October 06, 2019



Lovely photos. The Rhine is such a picturesque river. I've been on the train alongside the Rhine, but it must be even more beautiful cruising down!


It is an amazing tour, So beautiful and historic. We loved it best of all our tours.


What a beautiful trip, Sallie. Germany has so wonderful landscape and towns ! I like so much to go there when I live just near the frontier. Sometimes, I miss it.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

These castles really do look like they have come straight out of a fairy tale book! How lovely!


I thought I was late with my travel post but you are even later ! The area along the Rhine you have described is the only place in Germany I know by heart ! I learned the fables and the history of all the castles at school, but don't ask me to tell them, except a few, with a dragon and a girl who had such long beautiful hair that the men on the ships forgot everything and ended against a rock and died all of course ! It's true its a very beautiful area. My parents lived near Koblens at the rhine after my father retired.

riitta k

Absolutely fantastic views Sallie! These sceneries takes the nowadays people to the history! Happy weekend.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful scenes.


That truly does look like a fairy tale. Your posts have all been full of such beauty! I love it all! Thanks for linking up!

Peter B.

With all the castles and beautiful countryside, it really does look like a fairy-tale. I do like that leaning tower!


I'm happy to say I've been to Germany (my husband's father was born there) so I have some idea. But only saw a small part of it. The castles, most in ruins, I saw in Ireland along with many sacred wells and Newgrange!

betty - NZ

Thanks for being a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World

betty - NZ

Love the title, Sallie, and it's definitely my kind of fairy tale! I'm enjoying your trip with you so much. As for your editing, you're not alone getting 'crooked' things right in the photos. That's why I like water shots cuz water is always level :)


How I love castles -- and Germany has so many splendid ones! The sunset is just lovely, too. What a memorable time on the Rhine!


...Sallie, you sure saw some fabulous architecture on your trip! Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you are enjoying your week.

Wally Jones

Your superb photographs along with your excellent commentary makes for a compelling travelogue, Sallie!

For us, you have resurrected some wonderful memories!

Thank you for sharing your fairy-tale!


ooooh sallie, what a beautiful adult fairy tale!! i thought, oh a bike tour, i would like that until i read the word "hill"...i am more of a "flat" landscape kind of girl!!! i LOVED day 13's castle, it almost looks like it is floating in the water!!

how wonderful that you were able to see so much of this from the boat, that's my style!! hehehe!!

i do not drink wine, but i love seeing vineyards!! dinner at 7 pm, oh that's so late...we are early bird special kind of people!! another great post, one i so enjoyed!!!

Su-sieee! Mac

Your photos certainly show you were in a fairy tale, Sallie. Maybe also the land of Mother Goose. I'm imagining Humpty Dumpty up in that leaning tower. The castle photos has me thinking of the opening scenes in The Sound of Music.


'Quarrelsome wenches' is such a great description. I wonder who decided that they were quarrelsome. This river trip you are doing is full of scenic villages and towns and brings many of the fairy tales back to life.

Linda Walcroft

Ahh, castles! How fun to see them.

ellen b.

How wonderful that you could enjoy this fairy tale trip. I've enjoyed traveling with you via your blog posts.


Seeing all those amazing castles does feel like a fairy tale.


Great photos of your travels. You saw amazing sights and I do love my arm-chair traveling with you. Thank you so much Sallie. Thank you also for the comment on my ramen noodle post. I added some substitutions on the end just in case. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Photo Cache

Castles galore. What an epic cruise. Hope you are having a good Autumn.


Thank you for this amazing tour,really breathtaking!Hugs!

William Kendall

Incredible architecture!

jp@ A Quiet Corner

Your photos and memories are definitely in the "fairy tale" category and judging by your words, you fell in love!...:)jp

Linda Brown

I would like to live in a castle!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Oh I would love to cruise those waters. I just cannot imagine all those castles. My eldest brother went to Germany several times with his work and always marveled at the castles. His wife, my sister in law, is from Germany and he got to take her along on some of his work trips

Lavender Dreamer

You really could sit and look at those scenes and write fairy tales to go with them! I have written a few fairy tales...maybe I should again! You too! Hugs!

bill burke

Thanks for such a beautiful tour, stunning scenery and images.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful photos of your 'enchanted' journey ~ what a gift for you ^_^ and us to see in your photography ~

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Linda P

How relaxing to cruise down the river and see so many beautiful castles set in wonderful countryside! You must have great memories of your trip.

Jennifer Jilks

These are gorgeous! I wish I LIKED travel!


Hello, what a lovely cruise. I love the views of the castles. Having a meal at the winery sounds nice. The last sunset image is beautiful. Great photos from your trip! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Veronica Lee

WOW! These photos look like they came straight out of a fairy-tale book! Enchanting!

// Heidrun

A wonderful Tour... welcome here in Germany 😘
Happy MosaicMonday


I have the same problem when I take pictures. I think it has to do with my inner ear. - Margy

Lady Fi

Wow - it really is like a fairy tale! I wonder if people still live in those castles or if they are just tourist attractions these days...

Beautiful shots!


You had me at castles and dungeons - fantastic views!


Sallie - I can just envision you running back and forth from one side of the boat to the other to capture the next castle on the hillside. Wonderful! Visiting wineries is a favorite past-time of mine (but I don't get to do it often here), but I find I need to build in time for an afternoon siesta! Glorious sunset picture and an ideal conclusion to that day's adult fairy tale! Thanks for sharing with Mosaic Monday!


Beautiful shots and it does look like a fairy tale trip. Lovely ending photograph.


Never thought on a cruise, till I saw your posts, of so many places and castles! Castles are one of my favorite things to explore. You certainly did more than eating!
Were you given ample time to visit the castles (not only photographing them?)? I know there are several cruises - which is the company that provides this one?
Many thanks for sharing your adult fairy-tale with All Seasons! Enjoy your authumn week:)

Cathy Keller

Beautiful photos and the scenery is amazing! Thank you! The photo of the sunset is just breathtaking. Wishing you well!

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