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August 16, 2019



Wonderful photos of summertime Sallie...

Wally Jones

The way you present it - I LOVE the blues!

From flowers to birds to the ocean - simply beautiful!

Thank you for sharing it with us, Sallie.

riitta k

I loved your Oregon blues! At first one might think of something melancholy - but no! Lovely photos, wishing happy weekend.


I will admit that I LOVE to travel, but there is nothing quite like being at home. I appreciate this post to the utmost. Thank you for linking it up today.

Peter B.

I would really like to spend some time in Oregon. My sister is going for a visit next week. It looks beautiful. Alsea Falls looks like a great place to visit.

Ken Schneider

Oh to have berries like that in my back yard. Well, I must be content with mangoes and annones. Your Scrub Jay photo is so artful!

betty - NZ

It's awesome to have such beauty everywhere you go! I'm glad you shared with us :)
Your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week sure made my day!
My Corner of the World


the birds are both cute and beautiful, and of course they are my favorites!! i would love to live on a piece of land that was bountiful in fruit, blueberries are one of my favorites!! plums are another favorite...the black ones where the juice runs down your arms when you bite into it!!

i love the cute little lady bug!!!

Amy Franks

That looks like a beautiful beach, reminds me of Taupo Bay up north.

Su-sieee! Mac

You never know, the ocean could've moved. :-) Blue jays don't pop into the yard as much as they used to. There has been a lot of development the last several years displacing the birds and other wildlife. Poor babies. I love that photo of the bird in the birdhouse. I am curious to how it decorated the inside with the red twiggy thing.


Hi! There are many beautiful flowers in your home town. The Oregon blue is very beautiful.


Thank you for sharing... I enjoyed this Post so much.

Heidrun xxx


I grew up with blue jays and they were considered nuisances like crows, but they don't look like your scrub jay. The bird in the house is precious. We just hiked to a waterfall that was over 60 feet tall and close!


beautiful Oregon Blues


Those berries and other blue fruits look scrumptious.

Lady Fi


Sandra Nachlinger

Oregon is such a beautiful place. You did a great job capturing some of its beauty through your photos.


We travel to Oregon quite often for sports events at OSU and the University of Oregon. We've enjoyed camping in our RV at Armitage Park. - Margy

Cath Moore

I'm back to say thanks for linking with Cath@Home for CountryScapes....great post!

Sylvia D.

Sallie, I love your blues! I am partial to blueberries and picked the tiny wild ones as a kid. I put away the large ones now so I have some blue on my breakfast in the winter time. Love seeing the big water. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

Photo Cache

Oregon is such a beautiful state. No wonder people from California are moving there in droves.


Beautiful blue ocean, and my oh my, all those blue berries and blackberries, an embarrassment of riches.


I'm catching up with blogging after being away for awhile, and I'll have to go back to read about your Europe trip. Meanwhile, the Oregon photos show off the beauty of the west coast. This is such an abundant time of year with the blackberries, blueberries, and other fruits.


Oh my, how incredibly beautiful! I especially like the falls and the darling nesting bird. Thank you! Wishing you well!!


Am glald the ocean is still there:):) Am envious about all these berries in the yard! Blue- jays are about the only bird (except for humming birds) I see often - and yes, they're noisy! But one time, they congregated to prevent a vulture from attacking one of their nests in our yard ...and the vulture, even though much bigger, lost!
Many thanks for these lovely details in Oregon you're sharing with All Seasons! Happy berry-eating this week:)


Sallie - so nice to see some photos around the "home place". How blessed you are by those Oregon blues, from the plums to the scrub jay to the ocean. Thanks for sharing them (virtually) with the Mosaic Monday crowd!

Lady Fi

Delicious and beautiful Oregon blues!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful Falls and ocean photos ~ my favorite is the little bird in the birdhouse ~ soooo creative and sweet ^_^

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Sami Veloso

Beautiful birds. I remember picking wild blackberries in the country when I was a teenager. So great to have all that fruit in the garden.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Alsea Falls looks amazing and those blueberries look so good! I can't get them over here and miss them :(


You took great photos, so many pretty sights! The little bird peeking out of its house is darling. Oregon is a state I would love to revisit. Enjoy your Sunday and have a very enjoyable week :)


Gorgeous country! LOVE the beautiful jay.

Happy weekend, and you linking with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' is appreciated. Thanks.


And on the other side of that ocean you will find us. I just envy you all that fruit. I love blue berries and have to pay a lot for them. The flowers and birds are lovely too.

Linda Walcroft

Nice pictures! I love the little bird in his house!

Jennifer Jilks

Home sweet home!
I guess it's all better when you know what you've missed!

Penelope Notes

It IS reassuring to see the ocean is still there along our beautiful coastline, without any discernible change in sea levels. The blueberries and plums look delicious and are utterly nutritious. I’ve read the dark colored fruits and vegetables have more healing properties than most and some can even decrease blood pressure.


Cute visitors to theback yard

William Kendall

Such a pretty waterfall!

bill burke

Oregon looks lovely as always through your eyes.
Have a great weekend, Sallie.


Wonderful soft photos - it's always a pleasure to visit you.


It's nice to switch homes according to seasons ! I wished I could do that too ! But with my coach potato it's impossible. He only feels home in Waterloo ! He doesn't even want to go to Italy anymore !!


Lots of beautiful things in this post I enjoy the natural things! I'd love to see a FL Scrub Jay!

David Gascoigne

The Florida Scrub Jay, while looking superficially similar, is a very interesting species, with many significant characteristics. The feature that really sets it apart is that it is a cooperative breeder, where the young from a previous year help raise the subsequent year's young. For interesting reading on Florida Scrub Jay see the work of Glenn Wolfenden, a phenomenal biologist who I had the pleasure of spending several hours with at the Archbold Research Centre in Venus, Florida. He passed away a few years ago. For excellent reading on helpers at the nest in general see Alexander F. Skutch, one of the greatest all-time ornithologists in my book.


Oh, I just loved reading this post and the photo's make me long for all that to happen down under! The little bird poking its head out the bird house is my favourtie

Lavender Dreamer

That Scrub Jay is beautiful! I was going to drive out to where I usually see them yesterday but it was too rainy..and wet! Love those blueberries and that little bird in the house! Beautiful photos! Enjoy your weekend!


Hello, Sallie! Beautiful photos from Oregon. I love the waterfalls and the beautiful flowers. It is great to be able to pick the different berries. YUM! The Bird looking out of the house is cute and the Scrub Jay is beautiful. The Oregon beach and coast is gorgeous. Lovely post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!


Your Oregon - interlude is beautiful. The blackberries bring back memories. Way back then fruit that was both wild and free was important- but I hated the prickles!!

Linda P

Beautiful blues and wonderful scenery! Your abundant supply of fruit must be very welcome. Enjoy!

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