May 19, 2019



What a fun trip - thanks for taking us all with you, Sallie!
Enjoy your vacay.
Peace :)


I didn't know that cows could be crackers too, lol. Shoot me a line to let me know how you are when you've got a minute, Sallie.


Wonderful nature shots as always and your flying away shot is beautiful. I hope you have a good trip and break from blogging.


Thanks for stopping by I'd Rather B Birding this weekend, and sharing your birds! (It's been a long time since I've seen a soft shelled turtle).

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots! Who has time for cleaning? ;-)

Adam Jones

The Barred Owl is a very good looking owl. You managed some great pictures of it.


Wonderful photos. I love owls.

Wally Jones

Hi, Sallie! Sorry to have been absent for so long.

What a great photographic essay of your trip to a really interesting area! The calling of Barred Owls is one of my favorite in Florida nature. Wonderful images!

As your fans have already noted, thank you for skipping out on your chores to bring us some beauty to make our day better.

Hope your trip back to the northwest is safe!

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie

I love your Barred Owl photos, great sighting! The Cracker cow is neat looking, great photo with the pigs. Babcock Ranch looks like a great place to see the birds and critters. I would much rather go on an outing than clean house. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

The Snowy Egret is my favorite!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Peter B.

Love the owl shots. So glad you put off your chores to go out and enjoy nature and share these photos. Have a great weekend!

Alan Bates

A blogger after my own heart. Scrubbing and cleaning or getting the camera to look at something interesting? No decision there really.

You had some great finds. I love the cow and the backstory. Feral hogs are very destructive here as well. When I was building pipelines in central Texas I dealt a lot with a gazillionair landowner who was driven mad by the hogs. They kept tearing up his airstrip for his planes.


I love seeing all of this wildlife, especially the owls. I will pass on that gator, though! lol Thanks for linking up and have a great holiday weekend.


Do people hung the hogs? I'd be afraid to see a free croc like that. Who?


Great photos Sallie and views of all that amazing wildlife. My first viewing of an owl was down there, in one of the swamp reserves we visited. So many wonderful places to visit in Florida. I will be putting Babcock Ranch on my bucket list for our next trip, whenever that may be. Thank you and enjoy your weekend :)

Sylvia D.

Sallie, I loved seeing the owl! Have a great week. Sylvia D.


And it was an excellent idea, Sallie ! I like a lot the smilling guy but prefer to meet the beautiful Snowy egret ! Have a nice trip to Oregon and perhaps before Colorado.

Linda in Virginia

Marvelous tour! Thanks for taking us along.


Love the wild life but would not want to get to close to those gators! Thanks for sharing! Come visit me at NanaHood.com

Linda P

Babcock Ranch looks like a fascinating place for a nature tour since it has several kinds of habitat. The Cracker Cows are interesting to see and it's good that these rare-breed cows are still being raised there. Seeing the barred owl must have been a treat. I hope that you've done the cleaning and packing by now. All the best.

My Corner of the World

What a great place to visit! Wow, it's fun to learn bits of history like this, Sallie.
Thanks for the photos and the information about this great place.

I appreciate your contribution to 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World

William Kendall

Your shots of the owl particularly stand out to me.

David Gascoigne

A wonderful visit, Sallie, but the sheer number of feral hogs is a cause for great concern. They can decimate an ecosystem in a hurry. They will eat just about anything and destroy native flora and fauna. There are many accounts of the successful removal of alien species where they cause great harm and I think that the State of Florida needs to tackle this issue head on.


Your first sentence reminds me of myself. I can always find many more exciting things to do than housework. The photos of the ranch and birds are great. Alligators in that number are a bit scary. Hope there's enough food for them all! Good luck with your cleaning and packing up.


Such a great collection of wonderful photos, Sallie. I love the heron and the egret. Visiting the ranch sounds like a whole lot more fun than cleaning!


Congrats on seeing and getting awesome photos of the barred owl! I saw one when I was down in FL, the last one I've seen I hear them more often than see. Happy travels.

little wandering wren

Oven's can wait! It was worth the trip, although 15 alligators might have driven me back to cleaning out the fridge!
Happy days
Wren x


Are the feral hogs as mean and dangerous as the wild boars in the southwest? I remember being scared out hiking on Catalina Island because of them running through the brush. We just got back from a nice RV stay near Seattle so we could watch the University of Washington women's softball tournament. Getting to love this RV life. - Margy


I would rather be nature watching than cleaning too. You made a great decision. The barred owl photos were fantastic!


Hi Sally,
I love that owl! Beautiful!

Hootin' Anni

Extraordinary! My favorite?...the barred owl.

bill burke

Wow, such beautiful photos. I enjoy the all but my favorite is the Barred Owl. What a beauty it is.
Have a lovely week, Sallie.

A ShutterBug Explores

What a beautiful nature spot and fantastic photos of critters of nature ~ glad you went to the ranch!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Gosh loads of wonderful wildlife there. We too have a problem with feral pigs. Time flies. It doesn't seem long ago when you were arriving in Florida.

Nancy Chan

I am glad that instead of scrubbing stoves, etc. you went out to take all these lovely photos to share with us. The owl is cute but the alligator is scary.


Wow Sallie, so happy you could make more than one capture of the barred owl! What a find:):) 15 alligators, wow, kind of scary to think about. The snowy egret is such a beautiful bird. Haha, I would have gone too, if I would choose between this ranch and cleaning:):) Great choice and All seasons benefits from it! Wishing you a quick and smooth cleanup!

riitta k

Wonderful animal photos! I like very much your collage style, the background color goes so wellt with the photos. Have a nice week Sallie!

Amy Franks

I love them all, but we have moreporks here in NZ now Owls.

Lady Fi

I'm so glad you sacrificed yourself for ow sakes to bring us these amazing shots! ;-)


Sallie - I am so pleased that 80% of this HUGE space has been conserved, especially in Florida, which seems to get gobbled up by development after development. Your photos are evidence of the value of this area for natural diversity. Fabulous! So glad you got to see a barred owl. I adore all owls, primarily because it is so rare to see one! Thanks for "shirking" your tasks to bring this delightful post to Mosaic Monday!

ellen b

90,000 acres! Wow. How wonderful to investigate this great area. Love the owls and I'm always excited to see a blue heron. Hope your clean up, lock up and travel back are all good!


Great place and a birdie day. Love the Barred Owl. Awful about all those wild hogs.


Wow! What an amazing place - until you looked carefully and saw all those alligators in the water! Very interesting that the pigs have gone wild and breed up so much. It has happened out here too in some places and makes lots of problems. My favorite would be that beautiful owl too. Good luck with all those cleaning jobs still to do!!

Stewart M

Clean the house or go birding? Not a hard choice! That owl is wonderful.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Love your photos - I've never been to Babcock Ranch and I can see I've really missed something!


So many wonderful photos in this post! The barred owl is a dapper fellow (or gal). I really enjoy the fuzzy crown on the the snowy egret, like he’s a member of some punk rock band. I must admit, seeing all of those alligators in one place kind of creeped me out. Thanks for sharing!

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