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July 21, 2019


Linda P, a rich tapestry

I think the river cruise must be a relaxing way to see different countries. I would find going through the locks very interesting because you can leave the navigation to the captain and crew. I understand the café experience in beautiful Vienna is special particularly as you met up with your grandchildren.

Peter B.

Looks like a really beautiful river cruise, and a huge bonus to be able to meet up with family!

William Kendall

Wonderful shots!

Shiju Sugunan

Great post! Thanks for taking us along.


*sigh* This seems wonderful. Looking forward to more! Thanks for linking up.

Lavender Dreamer

It just doesn't look real...like photos from a fairy tale! I'm so glad you had a good trip and lots of photos to share! Amazing scenery and architecture! Enjoy your week!


I enjoyed seeing the views from the boat, and that last palace is magnificent! I am eagerly awaiting more photos!
Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Wally Jones

Castles, coffee and torte, oh my!

You made some wonderful memories and have re-kindled some very nice ones for us.

Amy Franks

It's always exciting to explore new places, I'm envious.

Alan Bates

Such a beatutiful place. It seems like river cruises are becoming more of a thing these days and so I have been pestering the spousal unit that maybe we need to look into it.

I love the coffee house concept, or maybe just the sachet torte. Our millinials in town talk a lot about the “third place” and how important it is. The first place is home, and I think work is the second. So coffee shops, independent bookstores, are the the 3rd place where people can meet and talk. I like that idea.And that it is not a bar. So you can stay a while.

It looks like a great trip!


Beautiful landscapes and architecture - thanks for taking me along.

betty - NZ

Oh, my, what fun you are having! It's nice to have some relatives to visit along the way as you made your way along this awesome journey. I always look forward to your photos as you wander around!

I'm so glad you linked up at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Linda Walcroft

Looks like a great journey. I would have put my hand on the country too. Once we drove through a tiny corner of Oregon and I said "Pull over. I need to put my feet on the ground." So now I can say I've been there.


It is heartwarming to see you so proud of your grandchildren Sallie :) An amazing trip you went on, loved all these photos and I thank you so much for sharing them. I was very interested in how coffee shops got started all those years ago. I was in a coffee shop this morning and people there had their laptops and iPads out, along with their iPhones. Not too many people in there, choosing tables far away from the other, and no one was talking :)

Su-sieee! Mac

That palace is enormous. I wonder how long it would take to walk from one end to the other. My knees and ankles ache just imagining it. Still, I'd walk it. Your description of the Vienna cafe scene had me thinking about Friends; also, when I was a young thing in San Francisco hanging out with my friends. Have you heard the "Blue Danube" played yet?


oh sallie, i had to read the title of this post twice, wow, what an adventure!! and how lucky were you to have family to show you around and enjoy a meal with. it looks like someone made jacob laugh over desert!! the castle is so beautiful and the garden there at the palace, wow!!

and i completely agree, they are handsome folk!! i'm so glad they were close by and able to spend time with you!!

Linda Brown

What a marvelous, marvelous, opulent trip!

riitta k

You had really a dream tour - great places you have seen!

Jade @ Captured by Jade

There is so much beauty & depth when it comes to castle captures.


That's exactly what I have done by bus from the 11 to the 21 of July !! But by bus ! Funny we nearly could have met !

Lady Fi

I do love Europe and its castles! Fabulous shots.

Nancy Chan

A wonderful trip and Vienna looks like a beautiful and interesting place to visit. The castles are impressive. How wonderful to be able to meet up with your family members during your trip. Have a happy day!


Great photos - each day looks better than the last one - can't wait to see the rest of the Vienna one!

ellen b.

What a very special treat to enjoy time with your grandchildren on your river cruise. Most special indeed. You are seeing beautiful parts of the world we live in.


...wow, wow, wow, what gorgeous architecture!


As a river boater in the past, I like the idea of flowing past this intriguing scenery. And I think I remember how to put on the Mae West. Best is stopping to visit family, and bonus on the desert.

Penelope Notes

Slovakia ... one of the newest countries in the world after it split from the Republic I think in '93. It's nice your eyes at least set sight on it. Haha ... also, I'll bet you passed down some excellent genes and the grandchildren really are brilliant and good-looking!

Photo Cache

The scenery is what makes the river cruises so desirable. You saw so much already.

Fun 60

You are seeing some fantastic sights. How I love Vienna, I must return before too long.


What an amazing trip! I'd love to do that sometime.

bill burke

The view of the castle is beautiful, your photos show the beauty of your journey. It must have been great meeting up with your grand children.
Have a wonderful new week!


You are a traveling lady, Sallie! Sounds like magnificent scenery and good company.

Kelly Anne Rothaermel

Budapest is one of my favorite cities. So beautiful!


Beautiful photos Thanks for sharing Happy ypu dropped by my blog Sallie


A ShutterBug Explores

Magnificent journey and photos are lovely ~ Have a grand time!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Vienna sounds like a perfect place for a visit.Thanks for sharing your adventure.


Sounds like a really fun trip and some great photos.
Have a good week, Cheers Diane


Sallie - you are certainly allowed to be a proud grandmother! Vienna sounds like my kind of place - I love coffeehouses. The gardens of Schonbrunn Palace look divine. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Eileen Wise

Hello, wonderful view of the Castle. The Palace is gorgeous. It is great you were able to meet up with your grandchildren. Beautiful trip photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!

David Gascoigne

I have known several Slovak immigrants to Canada, and their children; I have even gone to a couple of weddings. But despite being close I too have never set foot on Slovak soil. I doubt that I ever will now. Your cruise seems quite spectacular, Sallie. I am sure the number of pictures is only rivalled by your memories.


Your last image looks familiar. Vienna is a beautiful city - hands down. How nice you could meet your family there! In all of Europe drinking coffee with a dessert somewhere in town has been a cultural custom, long before Starbucks became known. All these countries Eastern Eur. you visited and passed, are beautiful because of their history! Many thanks for sharing Europe with All Seasons! You must also be happy to be back home:)have a lovely summer week!


Beautiful...while looking at the Palace, I couldn't help but think of what you said how the people lived in small crowded apartments and yet the Palace wow, probably mostly unoccupied...1,441 rooms! I just googled it...amazing. and it was just a Summer home. I know your eyes were popping out over all these amazing castles.

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