July 26, 2019



Lovely photos. isn't Schonbrunn Palace beautiful? I don't remember there being a cafe in the Glorietta, maybe it's relatively new!

Linda P

Your grandchildren were the perfect guides to show you the sights of beautiful Vienna. The palace is magnificent and a wander around the gardens must have been a joy.

Little Wandering Wren

Your post and beautiful photos have reminded me of my own travels to Vienna, it is a wonderful city. We went to the Spanish Riding School and enjoyed seeing the Lipazanna horses. I am grateful for my travels and I can see you are too. How wonderful to enjoy Vienna with your Grandchildren


Beautiful photos and I am enjoying your travels so much. Thanks for linking up and have a GREAT weekend!

Amy Franks

Vienna is such an old city isn't it? I wasn't aware that the Empress helped with educational reform - that's awesome.

Linda Walcroft

I can't get over her having 16 children!

betty - NZ

Your post rocks at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

William Kendall

A magnificent city. You've photographed it beautifully.

Lydia C. Lee

Looks so beautiful!

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Great to see grandchildren. What a wonderful city! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.


Vienna is one of Europe's treasures. How wonderful to have your own personal guides.


Every new place I visit, I look for the botanical gardens! Fountains too.


Vienna is one place I would like to go back to and spend more time. We were on a river cruise the last time.


...Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and gives a whole new meaning to the term 'old.' The art and the gardens are the frosting on the cake. Thanks Sallie for sharing, I hope that you are enjoying your week.

betty - NZ

Wow! It's exciting to see history soooo far back, as opposed to the young country of the US.
I'm so glad you got to spend time with family while seeing these awesome sights! Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

My Corner of the World

Su-sieee! Mac

I learned about another once-upon-a-time European queen today, thank you very much, Sallie. I'm very impressed with her wanting the peasants to be able to support themselves during peace and war times. I can't get over how enormous her monument is!

Photo Cache

More than the charm of this historic city is the opportunity to be with family. How fun was that?


Interesting info, lovely photos and modaics. Happy Monday


Lavender Dreamer

It would be a dream come true to visit this beautiful city. I can't get over the sculptures and how ornate they are! It looks like you had good weather to get out and see things too! Beautiful!


Wonderful scenes Sallie. I have been enjoying my virtual travels with you. Thanks so much for sharing them :)


Vienna is a place like Berlin and Paris - art and buildings from the past galore! And expensive to make a living there, because locals are dressed to the max:) Many thanks for sharing it with All Seasons, Sallie! Can tell by your images you enjoyed the beauty, and great to see loved ones there! Have a beautiful week!

bill burke

What a wonderful adventure, Sallie. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

riitta k

Schönbrunn is wonderful, great photos of the statues & monuments too. I have been in Vienna, but it was winter and a very short trip. Would love to visit another time.

// Heidrun

Vienna... a wonderful travel. Thank you for sharing.
Enjoy your week.

Wally Jones

Family, history, scenery, photographs, castles, coffee shops = Memories.

Wonderful adventures, Sallie!

A ShutterBug Explores

Great photos of your adventure ~ how wonderful to share with your grandchildren ~ ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

David Gascoigne

Hello Sallie: I had looked forward to visiting Vienna and birding in some of its famous woods when I visited Slovenia and Croatia two years ago, but we just ran out if time. You were very fortunate to have such fine personal guides, a service few of us can expect!


such wonderful sights....thanks for sharing

Lady Fi

What an action-packed day! The buildings are impressive!

ellen b.

How wonderful to enjoy this amazing city with your grandchildren. Fabulous.


thank goodness for maya and jacob, i'm sure it was much easier to navigate the area and the "tube" system with them. i can't imagine trying to enjoy this area without help!!

everything is so beautiful, wouldn't it be nice to go back at christmas and see the plaza transformed into a christmas market, i'm sure that is lovely!!

the grounds at the schonbrunn palace were especially colorful and lush. and all the statues, so special!! what a trip so far, looking forward to austria!!


When we travel we like to see things like locals. It's so much more authentic. - Margy


What a fantastic place to visit. So many beautiful things to see.

Penelope Notes

The buildings are so dignified and impressive. Empress Maria Theresa certainly is held in high regard by the looks of her statue … being a ruler, and mother of sixteen, must have been quite a challenge for this working mom. Luckily, she must have had LOTS of help!


Sallie - how blessed you were to have built-in tour guides. I find they can help you cover more ground efficiently when you have limited time in a city. I have not been to Vienna, and what you have shared with Mosaic Monday today has certainly whet my appetite! Thanks for linking up! (And 16 children!!!! Yikes!)


Great photos of some of the very beautiful places around Vienna. You were very lucky to have family to show you around. Many years ago I visited there while traveling with family. We thought it was the most beautiful place we visited and were especially impressed with how thoughtful and kind local people were.

Linda Brown

Stunning and just plain wonderful! Thank you!


This is the most special tour because of your family. Thank you for taking us along too.


Oh, I was going to ask your take on the Mueller hearing but I'll save that for another time—whoops, too late.


An empress rule, wot, back then? Amazing. I'm rereading and looking over your pics cuz I know you must a special effort forth in getting them. And it's hard to capture stone in a statue or building. Those are two of the hardest things for me, anyway. No wonder you're exhausted. After making a list of all the things I was going to do today here I sit binge watching Orange Is The New Black and ordering in Chinese.
Take it easy, soul sister.


Gorgeous photos!
A city full of history!


Wow it really is beautiful! I love all the flowers...Nice to be able to visit family too.

Eileen Wise

Hello, What an awesome tour of Vienna. Looks like your family took you to some beautiful places. The flowers, statues and fountains are lovely. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!


I was in Vienna on July 19 and liked the city very much, had never been there but have been in other places in Austria. We also took the U-Bahn, it was U-3, lol !

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