September 06, 2019



Lovely series of photos and post...


Thank you for your kind message, Sallie !
Your country is so beautiful and it's always a great pleasure to travel with you. My garden is full of Hollyhocks. I love them ! Have a nice day.


I also loved the posting and most of all the jellyfish! Great photos and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Super photos Sallie. They show nature at its best. Those seals always make me smile. I love this area and I hope I get back there one day. Enjoy your weekend :)


Awesome shots! Thanks for sharing your
trip. Have a great day!


wow sallie, what beautiful pictures!! the jellyfish are awesome, almost a beautiful sight!! the seals are amazing, we see them here at christmas time, they always arrive on christmas eve!! the flowers are beautiful, that peach rose is stunning!!


looks like a great trip. The photos of the jellyfish are beautiful!

riitta k

The jellyfish photo is stunning! Beautiful views of the nature and hollyhocks. I don't photograph people either :) Happy weekend, thank you for linking!

Linda Walcroft

Very interesting post! Have a good weekend.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sky.


Love those jellyfish. They are such wondrous creatures and I love watching them at aquariums. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!!

Alan Bates

Those spheres are something else!! I am glad just to have a window to look out.
Washington is a state of incredible natural beauty.

Peter B.

I love the jelly shots. You're right, perfect lighting! The beaches in that area really look incredible. Really makes me want to visit!

A Quiet Corner

Oh, I wish I could get the Pres to do something like this!!!...:)jp

Amy Franks

I'm loving the jellyfish!


What a wonder of a world. The jellyfish almost look like sea flowers. Once, when I was in CA/Oregon with friends we saw seals from up high and my friends thought they were driftwood. I knew and stayed till I saw them move!

betty - NZ

Thanks for your link on 'My Corner of the World'! It's lovely to see you this week!
My Corner of the World

Linda p

Wonderful nature scenes from your trip. The jellyfish in the aquarium must have been fascinating to watch. My favourite shots are of the sea on the Olympic Peninsular.

Su-sieee! Mac

Cool shots, Sallie. I wonder if jellyfish know how beautiful they are. I could pull up a beach chair next to a display and watch them for a while. The air in sphere must've been delightful with all those plants giving up their oxygen for humans.


What a nice tour ! I think if Bill likes to drive in the mountains he should go to Italy ! The streets are so narrow and on one side rocks and on the other to fall deep down ! The streets look like a snake from above ! The curves too are very narrow and you can't see if somebody comes from the other direction so you have to horn ! I am not quickly afraid but there sometimes I thought of making my testament !

Robert Nicolaescu

Beautiful series.
best regards!


I love the "Old people's camping" that is my idea of camping too. You've been to a lot of interesting places.

Cath Moore

Such a super road trip...I would have loved to have seen those seals! thanks for linking up with CountryScapes


What a beautiful spot to explore. We've talked about visiting the Olympic Peninsula (which I can see from my bedroom window). It's gorgeous seen from your camera lens. Did you have good weather? It looks like it.


I'll have to look up the RV park you mentioned. Next time we head south we are going to take more time and try more new places. - Margy

betty - NZ

Amazing photos! It's nice that they considered photographers with the lighting of the jellyfish!
My Corner of the World


I'm so envious of all the walking you guys do, never take it for granted. That park looks incredible. I never made it to Washington State but picture it as a colder version of OR with bigger cities. I wish I'd worked in an office like that, woza.
I have never heard of someone who loved mountain driving, that's pretty cool. I say this because it terrifies me, don't know who I made it out of Northern California back to my starting point in OR.
Those elephant seals seem like a noisy group, are you saying they're too lazy to make noise, lol.
I've seriously been thinking of renting an RV or something since I'll be booted out of my apartment for a week and still have no idea where I'm going.
Great jellyfish shots and I love the beach shot and all the others.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm sure that your shots are the closest I'll ever come to a jellyfish, Sallie. Thanks!

Photo Cache

Someday I want to visit Olympic NP. It looks very magical.


The spheres are amazing! With a second look at the people I realized how big they are! Love your first rock formation. So many different kinds of views you saw on the way, as well as a variety of flowers - I love trips like this, they are worth it. Wow, the jellies, stunning clarity, but I'm glad they're behind glass:) Many thanks for sharing this wonderful trip with All Seasons, Sallie, and have a great week!

Veronica Lee

Stunning photos! Love them all especially the jellyfish.

Shiju Sugunan

Great shots!


Sallie - I am struck by the beauty of the jellyfish, but terrified of them at the same time! Love the Seattle Spheres - I wish and pray that more companies would build structures with this intent! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


Jelly fish are pretty but sure can hurt!


You and Bill are always on the move! Your trip photos show a varied landscape. Glad those sea lions weren't barkers!


That was fun! I wish my sis was not so far away I can't go see her when I get the feeling...Love the lazy seals! Almost time for the fall flowers to be out in full force, mums and pumpkins on the way!

Penelope Notes

The last photo is a great way of showing how tall and wondrous are those trees. There are so many natural beauties in Washington and it is comforting to know that the current Governor is a strong defender of the environment unlike some leaders in the news.

ellen b.

Beautiful scenery. I remember those awkward boardwalks to get to those amazing views on the Makah Reservation. Jellyfish are so cool to watch. I remember getting stung by one when I was young and playing at the beach...not fun. I'll have to check and see if I've missed other posts as I've not had free time for blog visits this past week.

David Gascoigne

Thanks for this tour, Sallie. I have never visited your state so I was especially interested to see what I have missed. It looks stunningly beautiful, far more so than the flatness of your winter retreat in Florida in my humble opinion. I think I would never leave! The jellyfish pictures are exquisite.


Hello Sallie, I love all your critter photos. The jelly fish and seals are cool to see in the wild. The flowers and beautiful. Cape Flattery and the Olympic Peninsula were some of our favorite places to visit in Washington state. Love the views and trees. I just got back from my trip and I am catching up with comments. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and a great new week! PS, I appreciate your visits and comments.

Lady Fi

Wow - superb photos! Love love those jellyfish and seal!

A ShutterBug Explores

What a road trip and great photos ~ love the seals and gorgeous sea life macros and floral macros too! Divine, Sally ^_^

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bill burke

What beautiful photos you captured. Love those very tired seals and the jelly fish are incredible to see this close. Excellent photography capturing all these creatures and the beauiful scenery
Enjoy your weekend!

William Kendall

Terrific shots, especially the last!

Lavender Dreamer

Those spheres really are something to see...and for me, imagine! Love the jellies and all the neat things you've seen! Happy weekend!

Wally Jones

I know you really miss our Florida heat and humidity, but your wonderful photographs sure make me wish I could visit that area, even though I'm certain I would freeze. :)


Wonderful photos.

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