February 24, 2019


Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

That night Her on is gorgeous Sallie! The alligators? Not so much. lol

Wishing we had sunshine.

I want to send along my thanks for linking in & sharing your post with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin this week!

And, hope you enjoyed your company.

riitta k

Oh dear - I would be afraid of alligators! Great moon mosaic!

Adam Jones

Great shots of the Night Heron, and that super moon.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie,

Beautiful moon captures! The gators seem to be all over Florida, we saw some on our trip. I love your Black-crowned Night Heron, great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


How great that your kids came for a visit and were able to see so many wonderful sites. The alligators are impressive - I wouldn't want to get too close! What a pretty heron you photographed.

martha z

So nice to be able to share special places with our kids.


LOVE these photos and it all looks so warm to me! lol Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

Peter B.

Taking a boat to lunch sounds like a hoot! Love those moon shots.


That must have been nice for you and having a boat at your disposal seems like a must-have. I bet it's easier to take the humidity being from OR than CO. So many birds, oy, how do you keep track. I would never peg the pretty blue and white bird for a heron.
My sister seems determined to have a close encounter with an alligator as whenever she stays at her brother in laws place in Florida she heads straight to the place they warn you is overrun by gators.
Beautiful moon shots and with both color and detail.


I like the swamp plant photos, and I always enjoy seeing birds!
Always good to have family come for a visit

Lavender Dreamer

I'm back to look at your photos again. We've seen so many gators at Blue Run park lately! Happy to be blogging again! YAY! Hugs, Diane

MaryBeth Schwartz

Always fun to show visitors around. What an amazing array of "stuff" Florida has to offer-----we have mountains so come back home to the PNW!

Linda in Virginia

Nice moon pictures and I love the heron!


Nice to have special visitors and have such great weather to share. We're buried under snow here and lots of cold. Enjoy your weather.

betty - NZ

Isn't it great to find little things around us that are so gorgeous! Love your photos and I'm glad that you have such special visitors :)

Michelle Banks

Lovely post Sallie and I did see the super moon but could not get a good photo. I love sky watching and am trying to learn more here over the winter...Michelle

Alan Bates

What a guide you are. Lots to see and do, especially before catching a plane.


Family visits are the best - sounds like everyone had fun and I like all your photos. Happy Wednesday!

David Gascoigne

This all just proves that alligators for the most part are quite sluggish and benign, but watch out if they decide to charge. They can really move!

handmade by amalia

Your son and his wife must have enjoyed the visit - you live in a beautiful place.

Sue  Palmer

You got to see heaps!! That alligator is huge 😮 beautiful colours in the swamp plants. Very pretty bird.

Heidrun Stallwanger

Interesting captures, a wonderful nature.
Happy WednesdayAroundTheWorld


More important than what wildlife they saw was you all seeing each other. The underwater plants all look like fall.

Amy Franks

You got some good photos of the moon, we didn't have alot of luck as it was too cloudy here.

Su-sieee! Mac

Birds and alligators, fun, fun, fun, Sallie. I love showing the sights to visitors, which in our case, are the backroads scenery. :-) Your super moon shots are very cool with the shrubbery shadows


Lovely to share favourite places with the family.


I was so disappointed we did not get to see gators during our trip to Florida in January. I think it was too cold! We did see some great birds, though. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Linda P

Showing your son and daughter-in-law around must have been a fun time. The swamp environment is amazing and the creatures so interesting. An exciting experience for your company to see the alligators roaming around in the wild. The night heron is pretty.


How wonderful that you spent some time with your son and daughter-in-law. I'm sure they must have loved all you showed them. And all that wildlife! I loved visiting Florida for that alone, and the Everglades was a favorite of ours. Thanks for sharing Sallie, enjoyed your moonshots too, mustn't forgot to say that before I push the publish button :) Have a great week!

Sylvia D.

Sallie, I always enjoy your photos and posts. Have a great week. Sylvia D.


I'll stay away from those gators. Those dark Moon shots look so tropical and mysterious!


How wonderful to have your son and daughter-in-law as visitors, Sallie! I'm sure you and your husband had fun showing them around your favorite places.

The moon has been so bright beautiful this winter!


Oh yez ths supsrmoon was beautuful. Since i now use a mobile phobe camera. I could never get amazing shots
But viewing is awesome
Have a nice week


Penelope Puddlisms

The night heron is beautiful … not so sure about the alligators though. They blend in so well with the environment that I can see accidentally running into one and getting grabbed by its teeth!!


The Heron is beautiful. You are very lucky to have family close enough to visit you. Every time I see someone get so close to those alligators I have to remind myself that they are NOT like "SALTIES"!!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Lovely shots.

bill burke

Looks like a wonderful time you all enjoyed. Love the snow moon photos and brids. I would love to see an alligator up close but not close enough it can see me. :)


Wow! What an enormous alligator. My only viewing was in a Spanish zoo! Fascinating Blog/pics.

William Kendall

Lots of wildlife for your company to get to see!


We saw nothing from the moon it was too clear and cloudy ! And for alligators I have to go in a zoo, you lucky girl !

A ShutterBug Explores

What a lovely time for all and beautiful Moon photos and nature's sweet critters ~ ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lavender Dreamer

What a fabulous place to visit! I love that Black Crowned Night heron...we don't see him very often here either! Enjoy your week. Hugs, Diane


I know they were glad to get to the warmth and out of the mud that is a Colorado spring...the critters obliged and that was a plus! We just got out from under 11 days of fog and mist so I'm rearing to get outside!!


Sounds like you had a good time, love the photos. Have a good week Diane

Heidrun Stallwanger

Wonderful to read, to see the fantastic captures especially the bird.
Happy MosaicMonday

Phil Slade

Hi Sallie. As much as I would want to see the birds, I think that the alligators would be a priority for me too. It's interesting to see Geoff and wife standing so close to the swamp like that so I'm guessing that either the alligators are slumbering or your guests are very brave.

Eileen Wise

Hello, it is nice to spend time with your family. I would like the baby gators over the big ones! I love the Black Crowned Night Heron, your photos are great. Beautiful captures of the Super Moon! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!


Sallie - it's always a delight to share our favorite places with loved ones - it's like seeing it through new eyes! I was a little worried when I saw the shot of them standing on the grass - I thought they were still looking for alligators and that might be a little too close for comfort!! You showed us wonderful sights through your collages - thanks for bringing them to Mosaic Monday!


an awesome birding day to share with your son and daughter-in-law!!

beautiful captures of the super moon, i did not see it!!

Lady Fi

Sounds like a great visit - with perfect weather and obliging creatures as photo models!


Such a lush area. Not sure I would want to go out hunting for alligators though. They seem a bit scary to me. - Margy

Nancy Chan

Beautiful shots of the Super Snow Moon! Looks like a great family time with love ones and fun sharing your favourite places with them esp sightings of alligators and birds.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin' aka Hootin'Anni

Everything is beautiful Sallie! And thanks for visiting Hootin' Anni's.

By the way you can link up any day at I'd Rather B Birdin...from Saturday thru Wednesday of that week.


How fun when family comes to visit! Wow, that is a lot of alligators!, But phew, am envious at all the birds you all got to see:)
Oh, Florida, I remember how high the humidity is - I don't know what's higher on one's system: altitude or humidity, lol.
Many thanks for sharing this experience with All Seasons, Sally, am happy for you both that you could spend some time together.

ellen b.

Yippee! So happy for you to have these loved ones visit! Nice of you to oblige their wishes! Fun mosaic.

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