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February 10, 2019



Yes the weather is so many parts of the country is extreme.....Sadly in many cases.. Glad you are safe and warm in Florida...Michelle


The PNW has really gotten slammed. Even here I am running heat 24/7 and wondering if the predicted snow will fall over night. I like the 70s, especially when you can walk in a preserve right next door. Only an hour to market also seems nearby to me.


What an interesting place to visit! I wish there was a place to find fresh produce near us.

Your bean pods look a lot like purple hull peas. Do they look like black-eyed peas inside?

Jennifer Jilks

We are in the tail end of winter. Real winter!!!!
The sun has so much more warmth, though!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I want to thank you for taking the time to link in and show us at I'd Rather B Birdin your pictures and fill us in on the Spring activities!


Dearest Sallie; Oh, happy for your wonderful morning walk and Lovely birds♪ I DO wish I could see mockingbird in my area.
Although no pile of snow this winter yet, having a bit cold days ;-) And the market looks really interesting with varieties of fruits♡♡♡ I also never seen the purple colored pod.  
Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments; Wishing you will have a wonderful new week.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


This time we have the same temperatures ! Unbelievable for February, but I was sitting in the sunshine in a park !

Judy Biggerstaff

That must have been an enjoyable time at the market. The purple stalk are pretty but I don't have a clue what they are.. Glad you have beautiful weather, we have ice today here in Western Kentucky. Take care.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie

I would love to have some of that Florida weather here, they are calling for more storms this week. Great captures of the Woodpecker and Mocker. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post.Happy Saturday, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

riitta k

The beans have really a decorative color! I love the woodpecker, in my garden there is another variety with a very bad & loud voice :) your photo of palm leaves is very artistic. Wishing a sunny weekend!

Linda Brown

When we were in Marco Island last year with Terry's sister and brother-in-law they took us to the Farmer's Market and I fell in love with everything so wonderfully available there!

Lucky you!

handmade by amalia

It looks so lovely and sunny and I like your market. I'm glad you don't have to endure that cold front, I can't begin to imagine.


Great photos, Sallie. I love the one of the palmetto fans. Yes, the west coast has been hit with lots of snow. Even this morning, now that the snow has stopped (we think) it's still a winter wonderland of white. Rain is supposed to begin, so that will make it all turn brown and green again. Enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. Your photos have me thinking about a sunny vacation.

Peter B.

Yes, I think SW Florida is the place to be!! They remind me of dried out mesquite seed pods, although they look flatter and the wrong color.


Yes, Oregon is getting socked..I have a friend whose family is there..Glad you are having a good winter in Fla..The Palmetto looks great..good picture..The Woodpecker is handsome as well.

Photo Cache

Florida is having a great winter! How are you?


What beautiful nature photographs. Loved the red-bellied woodpeckers! We just returned from a trip to Florida and I hated to leave. The birds were so exotic to me (we live in PA). I enjoyed the warmth too!

Lavender Dreamer

Oh how I love the fruit stand and would love some fresh fruits and veggies! We are so spoiled having so much grown right here! And we have so much water in the fields right now that it looks little like your Everglades photo! And birds...oh my! It's the best time of year! Happy Valentine's day my friend!


at times, you live on both extremes of the world. i happen to love snow but i am sure you are where you want to be!!! the woodpecker is just beautiful and i happen to LOVE mockingbirds. they are both much bigger than they look in pictures!!

no idea on the beans, and i don't know why but i think they are similar to string beans!!

Nancy Chan

Pretty birds especially the woodpecker. The days are warmer now and sometimes we need to use the air con to sleep. Haven't seen the red beans before.

Su-sieee! Mac

I like that color red the woodpecker sports. (I seem to be attracted to red these days.) My cousin, who lives in Tacoma, posted photos of the snow yesterday. My gosh, she could've been somewhere in the Sierras. The Pacific Northwest's cold air finally came down to our area. The weather guys say that it's meeting up with warm tropical rain, so we ought to be seeing warmer temps soon. Cool or warm temps are okay with me, since I'm hanging inside with a cold. I wouldn't mind having some of those oranges that are hanging at that produce stand. Good cheer, Sallie. :-)

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely nature shots and farm stand goodies too ~ Don't know which is worse the AC or Furnace ~ love 'fresh air' ~ ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)a


The store is so cute


Maybe it's worth staying overnight even though it's only 90 miles (a trip to Milwaukee) away. 65˚ is perfect for walking, biking, not freezing your tongue to your lips. I remember lots of snow in the OR mountains but I can't remember if we were in the Cascades or what. I know the car got stuck and I thought it was pretty funny cuz the driver (ex-boyfriend) was such a wuss.
I'm curious what those red pods are too, they're pretty the way some poisonous stuff is. Better do a Google image search. I want an aquas frescas and I don't even care what it is.


It looks beautiful. I have fond memories of a trip we took into the Everglades for a few days. But your weather is too hot for me!

Tamar Strauss-Benjamin

What a nice tropical place to enjoy!




Rub it in about your great weather - we're due for a winter storm and gusty winds here! Glad you're enjoying FL time. I like your tropical photos.

bill burke

That looks like a great market to buy local veggies and fruit. We have a veg-man who comes weekly and sets up his truck to sell his fruits and veggies. Everglades City sounds interesting and it's good that it is close to home if you ever decide to do a day trip. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!


Great area to explore - wonderful photos as always. Everglades City is a fun place too.

Phil Slade

I recognise the okra but not the purple beans.

75 degrees would suit me just fine and air-con is something we see only when we visit the Med.

I too imagined Oregon would be quite snowy but maybe that's in the higher altitudes rather than the coast? The snow in North America made it to our news channels and rather put our own "snowfall" of three inches into perspective.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

strange. I thought Oregon was a snowy plaace like Sweden. But I have seen other people complain about the weather as well.

Love your summery shots. The mockingbird was a favorite on trips but it was larger then I expected it :)


Lovely photos Sallie! I haven't been to Immokalee in such a long time. I have no idea what those pods are, but would love to know!


Such a lovely life you lead. I love your walks. The market looks so good. In the last picture are all the white things in the distance the same as the little dead tree in the foreground?


I don't know those beans either. The seeds seem to be a lot smaller than kidney beans for example.
Have a nice week!

Hootin Anni

Pretty scenery.

Nope, I don't have an inkling what those seed pods are. Wondering if they're spicy hot?

ellen b.

Your area affords you such nice places to walk. Love the stand you stopped at. Beautiful shots of the birds. The sea of river grass is really cool. Oh yes, you escaped a snow event of the decade. Our kids west of the Cascades have had more snow then us in a single snowfall. Snow in Seattle is hard to deal with because of all the hills! Enjoy your cool temps with no need of a/c!


Great photos and I always enjoy trying new fruits and veges too. Your temps sound great - not too hot and not too cold. Hope they don't change too quickly for you. We are having an exceptionally hot summer and I have had the air con.running more than ever. I much prefer just nice breezes blowing through.


I seem to have a download problem and can only see the first 2 woodpeckers and the Mocking bird!!!! Have a good week. Diane

William Kendall

A whole lot of bird life along that trail!


SO beautiful wish I was there!!

Penelope Puddlisms

Luckily, you’ve avoided the slippery late snowfall in the West and in my neck of the woods. It seems to happen every year now. Most of winter is mild, rainy with occasional windstorms that down branches and trees but now in February we west coasters get to live in a sudden snow globe.


How lovely-we just had three days of icy gales :).

Eileen Wise

Hello, the market looks nice and a great place to buy fresh fruits. Love the woodpecker and mockingbird photos. My niece in Snoqualmie had a lot of snow recently, her kiddies loved playing in the snow. We recently enjoyed a visit to the Everglades NP, it is a great park. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!


Oh how I envy you Sallie, those lovely temps, and still some of my favourite bird life.
All the best Gordon.


Can only say you lucky girl that you have a winter residence where it's summer ! I don't know where to go here, because even in Italy it's cold ! I guess the nearest would be Northern Africa, but there I don't want to have a second residence ! That's good for holidays in a hotel.

betty - NZ

I always thought that PNW got snow in winter. Hmm, the things I learn! Your snaps are so great with all the lovely, colorful critters. It's always nice to have places that are a little 'different' than what we're used to.

Linda in Virginia

Sounds so pleasant! Your palmetto image is excellent.

Lady Fi

That vegetable store looks delightful! I read about your warmth with a little envy - but I do like my winter too.


Sallie - we used to live in St. Petersburg when I was a child, and when I see palmetto fans, I think palmetto bugs … ugh. But I totally like the produce stands … my Dad used to buy large bags of oranges and grapefruit - they had blemishes and weren't "good enough" to sell commercially, but the taste was just as delicious! Enjoy your week ahead (we have as much as a foot of snow on the way).


I was curious about those seed pods so I did a search and came across this website:


Do you think these are what you have?

Great photos Sallie. I'm glad you are not in that awful snowstorm and I do hope your family and friends are okay. Thank you for this lovely post. Always enjoy my visits.


Hi Sallie

We've had more than normal snow so far this winter, but it is a bonus here, as the ski resorts love it and the spring melt will fill the reservoirs and rivers.

Could those beans be fava beans? I've only seen them with green pods but they are normally big beans.

I love your photo of the palmetto ferns and the red-headed woodpecker!

Have a wonderful week!

Junieper/Jesh StG

That's an awesome market - I see cantaloupe!
Love the pretty woodpecker too. Interesting wine colored beans (they remind me somehow of Edamame)Hard to imagine 75 degr. ... maybe in May or so :):) It
looks like the tropics where you are. I am in the opposite position - it's subtropical California, but here in the North I woke up today for the 2nd time with 7 inches of snow, and has been most of the days dropping below zero at nigh!
Thank you much for sharing this uplifting post, Sallie - have a lovely week!

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