February 03, 2019



I especially love he heron, cormorant, turtles and your comments. What a scene! We hit a record high February in the 70s and now it is winter once more.


looks like a lovely place to walk. I really like the photo with the heron, cormorant and turtles

David Gascoigne

I can see why you enjoy walking there, Sallie. It looks like the kind of place I could wander through and then start back all over again.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Thanks for sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin this week and for the birthday wishes Sallie!

Stewart M

Looks like a great place to explore - and it reminds me that I have not seen a single snake this summer - which is a bit unusual.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie! What a great critter post. I love all the birds and the turtles. The preserve is nice, Florida has great parks. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend.

riitta k

It is great to see the birds in their natural surroundings - that is left as it is, not tidied too much by man.


A fun place for an adventure

betty - NZ

Goodness, what a great place to find lots of pretty critters! Thanks for linking up at My Corner of the World!

Linda in Virginia

Looks like a great place! I'm not crazy about snakes though.

Nancy Chan

Great photos from your walks. Always good to enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

Peter B.

What a wonderful spot to have close to home. I think I would be visiting this area on a regular basis. Cool cottonmouth!


I so enjoyed seeing this walk about again, Sallie. From the amazing water fowl -to the quotes - wow - a balm to my winter weary soul. Thanks

Lavender Dreamer

It's so hard to capture the beauty of the swamps in photos. I keep taking them but the dark water and cypress knees don't always show up as I see them. You've seen some amazing birds...oh and a snake. I'll show it to my hubby. He's always on the lookout for those. We have a LOT of water in the swamps here even though it doesn't seem like it's rained that much. The weather is gorgeous this week! ENJOY!!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great scenery.

Photo Cache

Happy New Year! I missed coming over to see your posts every week. Hope 2019 is treating you fine.


Looks like a great place to be out for a walk!
Have a wonderful day!


Lots of interesting wildlife to see. It looks nice with all the water.


What a wonderful nature preserve in which to walk and enjoy all the sights, Sallie! Glad that snake was under the boardwalk you were walking on, and not on it!


That is one of the kind of place that makes Florida special. I envy you this wonderful walk, Sallie!


Beautiful shots Sallie, except for the cottonmouth though because they are so dangerous. I can't even stand to look at a photo!

Michelle Banks

I agree..heaven and warm and green...Michelle


I love the idea of the cormorant and great blue heron hanging out and one being the funny sidekick, that picture attests to it. Oh yes, just another cotton mouth at my feet la di da la di da. I practically light a candle when I see a timber rattler and it's been awhile. That other picture of the great blue looks like it's yacking it up too. Everyone and everything seems so happy there. Meanwhile, three people froze solid in Milwaukee. Wa wahh.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

love the cypress forest and the little snake curling up. There is much fine nature in Florida :)


i'm happy for you that the weather has become favorable. we have visited florida during this time of year and we have experienced both warm and cold temperatures. we spent a christmas in florida and we absolutely froze!!

the matre quote is a good one, nature is such a big part of my life. great captures, i have never seen an ibis with that coloring!!!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

What a wonderful place to visit and lots to see and photograph

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh, that top picture and reflections shows the magic of water and the snake is a beauty coiled up and enjoying the sun. Nice catch, Sallie.


You have strange animals around you ! I only see cats and dogs and cows and sheep, but no turtle or snakes ! For that I have to go to a zoo !

Phil Slade

If Six-Mile really is six miles long then it must be a simply brilliant place to linger. The picture of the heron and the turtles is very amusing, like you say, there seems to be to it than appears to be the case. I imagine that a heron is a predator of baby turtles, so too the cormorant. I like the idea of the wise words dotted around the walk; a good idea to remind us all that nature is indeed wonderful. Yes, even poisonous snakes.

ellen b.

I can see why you'd want to return for this walk over again. Wonderful scenery. Glad you returned and shared. Hope your week is going well.

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi, Sallie, I was wondering what kind of sounds were going on, and then you told me. The Great Blue does look like it has great lungs. A cool capture of him. I also like your photo of the birds and turtles. They seem to be gossiping, maybe about that guy swimming by. The see-through green border on your woodpecker photo is nice. I feel like I'm looking through the camera eye. :-)


Sallie - I enjoyed your reference to the Heron as the King of the Raft, the cormorant as court jester and the turtles as subjects - clever! I do wonder why that Ibis chose such a precarious roost?? I hope you continue to enjoy February in Florida!


...beautiful spot, I don't like snakes!


What a beautiful place. But stay away from that snake!

Hootin' Anni

Everything is gorgeous: birds & scenery...except for that lousy snake. I HATE snakes!!

William Kendall

Your shot of the heron and his court is my favourite!

Junieper/Jesh StG

This looks like close to heaven and an awesome walk, Sallie. Yeah I probably would have chosen the black cormorant too as a court jester! Wow, the snake looks big for being a baby!
Many thanks for sharing your experience with All Seasons walking the Six mile!

Alan Bates

That’s a wonderful pic of the snake although they are always a surprise. My theory is that we don’t see most of them and they get out of the way. I do my woodsy geocaching in the winter to avoid such surprises but I am still careful.
And what a great place to go with your camera and just take it all in. Great post.

bill burke

I love your comment about the turtles, the Blue Heron and Cormorant, I laughed after reading that. :) Nice photos as usual, Sallie. Have a wonderful day and new week!


You really did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the preserve. Wonderful!


Great collection of photos but my favourite is the one with the heron and cormorant who look as though they are posing just for you.


Great birds! I love most the Great Blue Heron!


You are so fortunate to have this preserve so close to home for a quick, or not, nature fix. Especially nice if others can listen to nature instead of themselves.

A ShutterBug Explores

wow! what a wonderful nature adventure and wonderful photos!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie

The preserve looks very nice. I have not visited this place, the wildlife sightings look great. I love the turtle, heron photo. The baby Cottonmouth is a cool sighting. Great quote and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and have a great new week ahead.


It looks like a beautiful place to walk and see so much beauty. I think the boardwalk is especially good because it keeps you far enough from the nasties like snakes but you can watch and enjoy from a safe distance.

Lady Fi

What a lovely reserve - so much to see and enjoy.

JoAnn M Bayne

Amazing place - and the birds and critters are fabulous - though I'd keep my distance from any snakes,just in case. Love the Ibis - I've never seen one out in nature, beautiful. Have a grand week ahead - we have some snow up here in the Pacific Northwest - brr rr rrr r

Amy Franks

I agree with that quote - so true

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

What a lovely nature preserve. Have a great week.

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