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September 15, 2019


Diane Bohlen

It is a beautiful city and thanks for the reminders of when we were there.


Wow so much history in these photos, really enjoyed this posting of this beautiful place. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and places.

Little Wandering Wren

Beautiful Bamberg indeed that City Hall is exquisite! We've just signed up for Octoberfest here at a Thai restaurant - let's hope we don't get the smokey beer. Although I might just attempt finishing the glass so I can keep it! I always think in Europe the beer glasses are the best, we have several from our times in Belgium (all legit paid for in case you were thinking otherwise - haha :)


Hello, Beautiful trip photos. The details on the Joseph Heller birthplace. The elephant sculpture is amazing. I love the swans and ducks. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day. Wishing you a great weekend!

Peter B.

What a beautiful, quaint and historic town. At first I thought I read it wrong... I thought it said 1902. But 902?? Wow, that's hard to wrap my head around. Amazing!!

Jutta Kupke

Beautiful shots,
great details in the photos!
I'm not far from Bamberg.
Nice that you like it there so much.
Warm greetings from Germany
My contribution.

Lieselotte Haag

Deine Ausführungen kann ich nur bestätigen.Bamberg ist nur ein Katzensprung von meinem Wohnort entfernt und so ist es immer wieder schön diese bezaubernde Stadt zu erkunden. Ein tolles Event ist auch die Sand Kerwa.


Wonderfully serie and thank you for the explanations


Nice that old architecture isn't interrupted by modern.


So beautiful!!! You continue to inspire my travels with these posts. I LOVE them! Thanks for linking up!

Robert Nicolaescu

Beautiful series.
Best regards!


The blue delft-like building is worth the trip alone. Many of my friends are traveling now and I can't place half the places where they or you are.

Linda Brown

Can you imagine painting that beautiful Bamberg house! WHEW! I love all your photos AND your trip!

betty - NZ

I love seeing photos from the old country with their wonderful architecture and designs! Awesome shots, Sallie :)

I appreciate your link on 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World


Thank you for sharing... of course I know Bamberg, we live in Bavaria. But its a great pleasure that you like this wonderful town too.

Happy MosaicMonday dear friend 😊

Little Wandering Wren

Bamberg looks a lovely medieval town, I will always be drawn to taking water photos too- it must be the Pisces in me. Mind you in our defence, water is often the focal part of a town, isn't it? When it's called Little Venice it certainly is!

Linda Walcroft

Awesome post! I wonder if town hall gets damp.


A beautiful town. A clever idea to build the town hall in the middle of the bridge. Lots and lots of interesting details you have found for us.


i have never been sallie...viewing your beautiful pictures makes me realize how much i am missing!! it is amazing to me how decorative the buildings are, how the bridges were built with such a pretty design!!

i love water, when a town has it...it must be included in your pictures!!! it's nice to see the ducks and swans, they always make for fabulous subjects!! ooooh and no beer for me, even regular ole' beer, i never fashioned a taste for beer!!


I've only passed trhough Bamberg on the way to some of the other beautiful towns and villages in that part of Germany, your photos are wonderful

Su-sieee! Mac

The town looks so cheerful. I love where the happy looking old city hall is situated. It reminds of that Golden book about a tugboat. Here's another flashback I got from your photos, Sallie. Do you remember Babes in Toyland with Laurel and Hardy? I think those characters could've lived in Bamberg.

ellen b

Beautiful indeed. Glad you could enjoy this little gem. You were good sports to try the home beer! There is something quite special about a town surrounded by water.


Sallie - what an innovative solution to the city hall "challenge". Wouldn't it be nice if people today could do the same? This town has definitely earned its name of Little Venice - delightful. I love the Wedgewood pottery building - an apt description, indeed! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


What a charming village to visit. The blue house with white trim is so lovely - your Wedgewood comparison is very apt.

Photo Cache

I love this charming town. The architecture is splendid.


Beautiful town. Have a good day, Diane

bill burke

What a beautiful town, the buildings are lovely with lots of details. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful pics, Sallie and have a wonderful week.


That's funny that an American shows a German girl Bamberg ! I have never been there, looks indeed beautiful !


Yes that does seem like the perfect ending but let's go back to the town hall photos—is that a leg sticking out of the painting? Joseph Heller, didn't he write Catch 22, I got in trouble for reading that book in 8th grad (Catholic school). And it does look like an elaborate cake decoration.
I also have a tendency to take water photos but yours are so much more interesting. I can't get it in my head that just because I'm enthralled with the WI and Mississippi rivers it will easily translate through my photos.
I either didn't know or forgot Rat meant town. Now that I think of it there are paintings of Germans looking very social at Der Rat Skellar where I've spent way too much time. They're drinking lots of beer though so maybe German town hall meetings are a lot more fun than the ones I've seen.

William Kendall

It certainly is a beautiful place!

A Quiet Corner

Water is something I have to be around if it's available so I enjoyed your river views as well as the historic and architectural structures. It looks like it was a great trip!!..:)jp

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! I can see why this town was your favorite and yes the riverways too ~ Delightful photos and what comes to mind is Bamberg Lace? or am I thinking of something else ~

Wonderful trip for you ~ thanks for sharing it with your beautiful photos!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

riitta k

I had to google the location of Bamberg :) A wonderful old town indeed!

Lavender Dreamer

That was probably some strong beer! I'm amazed at the buildings right on the water and wonder how they built some of them. Beautiful photos! What a picturesque place! Makes you SO happy to have a camera with plenty of film! heehee!


Hello, what a beautiful town. The buildings do look like they came from a fairy tale. The river scenes are lovely and great captures of the birds. I love the pretty swans. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead!

David Gascoigne

It is a storied town with lots of history, to be sure. There is a hamlet close to here called Bamberg but not quite so picturesque I'm afraid. Of course, you did the most important thing, Sallie, by taking pictures of the birds! Bravo!

Linda P

You had beautiful weather for your time in Bamburg. I'm not surprised that you enjoyed the river aspect of this pretty town.
Lovely mosaic of the swan and duck families.


Those old buildings in Europe are works of art. Lovely to see the swans, and the ducks too. What an incredible vacation to see all these wonderful sights. Thanks for sharing them Sallie :)


What a beautiful and curious town ! I'd like to visit it. Perhaps this year ? Like you I like to "try" unknown foods and drinks; always interessant, sometimes, silly ! Have a nice week, Sallie !

Veronica Lee

It really is a pretty town! Looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale!


You used the right description - it's cute, and so historic. An unusual place for civil hall as in your first image, but have to say, it makes sense! So, it looks like murals are not something, only from this time! Uh-oh, the beer was that bad, or strong, eh:) Bamberg is certainly a place to remember. Many thanks for showing it to us at All Seasons and have a great week!

Lady Fi

Wow - what an amazing place! I just love that first photo.


What a beautiful town! I'm surprised they were not worried about floods from storms swelling up the river and ruining their city hall. The Heller building does look like Wedgewood china.


It always amazes me how people can construct buildings that are on canals and rivers like the city hall above. And it further amazes me that they can withstand all of the moisture and erosion that water can do. It has been raining up here in BC as well. Heading to Bellingham at the end of the week. Hopefully we'll get a good driving day with a bit of sun. But it sure has cut down on fires. Here on the coast they went from 164,000 last year to about 325 this season. Can't complain about that. - Margy


It looks like a fairy tale town - love the architectural details especially on the blue building.

Penelope Notes

All the buildings are a work of art but, oh, that blue building is SO very pretty! What a wonderful sense of fairness these people had to build their town hall right in the middle of the river so both sides had equal travel. I don’t see anything like that happening nowadays.

Cathy Keller

Wonderful post! The photo of the swans is just beautiful! I enjoyed the history of the town. Thank you!

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