiful place! I'm also happy that I'm not the one who is moving, as we are settled at last after moving from one side of the country to the other and back again. I love your bird pillow, and the leaves are gorgeous!

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