December 02, 2018



Holy crap you wouldn't believe what Google put me through to get to your blog on my laptop. I went through at least three links to get here. You'd think I was walking into a nest of Russian hackers. I guess my iPad doesn't give a sh*t. We'll see what happens next time I try.
Anyhoo, where are ya, woman? Looking forward to seeing sunshine and green. Getting a little brown here, but pretty good on the no snow front.
Hope you guys are warm and safe.

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

Happy Holidays! Have fun!


It looks beautiful ! Here it had rained during the two weeks I was in Egypt, and now it is cold, but the sun is shining at least !


Hope you are enjoying your trip. I loved the photos and would love to go on that drive also as we have not been there for many years. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


Enjoy your travels south Sallie. Thanks for leaving us with these lovely photos.


these pictures are beautiful!!! wishing you a wonderful trip, enjoy the time off!!

Stewart M

Have a great trip - 'see' you soon!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Last grasp, last gasp. You don't stay put for long, but the sun is a good cause to follow!

Michelle Banks

Yes...I should hitch a ride with you...the sun is needed badly here...safe travels....


Moody shots, but I'm with you about enjoying sunshine.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

lol, you guys are restless. Love to see you travel. It is a beautiful place you travelled :)


beautiful skies in these photos


Impressive skies

bill burke

Beautiful collage and photos. Have a safe journey Sallie!

handmade by amalia

Beautiful scenery, Sallie, enjoy your travels.

Linda in Virginia

Lovely collage! Safe travels!

Peter B.

I really enjoy seeing areas like this in the off-season and without the crowds. Beautiful photos and scenery!


Safe travels, Sallie. Enjoy the journey.


I love that last shot with pink skies. Enjoy your journey!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sky shot.

Alan Bates

Safe travels! Take lots of photos, and we'll see you on the flip/flop as they said back in the 70's.

Love the color of the sky and the reflection in that second shot.

ellen b.

It's that time again? Safe journeys to you!


Hey there, I finally got through to you on an old iPad with an outdated iOS so let's hear it for electronic pack rattery. I was wondering when you'd be heading out, watch out for those IL tornadoes, wish I was joining you. That OR horse seems sad to be losing you, safe travels!

David Gascoigne

Have a safe trip, Sallie, and enjoy yourself along the way. I will look forward to hearing of your journey.


The colours of sky are so beautiful.
This beautiful sky will follow you throughout your whole journey.




Safe travels. I totally understand getting away from the PNW gray. I so enjoy seeing your FL home.


Have a safe trip, Sallie! That sunset is amazing! It always gives a specific atmosphere (mood) that is seen on photos after/during rain, which I love:) Thank you for thinking to link up for All Seasons, even though you have traveling on your mind:):)Makes me feel very special!

Tanza Erlambang

the lake look calm and peace.
have a great day

Lady Fi

The colours in the sky are lovely! From blue to light to pink!

Su-sieee! Mac

Is the dark blue the sky or the tint of your windshield? The color reminds me of skies in postcards. It's encouraging to read that you and your guy went ahead on your road trip regardless of the rain. That's our plan next week, to take short day trips, whether it rains or not. Have a safe and fun journey back to Florida, Sallie.


Sallie - I wish you a safe journey, and I look forward to your sand and sea collages when you arrive! In the meantime, I enjoyed your contribution to Mosaic Monday - in our area, we are experiencing the normal winter inversion, when the clouds hang low in the valley most of the time. But they deliver snow, so it is a blessing for us winter sports lovers!


Beautiful photos!


Hey there..Oregon is beautiful...I want to go back and see the parts I missed...one day. Yu may not get many blue days as it seems to be a very rainy pattern here in the east of late. Safe Travels!

Sharon Wagner

I'm doing the opposite - leaving the sun for dreary skies. Sigh.

Lavender Dreamer

I'm saving you some sunshine my friend! It's been beautiful lately. Even today we had a little misty rain and then the sun came out...you know how that is! Have a safe trip! Talk to you soon! Hugs, Diane


I didn't know Oregon was that cloudy all the time. Enjoy your trip East!

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!

Heidrun Stallwanger

It’s MosaicMonday and a pleasure again...

...have a happy Monday! Great captures.

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh, wow, Sallie … your sky photos are fantastical. Love the blue and pink hues on otherwise gray days. Mother Nature never provides us with a dull moment no matter what the weather it seems. :)

Eileen Wise

Hello, I love the colors in your photos and mosaic, the pretty blues are lovely. Gorgeous sunset capture. wishing your fun and safe travels. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and have a great new week!


Love that last shot beautiful. Take care. Hope that you have a good week, Diane


"Bon voyage ", Sallie !

MaryBeth Schwartz

The PNW is beautiful but can try ones patience. LOL
Joyous journey and see you when we see you.

riitta k

So beautiful is your collage and its colors! Happy MM.

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