April 20, 2019


Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Brings up "when it rains, it pours!" Wow.

Love the birds Sallie. (We didn't see any owls this year)

Once again, thanks for stopping by I'd Rather B Birdin' and linking in with us birders. I appreciate your loyalty and sharing.

Michelle Banks

Hi Sallie...the weather has been so bad for so many people in our country...Climate change ...

Sandra Nachlinger

I was raised in Texas, lived in Florida, and now live in the Pacific Northwest, so I've learned about different types of rainfall in different locales. You're right -- we do need separate terms for torrential tropical downpours and gentle showers, other than "rain." LOVE your evening photos. Those owls are beautiful, too.
My post features a “crab cruise” in LaConner, Washington State, USA.


Beautiful photos of the owls.

Adam Jones

I love those Burrowing Owls. Great use of the car for a hide.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, Great birds. I love both the Bluebird and the cool Burrowing Owls. Wonderful photos and post.Thanks for sharing your post with my critter party. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


Hello! Wonderful serie! The owl is great.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Great photographs of the Owl. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

riitta k

I thought it was Frangipani, but was not quite sure. Thank you & happy weekend!

Recep Hilmi Tufan

Great photos!

Jutta Kupke

Great post, wonderful photos !

handmade by amalia

I can't get over how gorgeous that owl is. And it does look very wise. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.


I am late, but Happy Easter. I love the shots of the owls. They are a favorite of mine. I hear them a bit around our farm. Thanks for taking the time to link up today.


I'm late but hope you had a very happy Easter Sallie. Your photos are super! Loved the owl shots and so nice of them to come out in the day time. The Bluebird is a sweet little thing. I liked your rain shot too. Always love the smell of the earth after a rain. Terrific sky and moon shots and those flowers are beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Judy Biggerstaff

I see why the Burrowing Owl is your favorite owl. Beautiful pics of him. We've been getting lots of rain here in Kentucky. I planted some iris and moved some coreopsis before the rain was to start yesterday.


Wonderful mosaics. I especially like the owl’s. We are also experiencing early-summer like weather.


Linda in Virginia

I'd love to see a burrowing owl. Your sky shots are gorgeous.


They're called burrowing owls? They are quite handsome and great photos. I'd dread to see a bird with my hours, waking up in time to watch The VIew, not able to function without playing a game of Canasta or Euchre on their little bird devices. BInge watching Game of Thrones. Is there a species called The Slacker Bird?


Wonderful mosaic Monday images.

My Corner of the World

Your link is a great addition to the 'My Corner of the World' link up!


Good that FL got moisture. I love a rainy day and wish our snow would change over to rain. Those owl pictures are a real treat.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Beautiful collage
Rain---yes we need more words. We watched a movie with Seattle and the PNW as the topic and it rained all the time but it was a downpour a gully washer not a PNW rain which is just plain old rain. It was a bit funny and if Hollywood thinks that is how it rains here will hopefully it will keep more people away so we can enjoy our Emerald area


Happy MosaicMonday... I love the Collage!


Love the owls! I thought it rained every day in FL, at least briefly.


I'm sorry, Sallie to be so late. Happy Easter to you and to your husband ! Here too it's raining today...happily : the ground is very dry and the plants need water. The owl is beautiful with their eyes wide open.

David Gascoigne

Owls in general are appealing, perhaps none more so than Burrowing Owls, and I envy you the regularity with which you can see these birds. I have not seen a Burrowing Owl in many, many years and to the best of my recollection the last time was at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. When I was there the heat and humidity might have rivalled your 4th of July downpour in April,

betty - NZ

The first shot is awesome! Of course, I always love your images since I won't see many of the sights for myself. Thanks for sharing these lovelies.

William Kendall

The owls are a delight.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, I love the burrowing owls. Using the car as a blind is a great idea!


you have the most amazing views, thursday looks perfect!! but i love a friday rain as well, i have always loved a rainy day!!

taking pictures from the car is the best. not only is it a blind but also a great way to steady your arms and the camera. the owl is gorgeous, what wonderful pictures!!

Penelope Puddlisms

Hope your Easter was good, Sallie. It would be soooooooo nice if we were as lucky as the birds that can fly into that stunning Florida sky. It’s oddly petulant this weather we’re having at home and throughout the world.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

your flower overpowers the rest of the post. Gorgeous. Reminded me of Honolulu :) They have similar flowers, but of course, I don´t remember the names. :(


Some amazing photos, as usual. I can't imagine being able to see owls in the wild. What a treat!

Su-sieee! Mac

Hooo, hoooo. Such pretty green eyes this guys. Hi, Sally! I like the photo of the rain pouncing on the houses. It looks like a warm rain. It had me thinking of the time I got drenched while waiting for the bus on the east shore of Oahu. The water was so warm and delightful on my skin. Your moon photos are wonderful. We saw the moon rise on Saturday night, wowza!


Nice views. Happy Easter



I can relate to the downpour. We got hit hard on Friday but Easter was lovely. Always love to see what you see through your photographs. The burrowing owls are fantastic. I've never seen them except through others photographs.


I have never seen a burrowing owl before, but I would love to. Maybe on my next visit to your state!

Junieper2/Jesh StG

Smiled at your descriptions, since I have been in Florida I know how it feels like. Here in the mountains it's very different. Already the day before, the temp starts dropping 8-10 degr. and it becomes cloudy a day before the rain really falls. It may take another half day after the rain for the sun starts shining again.
All your images of the owl - am envious. So beautiful! Trust you had a lovely Easter. Many thanks for sharing your adventures with All Seasons! Have a great week:)

ellen b.

Love your dose of "super cute". Glad your rain event was a more tame one! Beautiful sky collage. Happy Easter Monday to you.


Hope you had a very happy Easter, Sallie! I love your beautiful sky photos and the burrowing owls are so fascinating. I'm glad they are protected.

We seem to get so little rain in Colorado that I relish every time that we do! It was a very snowy winter but so far spring has been dry and probably summer will be even more so for us.

Lavender Dreamer

We had some very beneficial rain here but nothing bad...thank goodness! We hiked both days on the weekend and was surprised there were no puddles even! The ground soaked it up! Love your beautiful moon photos! And of course I'm still hoping to see an owl...one of these days!!! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

lea's menagerie

You are right about the rain - we need more descriptive words for it! A couple of times this Spring, I have heard people say, 'Maybe should we start building an ark!'
Love those Owls - great photos!
Have a wonderful week!


Happy MosaicMonday... There are lovely captures.

Stewart M

Love those owls - but please send rain!

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: saw my only burrowing owl in the middle of a set of traffic lights in Arizona! SM

Linda P

Lovely photos and mosaics! The owls that are not nocturnal are interesting. They have an intense stare, as owls do. A good photo opportunity. I hope that you're having a relaxing weekend with not too much changeable weather.

riitta k

The yellow flower of the first photo is beautiful. What is its name? The sky & moon collage is very impressive, a good photo of the pouring rain too :) Happy Easter Monday.

Nancy Chan

Pretty frangipani flowers and also the sky photos too. When it doesn't rain, the weather here is hot. Cute owl. Happy new week!

Lady Fi

Gorgeous sky shots and those owls are just amazing!


Lovely! Wonderful photos!


Sallie - it has been gray and rainy for a couple of weeks now, but today we were blessed with mostly sun, occasionally dipping behind high, puffy clouds. Glorious, and just in time for Easter Sunday! A little bit of rain sure makes us appreciate those skies in your collage! And "super-cute" does not begin to describe those burrowing owls …. Can I have one? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


This is one of your best photo sets, glad you missed the storms. We thought it was like a Fourth of July today (82˚ I think) too only without the bees or pesky bugs. We even convinced my mother to eat in patio seating, a rarity. Will chat more later as my laptop is going to die soon and I'm too lazy to plug it back in.
I really stopped by to wish you a Happy Easter!

A ShutterBug Explores

Hope you had a wonderful Easter ~ lots of rain, clouds and fog around here too ~ Wonderful array of photos ~ sky shots, moon and the owl and the little bluebird are excellent!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Alan Bates

It has been pretty chilly here until the last several days and now we finally have spring weather except that the wind is howling all the time. Oh wait, its Oklahoma. If the wind every quit blowing all the buildings will fall down.

Have a great Easter.


Yes you are correct Sallie. The male Willow Warblers take all the risks by migrating early in sometimes poor weather so as to arrive first and set up shop for the tardy females. I suppose it's a good and successful, strategy that works for both as they usually have a single brood of 6 or 7 young and they can then return to Africa for their second summer.

Happy Easter. Those Burrowing owls are rather nice to see. Much better than the usual Florida celebrities.

Eileen Wise

Hello, lovely captures of the moon and sky. Love the sweet bluebird. The Owl is one of my favorites too. Wonderful photos.
Happy Easter! Have a great new week ahead!


...gorgeous images, Happy Easter to you.


Happy Easter to you!


I really like the look of your Easter in Florida. The flowers are beautiful and the owls are very cute - but I am a little wary of summer storms right now - a bit afraid of another big hail storm since the last episode. The insurance is still finishing the last of the repairs from the last one! Guess I am lucky that insurance covered all the major damage!

Amy Franks

Happy Easter to you too. We haven't had much rain here it's been quite a mild Autumn so far.


The collage of sky photos is amazing!

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