August 10, 2019



Hi! Nice trip to Germany. The oberhausen looks very great fort. I felt as if I could hear the organ concert. Thanks for sharing.

MaryBeth Schwartz

How interesting to walk around like 'real people'. LOL! I would love to go to Germany someday---thanks for taking me along on your journey

Amy Franks

Looks like a nice colourful place, I like how the houses have different colours.

Peter B.

What an incredible tour. The history is so rich!!


I am enjoying your tour so much. My husband and I have talked about going to Germany. It looks wonderful! I appreciate you linking up!


This looks like major interesting sightseeing and fun.


These old towns are like something from a fairy tale. Beautiful photos Sallie, thank you!

Linda Walcroft

So charming from the river! And the cathedral is spectacular.


Did you get a new camera and I missed it? Your photos look so professional or maybe that's because I love windows and sills and doors and steps and cathedrals as well. They all have their own challenges when shooting. I love the little girls playing on the steps, reminds me of Italy for some reason, and of course the alley cat, sweet babi.
Wow, those Celts sure got around. I don't know if I'd be excited or uncomfortable waking up in another country, half the time I get creeped out waking up here (where I've lived 20 some years).
So you guys can handle all the walking, I'm not sure I could. I may be in better shape but I couldn't hack all that. Maybe if I took a golf cart?

betty - NZ

Wow! I sure can imagine the organ music in that beautiful space :)

Thank you for linking at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World


what a great way to travel, go to sleep in one country, wake up in another!!!

the church is gorgeous and i'll bet the organ concert was a real treat. your pictures are so pretty, i have never been to germany but i would really love to see it. more so now!!!

// Heidrun

I enjoyed this Post. I know Passau very well... rememberings.
Heidrun xxx

Cathy Keller

What lovely photos! Beautiful scenery and it appears you are having a wonderful time.

Lady Fi



Hi Sallie....just read your comment on my linky post, CountryScapes, and just want to let you know that you are welcome to link a mixed subject post to the link. I do that all the time :)


...your entire trip is a treasure! I sure do look the architecture. Thanks Sallie for sharing, I hope that you are having a great week.

A ShutterBug Explores

Such history ~ wonderful photos and wishing you the best on your adventure!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Wally Jones

We have really been loving your tour, Sallie! It has caused us to reminisce about our ten years spent living in Germany. Outstanding memories!

Passau is beautiful and, as your terrific images show, one can't help but feel a sense of history wandering the cobblestone streets.

Thank you so very much for sharing!


What a beautiful town. Sounds idyllic to be able to wander the streets on your own and discover the town's heart and soul for yourselves.

Su-sieee! Mac

I love the way you and your beloved travel. Strolling as locals enjoying the day and attending a local concert are the Husband's and my cups of tea, too. I'm learning so much from your travels, Sallie. I pried myself away from the Wikipedia article on Passau to come back to your post. I love seeing the details on the buildings and on that church ceiling. Wow!


I would love to do one of those river cruises...infact, I dream about it constantly!

Sandra Nachlinger

I have never been to that part of Germany but would love to visit it. A Viking river cruise is on my wish list!


Such wonderful architecture. Yet I love the idea of strolling like locals. Who might carry a camera.


Those Celts really got around. I love seeing kid's playing outside. What is the boat version of a jet setter?

William Kendall

The cathedral is quite a sight to see!


Very interesting photos and mosaic. Have a good week

Much ❤🕊❤


Thank you Sallie for this wonderful post about Passau! Yes, it's the butcher's house (Fleisch Hacker - modern spelling). Great you could not only admire the interior of St Stephen's cathedral but also hear the organ music - don't know if the organ itself you could see, but it has more than one keyboard, and it varies how many foot pedals 6-8..difficult to play!
Many thanks for sharing the beauty of the Rhine area with all the castles with All Seasons!
To get back to your comment on my post this week - all the women in my family - 3 generations - are pretty verbal and don't roll over on their own opinion! I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Photo Cache

How incredible. I love that your excursion was all taken care of and all you had to care about is to have a good time. The architecture is especially interesting. And the churches in Europe, what can you say, right?

Lavender Dreamer

You've definitely seen a lot on this trip and taken some amazing photos! I love the buildings with so many windows! The organ concert does sound wonderful too. So much to take it with the beauty and beautiful music too. Enjoy your week!


you have probably seen more from Germany then I ever did ! The word his hard to read because it's written in gotic as the Germans used to write before and had to change in 1945 when the allies couldn't read it and it was forbidden. My grandma had difficulties to write like we write today and I can't read what my mother wrote in the Albums ! I never learned it. I had to have my birth certificate written in today's German ! What I read is Fleischauer and that must be an old name for butcher !! You are right !

riitta k

Wonderful sights and that white cathedral is gorgeous! Happy MM.

Lady Fi

I do love European architecture! The baroque interiors are gorgeous!


Your red painted cobbles reminded me of the yellow painted duck footprints in Eugene, Oregon, that lead you around town. The University of Oregon, in Eugene, has a duck as their mascot. - Margy

bill burke

What great places you are seeing. I enjoyed your photos of this German town and the descriptions are fabulous. The cathedral is gorgeous and I'm sure that you enjoyed the organ concert.
Beautiful photos, Sallie and thank you for sharing.
Have a wonderful day!


Sallie - I can imagine the acoustics in the cathedral were amazing - an ideal place for an organ concert. And the interior - where do you look first? Good for you to pretend to be locals - we always come across something interesting when we do it (and then we have to take pictures!) Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, and for linking to Mosaic Monday!


The cathedral is worth the trip all by itself - gorgeous!


How beautiful! I have several friends who have gone on river cruises and they all had wonderful things to say about it. The scenery looks lovely and cool. Glad you had such a lovely time.

Penelope Notes

Haha, sounds like the perfect stop and very efficiently handled for tourists pretending to be citizens of the country mingling with “real people”. The Cathedral is breathtaking and incredibly ornate vs the homes that look somewhat plain (in a good way) and practical. Interesting shot of the girls playing with what I think is a dollhouse, It captures the imagination, as they are so engrossed in the task.


The craftsmanship of those days is mind blowing! My brother in Law is German his father was a WWII soldier, he lives here now of course, while his mother and half brother still live in Germany...She never learned to drive she still rides a bike to the market every day and is a very strong little lady! I think she lives in Stuttgart.


I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to my home country Germany!
The Gothic letters on the plate read "Fleischhacker" - and you are right, it's an old word for butcher! :-)

Eileen Wise

Hello, it is a beautiful city. I love the cathedral. Cute shot of the children playing on the steps. Beautiful photos and mosaics! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.


Wow you are on a river cruise. That was our favourite trip ever. You are doing well with all the walking and travelling.


I am enjoying all your descriptions of your tour - thanks! - but the highlight for me would have been the organ!!

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