March 10, 2019


Terri-Coloring Outside the Lines

That was a beautiful walk! Thanks for taking us along.


I agree, we have been to several parks in Florida over the years and they have all been amazing. Great photos as always Sallie :)

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I wouldn't think Florida has ANY prairie...so, I learned something. All thanks to you. This was amazing, great photos and so very educational.

Thank you kindly dear Sallie for taking time to stop by and add your wonderful post at I'd Rather B Birdin'

Jennifer Jilks

I would suggest that you are right about Florida and the wildlife reserves. Only judging by all the great photo people post.
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


Thanks for the look at the wonderful Florida state park. Great idea to try and visit as many as possible. Your shots are a great record of your trip not only for you but for those of us lucky enough to see them. .

handmade by amalia

Thanks for taking us along, Sallie, it looks to be a beautiful place and you did it justice with your photos.

Adam Jones

I love the Eastern Meadowlark

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, wonderful park and critters. I love the deer and Meadowlark! I enjoy your photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post today. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


What a wonderful spot to visit. Thanks for linking up.

Jutta Kupke

Beautiful and impressive series of great shots.
The last one is so incredible !
My sky...

Sharon Wagner

We're in Florida right now enjoying parks and all Florida has to offer. I love hearing mockingbirds. And of course, we've had a lot of peaceful strolls at Corkscrew Swamp. Among others.


Nice sign and beautiful pictures, specially the sunset one.


Those antennas look like modern Godzillas coming up the hill! Love the peaceful shots. Nature brings me back.

Lady Fi

What a fabulous place! Would be lovely to be there without any light pollution.

Out On The Prairie

Always love those orange blossoms, what a treat.We have tallgrass and Sand prairie around me here in iowa


Did you think the Kissimmee Prairie resembled the prairies in the midwest, or was it entirely different? Grasslands have their own beauty - lots of movement from the wind, and great skies. I enjoyed seeing your views on it.


Lovely sunset

Alan Bates

What a great trip that you had. It's great to have such a large park with a variety of wildlife and vegetation.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.


I would love to camp out there at night and view the stars since we see so few of them here in the city! And to end the day smelling an orange orchard - fabulous!

Taken For Granted

Wonderful collection of photos, but I'm not sure about the claim of the "Best" state parks. Custer State Park here in SD is a fabulous place that should stand up the the very best.


What a gorgeous location!!!Thank you for sharing the information about this place. Looks like a good birding spot.

Penelope Puddlisms

What a lovely place to visit. Haha ... that's a cool sign. Interesting that they didn't add "no smoking" ... but perhaps that's a given. Sadly, in the heat of summer so many forest fires are human caused.

betty - NZ

And thanks a lot for linking up to My Corner of the World!

betty - NZ

I always enjoy your photos and narrative. You mentioned being alone on your walk--Hubby and I are usually by ourselves when we visit most places here in NZ, especially in the winter and I guess I take that for granted.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

a gret park indeed. Loved to see the lark and deers. Great park for a visit. :)

David Gascoigne

As long as you only camp in the red light district and not decide to make a little money there! This area looks really fabulous, Sallie - very interesting habitat. It seems to me that I read somewhere several years ago that the Kissimmee River was restored to its original course, having been channeled for many years. Do you know if that is true? If so it was an enlightened move indeed and needs to be emulated in locations all over the continent,

Linda in Virginia

Great sunset! Looks like a nice park.

Nancy Chan

You have a beautiful time at the park. Love the sunset shot.

Su-sieee! Mac

Your sunset photo and close-ups of the meadowlark, Sallie, wowza! I feel like I've fallen in love with that meadowlark friend of yours.
I must find out how to pronounce Kissimmee because I'm saying Kiss-ah-me. The "Red Light District" sign goes well with that pronunciation. lol You can at least say you walked through the Red Light District.

Little Wandering Wren

A meadowlark in full song, a beautiful walk in a State park, surrounded by nature and fresh air, capped off by a gorgeous sunset. That would have been a 'Glad that I live, am I' day (It's a hymn we used to sing at school - in case you were wondering!) Lovely post and pictures.
Wren x


Beautiful sunset, I love the idea of the oranges enjoying it too. Is it time or past time for oranges to picked down there? I've been on an orange and tangerine kick this winter and want to keep it going.
I think the vultures I've seen have the red head but that was probably at the zoo anyway, although I saw some in Texas when I was roaming around (I think).
It's a shame you can't stay overnight, maybe there's a place to rent a small camper or something. I don't know about the no campfire thing though, doesn't seem like camping without it.
I love how you caught the meadowlark in mid-song.
I think it's going to snow here for the rest of the week.

Michelle Banks

I love to see places where nature is protected...my daughter is resting at home..fingers crossed...


It looks beautiful. Dry prairie isn't something I associate with Florida, so I learned something new today.

Photo Cache

State Parks are a must visit in my opinion. They hold so many beautiful things to photograph.


I've never been to the preserve in all the years I've traveled Florida roads. Sounds like paradise in winter. Hate to think of the mosquitoes in summer. Beautiful photo!


What a wonderful post as I'm thigh deep in snow, Sallie. I could feel the warmth of the FL sunshine. I love seeing the singing Meadowlark. You also got a great photo of the vulture.


It is so good that these places exist for us all to enjoy. Don't understand why there is a 'Red light district' though.


It is so wonderful that the state of Florida has set aside these nature preserves for all time, Sallie. I can imagine how beautiful that meadowlark's call was. The true night sky is so elusive. I was fortunate to see it a few times here in Colorado--I could not believe how many stars there were once my eyes adjusted to the dark! Amazing! I love your photo of the orange tree. It reminds me of my husband's area in southern Italy where the lemon and orange trees grew among the olive groves.


ooooh and the sunset is beautiful!!!!


this looks like a great park sallie!! i am a little jealous of the picture of your husband in his shorts and short sleeved shirt!!

how wonderful to be greeted by the meadowlark, a sure sign of good things to come!!

in these here parts, a red light district means something completely different!!!

bill burke

That is a very nice place to visit, your photos showed its beauty well. Have a wonderful day!


Haha, I wonder why they choose such a daring name (red light)!
That's a pretty bird! Neat to explore an area you haven't been before, and the short wave radio station is certainly interesting1 A beautiful sunset is always a great close of a day! Many thanks for sharing this new area in FL with All Seasons
I burst out in laughter when I read the comment of your aunt that no one would want to live out there! In most neighborhoods of Laguna and all the beach areas, there would be hardly any houses below a million. Yes, times do change!

ellen b

Looks like an amazing place to explore. How nice that it was a quiet place so you could hear and enjoy the birds. The fragrance of orange blossoms are really pleasant. Glad you could enjoy them and that amazing sunset. When I was a freshman at the University of Redlands in southern California the campus was surrounded by orange groves. Lots of romances started in the Spring from the intoxication of those fragrant blossoms. :)

William Kendall

Beautiful shots, especially the last one!


I enjoyed your photos of this wonderful place.
Have a great week!


This part of Florida looks like Paradise ! I'd like to smell the orange blossom and in the same time to look the wonderful sky... Here it's now snowing (very little). Two days ago it'was so hot , we thought that summer begins...

Lavender Dreamer

We just discovered the Meadowlark too and it is delightful! We've only found one place to see one...of course we hope there are more than one and will be nesting in that area. Love the real Florida...nothing more fun than spend a day in nature! Thanks for featuring this place. We'll put it on our list of places for a day trip. Enjoy your week! Hugs!


Looks like a good spot to visit. Have a good week, Diane

riitta k

Wonderful birds & summer feeling. Happy MM.

Eileen Wise


I have been to this park, it is very nice. It would be nice to be at this park to view the night sky! Love your Meadowlark photo. The oranges look like they are doing well. The sunset is gorgeous. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead!


Looks beautiful,but the sign made me laugh ! The red District is something completely different here and in Amsterdam, lol ! and the name of the park is funny too, sounds like Kissme !
Your bird pictures are awsome !

Philip Slade

Even though I have never seen one, those Eastern Meadowlarks remind me of our own Skylark. Just sitting around on a post singing their hearts out, but with our own, launching into the sky to continue the song. To me those antennae look like normal power lines but they clearly have a more powerful message to relay.

I was reading an article just yesterday that despite our fears, technology and access to knowledge via the Internet has greatly improved our lives and our understanding of the universe. If only we could put it to the best use.

Stewart M

Are red lights OK?

Some rules seem to make no sense.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


It sounds lovely and I really like the sound of all those big open spaces. Hope you can return sometime. The orange grove and sunset to finish was perfect. You have a great eye for beautiful places,

Amy Franks

I do hope people follow the rules here with no fires etc, I would hate for anyone to cause destruction there.


Sallie - I am not sure I knew that Florida has "dry prairie". How interesting! How wonderful for you that it was quiet on the day you visited, and that you could enjoy a "natural" experience. The picture of the sunset is special - the clouds peeking from behind the trees almost look like cotton candy. Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, and I hope you have a terrific week!


So great that areas like this are being preserved! Enjoyed your post and your photos!

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