May 05, 2019


Anni@I'd Rather B Birdin'

I really hate snakes...I tried to look away, but I had to scroll beyond & saw ... oh dear.

As always, thanks for taking time to add your link with us at I'd Rather B Birdin', and enjoy your week ahead. Good birding!

Your collages & photos are awesome this week Sallie.

Adam Jones

Love the Flicker and Woodpeckers.

Eileen Wise

Hello, love the Flicker and Woodpecker. Beautiful scenery and photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

Michelle Banks

I take more photos with my camera, but nature photos don't turn out that well but I have a small camera. I think yours are great...Michelle

JM Illinois

Sigh. I am speechless!

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: Are you sure it is a Red-shafted Flicker? I can't see any part of the underwings or any part of the lower regions of the bird, but Yellow-shafted would be expected in the east. Red-shafted would be more likely seen when you get back to Oregon.


Well, the snake on the rail is not so great. I wouldn't have wanted to put my hand on it either! lol Thanks for linking up today!

Peter B.

The python made from the tree root is impressive! I hope they don't take it down. Cell phone cameras are pretty amazing these days, but I don't think they work well for bird photography. Hard to complete with a DSLR and good quality telephoto lens!

MaryBeth Schwartz

The skies are beautiful. What a prankster the neighbor is/was. I would take or paint over the pretend snake---to big. Ugh!

Linda in Virginia

The last picture is stunning and I love the hibiscus.

My Corner of the World

I definitely prefer the pretty shots, too! It's quite amazing what phone cameras can do these days, with the advanced cameras.

I am delighted that you chose to join My Corner of the World!


Nice that you have the locals fooled but that painted snake would have fooled me. Phone is handy for photos but sure do like the quality of my camera shots better.

ellen b.

Our Colville Snowbirds are back. Church is a bit more crowded. It's kind of fun. Glad you are on a different time table and you can enjoy your spot with less crowds for a while. Wonderful photos. That snake is scary huge!!


I like the snake art very clever! Its a shame that people have brought evasive species into the mix...the animals suffer due to human error!
I have taken some photos with my phone...like you I have not tried birds but I did a few nests the other day..
Enjoy being a local a little while longer...


Love these photos, thanks Sallie. Yikes on the python. I had heard of the problem in the Everglades. Sad state of affairs when invasive species cause such horrendous havoc to the natives. Scenery shots are gorgeous and love your flowers and birds, gorgeous sunset. Enjoy your quieter spell down there. My dad, bless him, and as we lived in a very popular seaside town, always said it was lovely to see them come (the tourists) but lovely to see them go. We always laughed because he meant no malice, just was glad to be able to get around more easily after all the traffic jams.

bill burke

Lovely photos, Sallie. I don't like snakes but those photos are great and gives you a sense of how big they are. Love the sunset photo, it's gorgeous.
Have a wonderful day.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

Love the hibiscus flower image. So beautiful. But I think I can do without that huge snake. And I usually love snakes :) Love the low sun shot :)

Have a great week :)


nice that the dental hygienist did not think you were a snow bird, she must think you are too young for that!!

smart phones these days take amazing pictures, yours are beautiful!! i always enjoy seeing the flickers!

the last picture is gorgeous!!!

Sharon Wagner

Yikes! I wouldn't want to be that tree. Great photos.

Stewart M

Its nice to feel like a local! My drive (or train) to work is so much easier in the school holidays - much less busy.

I had to chuckle at the python story!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Photo Cache

I cannot handle snakes. I am too scared of them.

William Kendall

That last shot is my favourite.


I was going to say that the snake isn't "the same!" But now I see it's not real. The same but different is my mantra these days as days and life seems to repeat and the challenge is to see it new, like the sky, everyday is different. My woodpeckers are among the least shiest birds in my yard.

Janice Adcock

Nope, do not want to put my hand on a dead or worse live snake.

Lavender Dreamer

I wouldn't like seeing the snakes...real or otherwise! We've missed most of the rain but yesterday we got a big thunderstorm and some much needed rain. It's already so hot...flowers and grass need the moisture. Enjoy your week!

Fun 60

Wonderful photos, as usual. I thought that was a real snake. In fact the last time I saw a snake in the wild was in Florida. What a spectacular sunset.


Pink Shell Beach is pretty! Had to laugh about the shorter pharmacy lines! I already thought from the thumbnail that it was a snake - its length is amazing! The pink/peach flowers is amazing, taken with your smart phone! A lovely collection for All Seasons Sally! Wishing you another great spring week. Here in the mountains it's still on or off with warm days at the moment!


As always, your photos are lovely. The last shot is picture perfect. I can imagine being on that beach and watching the sun goes down. I’m a believer in live and let it alone when it comes to snakes.
Enjoy your less crowded days.


Thought they were caterpillars. Happy mosaic Monday


A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely array of nature photos ~ wonderful place to spend half the year!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Penelope Puddlisms

Haha … I guess fake snakes are preferable to the real thing that sting. Oh, wow, that last shot is picture perfect. It would be lovely to relax on that beach and watch the sun goes down. I’ve not gotten used to my phone camera either and prefer my small camera, although walking around with both weighs me down a bit more than I’d like. :))

Jennifer Jilks

My kids only use iPhone photos. They are amazing. My SIL is a geek, encryption engineer, and they always have the top of the line!
I love your photos. I like our resident snakes. The invasive ones are just shameful for people to do this. Of course, those wouldn't survive here in the north.
I love the flickers. Good photos. We have one nesting, I think.

Linda P

Love your street corner! I think you photos using your i-phone are good. As yet I haven't used mine as I prefer my digital camera and usual way of getting photos onto my laptop to edit. Our two-home UK/Italy lifestyle is on hold at the moment, but plan to get to Italy later in the year. We're back to cooler weather here in the UK, but have plenty to do in our garden vegetable patch and flower beds.


Those figs are so pretty! I thought at first glance that they were really snakes! I read an article about invasive snakes in FL. I think they wreak havoc with the bird populations.

Eileen Wise


Your street view is beautiful. Love the Flicker and Woodie. Gorgeous flowers! Pink Shell Beach looks beautiful, lovely sky. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Nancy Chan

I enjoyed the first picture and the birds. I know the frangipani and hibicus flowers. But sorry, no, no, to the snakes. Have a great new week!


That painting on the creeper is amazing. Love the woodpecker, I hear them here quite often but I seldom see them! I cannot imagine pythons being invasive, they generally keep away from humans and are seldom seen in Africa unless you go looking for them. Have a good day Dane

riitta k

I thought first that the python was a real one :) Amazingly done. That red-headed woodpecker looks so cute, we don't have it here... And I always LOVE yellow hibiscus! Happy MM Sallie.


Very gorgeous area - even with invasive pythons. 😄 Love the shot of the hibiscus! It is one of my favorite flowers.


You have so many 'goodies' for photos that I can easily ignore those 'nasty' snakes! I grew up in NZ where there are NO snakes at all! I love the flower photos and the photo of your "street corner' is also particularly beautiful. I hope you can get done all you hope to soon without any distractions. It sounds to me as if you have the best of all worlds with your climate changes.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots and skies. Had to laugh about the fake snake though. Someone nearby has a fake snake on their boat - to deter thieves, I guess!


I am not a fan of snakes, but I know most of them to have a worthy job.

I take many of my photos with my cell phone these days--it is just easier and always available. I do miss the quality of my Nikon and should get back in the habit of using it again.
Love your birds and flowers!


Sallie - I recognize those types of comments from the locals - we have the same conversations among ourselves AFTER the summer tourist season! I am not afraid of snakes, but I certainly would not have guessed the painted vine was not a real snake if you hadn't told us! Love your parting sunset - gorgeous! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and have a wonderful week!


Phones can do so much these days. I don't use mine for much beyond Instagram photos, and I agree with you that photographing birds would be just about impossible. Thanks for the warning about the creepy crawlies - I moved very fast over that section. Glad you're enjoying the quieter days now that the snowbirds have mostly gone home.

Alan Bates

Phones can do a lot especially when extended with apps. The simplest camera can do better a birds and squirrels and other critters though. Sometimes I wonder why we don't have cameras with configurable apps. The in-camera modifications available are pitiful.
That fake snake would have given me a heart attack.
I grew up in the deserts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico and killed numerous rattlesnakes that I came across, and I now regret every single kill. Nowadays I am a live and let live guy. I totally understand killing an invasive species like the python though.


...such a beautiful ending!


I think your phone photos are great. I know you'll be leaving soon. I like being here full-time but I do take off usually August to go to Michigan to visit my sister. This year I'm going for July and August. Have a safe trip!

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