March 03, 2019


Michelle Nature Notes

Lovely Sallie


Lovely collection of shots. I especially enjoyed the horses

Jennifer Jilks

It looks so lovely. I heard about that train.
We hda rain AND snow today!
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Those photos of the air plants are super. You live in a magical kingdom. The eagles & cranes are magnificent Sallie.

Thanks so much for sharing this post with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, wonderful captures of the eagles nest and the Sandhill Cranes. The horses are beautiful animals. The flowers are lovely.
Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


So many animal couples or pairs. Good to be warm with such a beautiful backyard. No snow!

Alan Bates

Totally jealous of your weather. We have not had much snow but it has been pretty cold.

My Corner of the World

There is so much to see and photograph in your area! Wow, these are a fun glimpse into you area, Sallie. Thank you for linking up to My Corner of the World!


Beautiful pictures of your weather and there is nothing like home. Thanks for linking up today.

Peter B.

Wow, I really love those flowering bromeliads on the trees. Never seen any quite that large and beautiful!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful scenes

Photo Cache

The flora and fauna in Florida is such a joy to photograph.

Out On The Prairie

Love all your shots. The Sandhills migrate through NE the end of this month and stand in fields by the thousands. I watch a few eagle nests, it is so fun to follow the babies growth


i heard about all that snow, a good time to be in florida. you may not believe this, but i am a real homebody. i need a real push to get out the door but once i am out and about, i am thrilled. especially in winter. i really enjoy being home!!

it is so pretty there and such a beautiful set of pictures. i like seeing those cranes, how in the world do they balance on those skinny legs....

the horses are beautiful as well, you are so lucky to see all of this. and how about those eaglets, what a thrill!!

Judy Biggerstaff

Lovely pics. So nice to see sunshine and beautiful weather you are having.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

I always enjoy seeing your nest photos. Those air plants are amazing. We have had a cold winter but, living in a warm environment, my kids are always thrilled to see snow!

David Gascoigne

It is delightful to see the Sandhill Cranes. Reminds me that I should get down to Grass Lake and check on our local birds. Are Sandhill Cranes doing well in Florida overall? I haven't followed their fortunes in recent years, but I recall that a few years ago there was a problem with predation by Bobcats. This pair has obviously adapted well to human activity.


Hello. Beautiful place. Cranes are awesome.

martha z

I know we have hawks nesting around here but I have yet to find a nest, lucky you to be able to watch these.

No snow here in Lincoln but our cabin appears to be almost buried. It will be a long time before the snow all melts.


Goodness, it is such a beautiful area Sallie. I am envious of your wildlife. One of these days I hope to get down there again, one of these days :) I love your photos!

bill burke

I bet you're very happy missing all that snow back in Oregon. My daughter told us she even had some in Portland. Your mosaics are lovely to see. The cranes are so casual looking down there. People must be used to seeing them just walking around. Thank for sharing your lovely photos and enjoy the good weather. We currently have rain and some wind, just the same old weather here. :)

ellen b.

How fun to see those baby eaglets! I like the collage you came up with. You are fortunate to have missed that big snowstorm. It was amazing to hear about the train and people that were snowbound for a few days. We are hoping a couple eagles we saw in our backyard decide to nest in the trees. Time will tell. Hope you are having a good week.

Linda P

Since you have so much of interest to see in your neighbourhood I'm not surprised that you enjoy being at home. It would be fascinating to see the eaglets as they get active at flying. Glad that your family got home safely after their visit. It must have been a long journey for them. The snow conditions over in that State must be difficult to cope with right now.


You lucky girl living in sunshine and warmth, yes it's terrible with the weather, especially in your country, Australia and the Asian countries,we are not that much concerned. Yes we had the storm Frya, but nobody was killed a lot of trees fell and roofs blew away ! Nice to see your pictures. I also do Yoga but no meditation, I just can't manage, I do my shopping list or plan other things while people around me snored !

Lady Fi

Oh, that sunshine and those birds looks so appealing ... we're still having very cold, winter weather! Enjoy!


You do all that AND yoga? I remember sneaking into a senior aqua tai chi class and getting the side eye from people at least ten years my senior. Not because of my age but my lack of coordination.
Hey, I know those cranes. Tell them not to come back because it is NOT very pleasant here. Every time it gets in the 30s I run around without a coat pretending it's spring and get sick. But at least I can sleep and drink Sprite and eat saltines. It's minus 30˚ again? I just don't care. OMG they're showing some farmers getting snow off their buildings with a John Deere, lol.
Are those the same eagles or at least the one problem eagle?
I love the flowers on those trees, do they naturally grow there? They remind me of some kind of uniform pants, the ones with all the fringy stuff.
Eek, they're talking about the snow and some avalanche in Colorado now, your poor kids.
I heard about the Am Track thing and thought of you.
Time for another saltine.

Su-sieee! Mac

The cranes look like they're tiptoeing, maybe to say Boo! at the horses.
I like the air plant flowers. They look like torches. I wonder if they could grow in California. Something for me to look up. I'd love to see them growing on our shed's roof.
Enjoy the lovely weather, Sallie. :-)

Sue  Palmer

Beautiful photos of the little eagles. They woule be interesting to just sit and watch. Love the air plants, they have such beautiful flowers. Hope the family are all ok with that huge snow dump.

Lavender Dreamer

Baby eagles! Oh my...it doesn't get any cuter than that or more exciting! We've been enjoying places close to home while the weather's so nice. It makes you grateful to be here when you see the terrible weather in other parts of the country. Enjoy your week Florida friend!


It looks beautiful, and I'm sure you're happy to be a long way from the snow!

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh boy, you’ve missed out on some snowy-cold and slippery weather but things have settled down now while you’ve been enjoying paradise. These are such nice shots, especially the idyllic scene of horses munching.


The flowers in the top collage look almost like tulips - they are certainly very bright and pretty. Don't feel bad about missing the snow - I'm sure you've had your fair share of it. The cranes are a good-looking couple; hope they find another place that suits them well. Have a good week, Sallie.

William Kendall

Those birds are a welcome sight.


You are lucky to have the best of both worlds. Florida has so much to offer wih regard to flora and fauna.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

beautiful airplants :) Looks like something in between tulips and ananas :)

Isn´t this early for eaglets? Still looks nice and the cranes too. :)

Photo Cache

We got a little sun today, a brief dry period, before the rain return, I believe tomorrow.

Have a great week.


Lovely to see glimpses from your corner of the world Sallie - have a lovely week


Sallie - we just got 2' of snow in 48 hours here in Breck! Bob has been shoveling, plowing, and raking since 5:30 this AM, and he's still out there at Noon. I guess the sun is warm because he's taken off his coat. I didn't know air plants bloomed like that - lovely! I sure like seeing your bird life there in FL - so different from ours.


You have so much beauty there, Sallie! The air plants are so pretty and large! I've only seen the tiny ones sold in florist shops as a novelty. The eagle twins are getting big too! Sandhill Cranes migrate into Nebraska in Spring and someday I want to drive up to see them along the North Platte River area as I heard they are there in the thousands.

We had more snow this weekend but not as much as predicted so it wasn't too bad. I'm glad for the snowy winter here but I guess Oregon has been surprised by it. It should make the waterfalls something to see this spring!


After last week's Arizona snowstorm I'd have been happy in Florida sunshine, especially if I could watch the eagles. I'm sad for the Crane's loss of habitat.

Mary Howell Cromer

Everyone is having unusual weather this year...we are not getting hardly any snow, but way over the top rains. We did get snow last evening, but not hardly an inch. Of course my first memories of living in Oregon was riding up to My Hood and there was usually snow there. I will get to have some warmth of the sunshine in Florida when I visit my daughter in April. I hope it's nice then. The Eaglets are getting so big and so beautiful. Our Eagles are just now brooding eggs. The nest is damaged from a storm and I pray it can withstand the Spring storms...Take good care~


Beautiful series of photos! The cranes are worth to steal! :-)


A great set of photos, the cranes are beautiful. Happy week Diane

Eileen Wise

Hello, I love the beautiful air plants and flowers. The eaglets look like they are doing well. I hope the Cranes find a safe place to hang out. Love the horses. Wonderful photos and mosaics. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead!


Lovely mosaics. The pair of birds is worth the steal 😊


nancy chan

Indeed, plenty to be grateful. Even though it is hot over here, I am grateful that we needn't have to go through natural disaster. Great photos of birds and flowers around you. Have a great new week!

Phil Slade

Well Sallie, I would not feel guilty about escaping snow. After all, that's what you planned your life to do isn't it?

I like the fact that the eagles and the cranes are local celebrities. It's so much better than the "celebrities" we are bombarded with on a daily basis and who like to tell us what to think and how to run our lives.

Not sure what air plants are but I suspect plants that need little water. They wouldn't survive long here.


It seems to be the snow year in many states! The air plants are such a creative phenomenon.That both you as well as Rosyfinch blog keep track of eagle families (makes All Seasons even more interesting!) Great you could get hold of an image of the sand crane, but the horses having their meal an equally interesting one! All Seasons thanks you and wishing you an adventurous week:)

Stewart M

Nice post - sometimes the pleasures of a local area can be overlooked in favour of more exotic locations.

Remarkable how different the weather is in your two homes.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


You have made a good choice to live in Florida in the winter. The weather sure is changing. We still have high summer temps when we should be getting cooler autumn weather.

Amy Franks

A friend in Arkansas said she had a blast of winter yesterday too. Those air plants, are they like Bromeliads? We have them here too.


Sallie - I don't think I have ever seen blooms like that on air plants. I agree with Riitta that they look like tulips. Or maybe I am just ready to see tulips, given all of the snow and extremely bitter temperatures that we've had. They say this has been the coldest February since 1936! I am also looking forward to the return of the sandhill cranes - they are so majestic! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!

riitta k

At long distance the flowers remind tulips - but obviously are not :) Your eagle photos are stunning. Wishing you a good new week.


Indeed the sentence in the Header is true. We says: the way is the destination...

...your Post is wonderful, I enjoyed it. Happy MosaicMonday!


It is good to sometimes just be home...that is me this year so far. We did have some spring but so much rain. Love the flowers birds and horses!


You always capture the beauty of south Florida. Lovely.

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