July 09, 2019



Hi Sallie!
We were both away in June and I enjoyed reading back through your blog to see al; the wonderful sights ( and great food!) your enjoyed on your Viking River Cruise! We have many friends that have enjoyed various river cruises and we hope to be able to take a few of them ourselves one day. It was so nice you got to spend time with your grandson and tour with him and his wife and spend extra time in Europe afterward. I loved your view of Longs Peak-when you visited Colorado afterward -always beautiful to see!

I had bronchitis when we came home from our Alaska trip and then we my husband had to go through cancer radiation treatment so my computer time has been limited--trying to catch up on a lot. Thankfully my husband is doing well and should have a full remission.


It's a pity I didn't know that your made a cruise and stopped in Belgium ! !!

Carole Kerr

We are going on a Viking cruise in August from Germany to Vienna to Budapest. You have got me excited to go!

Amy Franks

wow a viking river cruise - sounds awesome.


Welcome back World Traveler! What a wonderful trip you have had, the photos are amazing. I know you were thrilled to spend time with your Jacob! I have family in Europe thru marriage and my son has many cousins aunts, uncles, he has never seen. Can't wait to see more of your adventure.

Linda Brown

WOW! WOW! WOW! Good for you!


That's an extraordinary detour! What fun! How special to have a grandson and granddaughter-in-law for tour guides for a couple of days. We are leaving next week for a Danube River cruise with stops on either end on our own. Europe seems to be a popular place this summer!

Hootin' Anni

Extraordinary Sallie. Must admit tho...good ol' USofA is best (and colorad, my home state!)


oh sally, this all sounds so magnificent!!! chuck and i have wanted to take one of the cruises for some time now, your words will motivate me to get my butt in gear and plan it!! i am glad you enjoyed it so much, it certainly sounds like you saw it all!!

seeing jacob and maya and having them for tour guides must have been amazing. nothing like having a local to show you around!!

welcome home, i'm glad you are home safe and sound, i can't wait to see and hear more about your trip!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


riitta k

Thank you for these first impressions of your dream holiday! It was fun to read your enthusiastic text and look at the beautiful views. Looking forward to part II! Relax and rest a bit now at home. Lovely weekend!

Peter B.

Welcome home! I've never been all that interested in cruises, with the exception of a European river cruise. This confirms my interest!!


You sure took the long way home, but what a memorable way to do it. I've never been on a cruise but my parents loved them and used Viking quite a few times. - Margy

Lavender Dreamer

What a fabulous trip! I've always wondered how nice those cruises would be. I've felt like they would be a dream trip! Glad you're back home. We have had a hot and humid summer so far! Love seeing your wonderful photos! Hugs from Florida

Photo Cache

Oh my what a wonderful experience that Viking cruise must have been. I hope you will expound on this later on, because river cruise via Viking or something else is in my bucket list.

Fun 60

Sounds like you had a blast. You have whetted the appetite with those photos. Look forward to hearing more about your trip.

Wally Jones

A trip of a lifetime!

I know you're glad to finally be home. We certainly appreciate you sharing a bit of your adventure and, being the greedy types, we're looking forward to more.

Your images stirred up some very pleasant memories of our several years in Europe. Before returning home, we also enjoyed a river cruise among castles, grape vineyards and incredibly friendly people.

Welcome home, Sallie!

A ShutterBug Explores

What a wonderful trip and beautiful photos! You are blessed !

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie! Your Viking Cruise sounds like a fun time. It was wonderful you were able to visit so many countries and see your grandson and his wife. The view of the Colorado mountain is lovely too. I am glad you are back safely in Oregon with your family. Have a great summer. Enjoy your day!

Nancy Chan

Enjoyed the photos from your cruise holiday. I have only been on a short cruise once and it was a beautiful memorable experience. Have a wonderful day!


So happy to read you again, Sallie ! I wonder where you had been ! What a wonderful trip. Welcome, now at home.

ellen b.

Woohoo! Good for the two of you for taking such a great detour on your way home. Looks fabulous and I'm looking forward to seeing more! Welcome back to your West Coast home.

betty - NZ

Now, that's what I call a detour! Thanks for the photos of a place I won't see for myself! Love them all, as usual :)

It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World


I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip to Germany. Looks like a grand time!


Wow! You are the TRAVELING Grainvilles! Florida to Oregon by way of Belgium, the Netherlands, Budapest, Luxembourg, and Colorado! Quite a trip. Very exciting!

Su-sieee! Mac

Whooo-hoooo, Sallie! I'm excited just looking at your photos and reading where you've been. What a thrill to be in places where you've seen only photos and films about. I felt that way when I came through the Venice train station doors and saw the City before me. Remembering that moments gets me all Wowza! again. I'm looking forward to seeing and reading more about your trip. Cheers!

evi erlinda

Welcome home!

It was a wonderful trips and thank you for sharing the beautiful photos :)

bill burke

Your adventure sounds amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Welcome back!

David Gascoigne

My word, Sallie, when you guys decide to take a little detour on the way home, you know how to do it! I know several people who have taken these river cruises and everyone speaks very highly of their experience. I will look forward to seeing and reading more.


Sallie, you are back to All Seasons and many thanks for giving us some moments from your trip! From a part of the world that has been my neighborhood:):) So happy you enjoyed it! I understand, the old world is lovely, but there is no place like home. You saw a lot, just for one tour. Colorado always makes me think on Switserland - that's for another trip:)

William Kendall

It sounds like you had an amazing trip!

handmade by amalia

Oh my, such a fantastic tour! The places you've been, the sights you have seen! I love the photos. You must be happy to be home again.

Linda P (a rich tapestry blog)

Welcome back! You had a wonderful trip. I'm sure meeting up with your grandson and granddaughter (in law) was special. That particular river cruise would be my dream cruise. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Back in Oregon and seeing the familiar mountain landscape must be uplifting too.

Lady Fi

Wow - what an amazing trip! Can't wait to see more!


Welcome back Sallie! You seem to have had a great cruise with an amazing extra tour added on. The pictures and Blogs will be stunning-as always :).

Denise inVa

Oh wow, an amazing adventure. I look forward to seeing all the other great photos you will be sharing. Welcome home!


Sallie - welcome home! Looks like a dream trip in so many ways - culture, family, different modes of transport - congratulations to the trip planner! I look forward to more photos and memories!

Linda Walcroft

Looks like a great trip!


Six countries, holy crap on a cracker, girlfriend. I don't know where you guys get the energy and I bet it was exciting and maybe a little weird every morning. Seeing things by boat is a grand idea.
Colorado would be more than enough excitement for me and I know that feeling when you've been away and get back home just staying in the country. Even leaving the city it feels like a warm blanket on a cold day when I first see the Capitol Building.
I love all the castles, I mean how many castles do you see over here besides Disney ones?
You got some great, scenic photos and the first one on the Budapest bridge is enchanting.
Talk soon. I wouldn't look at today's link up unless you want to be bummed out.


Welcome home! What a wonderful adventure! We keep hearing about the heat in Europe but it looks like you were all wearing jackets.
Glad you are back.

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