April 28, 2019


Jennifer Jilks

These are fun. Lovely critters.
I meant to comment on you and your snowbirds! We're in cottage country, and we find the traffic gets worse here. We tend to hide out here on weekends in the summer!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Fabulous series! I LOVE the burrowing owl especially!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to share your post with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend.

bill burke

Such lovely photos. I love the wildlife photos especially the owl.
Enjoy the day.

Lavender Dreamer

The cutest little owl ever! And what fun pics of your Easter meal with friends! Love this time of year when we see SO much! Happy weekend!

Adam Jones

Some brilliant pictures. I do really like the Roseate Spoonbills. Not a bird that we get here in the UK. We have the normal white ones and they do a lot of standing around and sleeping too.


Love the owls and the spoonbills, one heard and the other not seen around here. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics. Have a blessed weekend!

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, I always did love those cute owls. Adorable photo.
Great sightings of the Spoonbill, Willets and Pelicans. The flowers are pretty.The cocktail looks delicious, YUM! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Sounds like you had a great time over Eater with lots to see and friends to have company with. Love the bird collage. Have a wonderful weekend

Linda in Virginia

Love the owl, and the collages are very nice to see. Have a good weekend.

riitta k

Happy weekend Sallie - Finland is nearly freezing to death :) (Exageration of course, but it IS cold!)

Jutta Kupke

Die Eulen sind ganz entzückende Vögel.
Aber bei uns leider selten zu sehen.
Ich habe noch nie eine eule in echt gesehen.
Schöne fotos mit einer schönen Geschicht !
Liebe Grüße zum Wochenende
(Google translate). The owls are quite adorable birds. But unfortunately we rarely see it here. I have never seen an owl in real life. Beautiful photos with a beautiful story! Greetings to the weekend Jutta


Your Easter cocktails sound yummy and I enjoyed the photos. I especially liked the owl. I always hear them at our farm, but never see them. Thank you for linking up and have a great weekend!


Monster shrimp on the rim of a Bloody Mary is always a good sign. I can't remember the last time I saw an owl. Getting ready for another birthday trip (I never thought I'd make it much past 40 so whaddya know) or I would have been by sooner.
Been in frantic cleaning mode lately which might be like the train of thought behind, "Always have on a clean pair of underwear in case you get in an accident." Found many "new" clothes and a basket of dog toys for Oliver and Handsome Bob.
And I think I hid some of them because they'd become too tight to bend over in but today marks the first weight loss milestone (almost 23 lbs) so whoop.
Great photos and I'm glad you had a good Easter.


Terrific photographs of birds, and the food looks very good too.

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

Looks like everyone had a great time! Lovely images. Have a great week.


You take such lovely wildlife pictures. I always enjoy coming by your blog. Looks like a fabulous Easter dinner too!

ellen b.

Glad you've had some good weeks and a nice Easter meal with friends. You have shared such wonderful critter shots! Love that owl. I'd find an excuse to go into town if I could see owls on my way. Happy May Day to you!


Hope you are having a great week!

My Corner of the World

Sometimes, your photos make me jealous that we don't have as diverse wildlife as you! Sharing these lovely creatures makes me smile. A day out with friends sure makes for memories, too. Thanks for joining and making My Corner of the World a success!


Love the burrowing owl! A shame we don't put to use more of our local "weeds".

Sandra Nachlinger

Such beautiful photos! Have you read HOOT by Carl Hiaasen? It features burrowing owls. Although it's a children's book, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed your up-close photo of one of the book's important characters.
My post features tulip fields in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

your birdshots make me want to go on another trip, But my wallet says :(

Well, at least I can enjouy yours. That was a VERY large shrimp. :)


Lovely pictures from the owl and the squirrels ! Besides the cats my favorite animals, the owl has eyes like my cat Rosie !
It seems that you had a very nice Easter. We had wonderful weather too and Toby could search his easter eggs in the garden..


Those owls are incredible! Enjoyed all your critters. What a great state for wildlife Florida is and how nice you got together with friends. I would love the large shrimp! You're right, weather doesn't matter much when making those good memories. A fun read and beautiful photos, plus interesting info on Bidens Alba. Thanks Sallie :)

Stewart M

Wonderful owl. I'm reading a book called Owl Sense at present - its very good.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I love to hear owls at night. I've never seen one though. Maybe someday. - Margy

Su-sieee! Mac

Another cutie of an owl. This one looks like she might be a ballroom dancer. Oh-oh, my imagination has run away. The spoonbills, pelicans, and willets may be resting up for a night out dancing the salsa, meringue, and tango. The squirrels look like they'd put on saddle shoes and show off the jitterbug. Happy dancing, Sallie. :-)


I think the boiled leaves would do us better than Big Pharm is doing! Soooo gotta know what is your project are we going to get a peek? Such Lovely Birds, and the burrowing owl is such a treat to see. Nice Easter Photos of y'all!

Penelope Puddlisms

I like that expression of “whoooo me” on the owl. These are all wonderful nature shots but it’s particularly nice to see you out and about with friends enjoying good health and the retirement so many wish were their’s as well.


What wonderful wildlife shots.

William Kendall

The owl looks like quite a character.

Photo Cache

The Easter get together brunch looks good. Have a great week.

Worth a Thousand Words

Jennifer Jilks

You have some grand times with friends!


I know I would LOVE to find that giant shrimp in my cocktail. Sallie! Yum! It looks like you had a very pleasant Easter celebrating with friends. I loved the first owl photo--what an expression on his or her face!


I love seeing shore birds with their spindly legs, especially when they stand on one leg! Good balance! I love shrimp so those who don't can pass theirs across the table!


Ah, super big shrimp, you're making me hungry! LOVE your owl capture. So clear! Bought a book a while ago with medicinial properties of plants an spices. It's mind boggling how many there are. What you are saying to cook down leaves, etc. that's exactly what some of my friends do, instead of buying pills. Happy for sharing your interesting discoveries with All Seasons! Enjoy your mild weather:)


What a lovely set of photos and wow the owl is just magic. Have a good week, Diane


all beautiful captures but the one of the pelicans is so adorable and special. you are lucky to see the owls, i have only seen them in a zoo!!

you look great sally, nice to have recorded your special easter meal!!

i am jealous of the flicker sighting, i use to see them some but not anymore!! but the squirrels, all the time!!

A ShutterBug Explores

Sally ~ wonderful shore bird photos and love the squirrel ones too and what fun 'the gang' looks like you having ~ enjoy ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Looks like you had a lovely time

Lovely photos, specially the burrowing owl, they're such cute creatures


What a beautiful, sunny Sunday! I’m happy for you that you have such good friends to share the lovely meals and lots of wildlife around you. The owl looks so charming with the pose of turning back.



Wow! Those Easter cocktails looked like a meal! Yummy! Your exotic (to me) bird photos always make me want to hop on a plane to Florida.

Linda P

What a lovely way to spend time with friends! It would be relaxing having dinner and cocktails at that restaurant looking out at the water. I've learnt about the difference between spoonbills and flamingos here. Both beautiful birds. An interesting wild flower in the last mosaic. How fascinating to see the woodpecker on the ground rather than in the tree.

Eileen Wise

Hello, you are lucky to see the owls close by. That is awesome, I would be making plenty of trips to the store. Love the Spoonbills. Your cocktails look delicious. Love the pretty wildflowers and the woodpecker. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead.


I would not be complaining about the size of those shrimps (prawns to us- or even mini lobsters). Nor would I complain about views of the Burrowing Owls. Those legs are tremendously long but clearly a useful adaptation for all that digging they must do. It's true that many birds stand on one leg, wading birds especially. Thought to be a heat and energy saver for them in Northern climes but perhaps less so in Florida.

Nancy Chan

A beautiful Sunday spent with friends and enjoying good food and beautiful critters.

Amy Franks

oh yum Shrimp!


Great photos - especially of the birds and more especially of the shorebirds. It must be extra nice to go out with friends an than end the day with a great dining evening.

Lady Fi

Fabulous wildlife pictures! That owl photo is amazing! Looks like you're living a good life.

riitta k

It is always a joy to see your bird photos Sallie! Wishing happy MM.


Sallie - I would MAKE UP errands if it meant spotting a burrowing owl! The length of the legs must have something to do with the digging? Great shot of the flicker with the acorn - I wonder what it did next? Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday with these "homey" shots.

Alan Bates

Looks like a good time to me. I love those big shrimp. I am wanting to go to a place that has those outrageously expensive bloody mary's but that have enough food to make a meal.


That first photo of the owl is amazing! Love all your bird shots.

Judy Biggerstaff

Nice pics. It must be nice to be out on the water. It is just a little too early for us to get out in our boat. Take care.


...I'd never be able to stand on one leg for very long! Amazing critters.

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