September 21, 2019



Lovely photos. Wurzburg is such a beautiful place, I visited friends there when I was at University

Wally Jones

We continue to enjoy your European tour, Sallie!

This post brought back wonderful memories. Early evening meal by the river, filet steak, potatoes, salad, superb Riesling, cool walk under the stars. Sigh.

Thank you for sharing!

Little Wandering Wren

Isn't that love-hate sculpture great? I have enjoyed our little wandering through the streets of Würtzburg it's a new city for me, and I was glad you could share with us.
Happy days!
Wren x

Peter B.

So interesting about your healthcare experience. Heck, I can't be seen promptly... always a long wait, and very expensive. Amazing how superior healthcare is in other countries. Beautiful photos, and that really does look like a fortress!

Photo Cache

You know I really would love to do this someday. I'm very jealous :) - in a good way. So happy for you.


Another beautiful stop and how great that your dr. visit and script refill was as easy as that. Not so here in the states. Thanks for linking up.


Wow, beautiful buildings, and gardens all the rest.

Interesting your experience with the medical system there. From what I hear they are all jealous of our medical system;)

jp@A Quiet Corner

Sallie, another trip to remember...what wonderful gardens!!!...:)jp


love - hate...i honestly did not see the hate until i read about it. at first i wondered why you photoghaped the back of it. it is clever, for those that are clever as well!!!

the palace is gorgeous, too bad for not indoor pictures, i would have enjoyed seeing them!!

i did not have the same experience with medication on a trip once. we left all of my medication at home, by accident of course. there was a CVS where we were...they had access to all of my records and would not fill any of my medications, even knowing how important some were. i was very disappointed!!

a lovely river walk and beautiful gardens!!

Fun 60

I am enjoying travelling with you as you always manage to hit the nail on the head with your commentary. It looks a beautiful place to visit. Wonderful photos.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good shots.

Linda Brown

I'm loving your tour. And the experience with the prescription was very interesting. I'm so glad it turned well.


Würzburg is a wonderful town...

...I posted here, if you like to read, top

We bought our Biker there, a Triumph AMERICA

Wish you a good week.

Heidrun xxx

betty - NZ

You are an awesome tour guide, my friend! Lovely photos and, I'm sure, great memories for you.
Isn't it interesting how different cultures do things so differently! That's exactly why I started my first blog: to show the differences that you never anticipated.

Thank you for joining us on 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World


how pretty that fortress looks sitting on the hill above the vineyard...thanks for sharing


Great photos Sallie! I love my armchair traveling with you :) Such an amazing trip!


I can say you : "I love Europe" and I'm so sad to see that this beautiful idea is today so roughly handle. European people forget often too much how lucky we are. Our health-care service is a good example... I hope Bill is fine, now !

Linda Walcroft

Great tour. Love the gardens!


There is just so much history in Europe. I love it. So many places don't allow photos inside and it's really too bad. I'm glad the prescription worked out - every country has a different system. Happy new week!

ellen b.

What a nice experience to be able to get that prescription and have it filled, too. The architecture of the church and palace are nice to see. Happy Fall to you!

Lavender Dreamer

The Love Hate was really amazing. I don't think I would have even noticed the hate from looking at the back. Maybe that says something about me...I'll ponder on it! lol Love the photos of this beautiful place! I'm always drawn to the water views!

bill burke

What a beautiful city to explore. Beautiful photos and glad that your hubby got his medication without any problems.
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.


Great commentary and photos. I particularly enjoyed this Blog, as I have not been away this year 😊.

Jutta Kupke

Würzburg is located in Franconia.
There I live in the vicinity.
I know this city and I am happy about these nice impressions. you show us!
best regards
my Mosaic

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful photos of your adventure abroad ~ Delightful!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Veronica Lee

I would love to visit this beautiful city. Love the photos you shared.

Linda P

A good sentiment to see and think about in those sculptures. Those buildings are beautiful with their different architectural merits. I like the onion-type domes and the beautiful gardens. A walk by the river must have been relaxing as you strolled back to your Viking Ship Skirnr. Wishing you a good week!

riitta k

Würtzburg seems to be a beautiful city, they all are! That sculpture and the idea behind is interesting. Europe has its issues. So glad you gor good service at the pharmacy and the health station!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Took me a while to see that the sculpture says "Love", but it's an interesting piece. Looks like you visited a great place.

Lady Fi

That baroque church is a masterpiece! Stunning!


I can't stop looking at the two way sculpture. I figured it before I read but wondered if I was imagining it. Joe and I just posed at a giant LOVE sign today. Backwards it almost says EVOLVE. Look at those Stepford Wives trees!

Cathy Keller

Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing! Have a grand week!

Penelope Notes

Wow, those bishops really knew how to live. I can only imagine the overwhelming grandeur inside that palace. Interesting about the credit cards and health insurance not being recognized, as I assume you had travel health insurance. It’s good to know their fees were in the low scale. Yes … the simplest things can be so difficult to muddle through in a foreign land. That’s part of the adventure.


Sallie - the first photo with the vineyard is stunning. What a superb setting for grapevines! And the sculpture is so clever - I admire this artist for using such innovation to send a much-needed message. Isn't the architecture in Europe just mind-blowing? Thanks for sharing it with everyone at Mosaic Monday!


Healthcare in Germany has been impeccable for the duration of my life:) Beautiful views here! I am with you - you don't want to link up with your Ipad - I wouldn't want it either, I tried in the past without any result
Oh, before I forget: Wurzburg is also the place Luther worked on his theses that hte posted on the church door and revolutionized the then known world, and people walked away from the Catholic church, and formed what is now called Lutherianism. Many thanks for showing us this beautiful and significant historic town to All Seasons. Wishing you good travel!


What a fabulous place to visit with so many beautiful treasures. Loved them all but I am now fascinated by the Bishop's Palace.


Wow that first photo is amazing...glad Bill got the help he needed and it seems like they really were on the ball. I been enjoying your reviews of your trip!



I am glad all worked out with Bill's prescription. The first shot of the fortress and vineyard is beautiful. I would like the river walk.
Love the palace and gardens. Beautiful trip photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week ahead!

David M. Gascoigne

Your comment regarding the pharmacy staff being flummoxed at how to deal with people not part of their regular system reminds me of a similar situation I encountered in Croatia. We stopped at a little restaurant and after a great meal had a shot of the local Schnapps. The glasses in which they served it were very appealing and I asked if I could buy four of them. They were quite willing to do this but had no idea how to handle an item that was not in their system! I forget how they finally worked it out, but the shot glasses are in the cupboard!

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