October 13, 2019


Iris Flavia

Oh, I have such sweet memories of Köln! My dear Brother studied there and after our Dad was gone I spent two weeks in his flat, we even had to share one room. Many a Kölsch was shared, so many things we talked through, the beautiful city... Is a Kölsch a German beer? Oh, go to Düsseldorf and state that ;-)

Diane Bohlen

That sounds like a fun trip especially the night tour. Well done for lasting the course. You are doing the trip the other way round than we did. It has remained one of our most exciting trips ever.


What a beautiful day you spent in Cologne. I like the way small german children call their grand-parents "Opa " and "Oma". The town of Freiburg in Bade-Wurtenberg, looks the same than Cologne : The very beautiful cathedral and the old houses juste near it was spared allied bombs, but most of houses are news but so well built that you don't see it most of the time.

David Gascoigne

I just looked at pictures of Cologne right after the end of the war and it was pretty much totally destroyed. It has been rebuilt into a beautiful city, thank goodness. But when I see the obliteration of huge areas of Syria, it makes me realize that we have not learned our lesson at all. We still engage in war, kill civilians, including children, displace people, ruin lives and raze cities to the ground. We humans are an odd lot.

Michelle Keltner

This sounds like a fun day and what a great night time tour. Unlimited beer sounds crazy to me! Thanks for linking up!

Peter B.

Unlimited beer, oh my!! Looks like an interesting town. The Cathedral is beyond incredible!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Love those lanterns.

Amy Franks

I guess with a public wedding there will always be people watching on the sidelines but looks like a great place to visit.


Beautiful photos! The cathedral is impressive.

Iris Flavia

I love Cologne, sweet memories.


Sounds like quite the beer tasting tour.

Sharon Wagner

A river cruise is at the top of my travel list. I have no idea where I'd go first. Thanks for your kind words about my cancer - a whirlwind time here.

Linda Walcroft

Glad you had fun. I think that figure is a caganer... look up the definition and see what you think.

betty - NZ

It sounds like a fun place to visit and I'm loving your photos! I had to smile when you showed and spoke of the mooning gargoyle! Love it.

It's great to see your post on 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World


Your post brought back memories of my own trip we made during the holiday season when we visited the Christmas market. Thanks so much for sharing.


...the details on the cathedral are just amazing! What a trip, it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for stopping by.

MaryBeth Schwartz

The Cathedral of course is imposing. So wonderful. I sure wish I was along for the ride.


That's the city I really know very well ! My mother used to take me to Cologne to buy dresses for me and herself and we did a lot of shopping. It has changed very much. When I saw it for the first time it was still very much full of ruins and now the old houses only date from the 50. The only building which hadn't been damaged was the Dom. The shopping street has also changed the old buildings from the 50 had been demolished or renovated and modernized and the Bierhouses too ! They did a good job I think.


The Cathedral is amazing - I'm so glad it wasn't bombed.


You certainly packed a lot more into your day in Koln than i managed to do on my day trip there many years ago! Great photos.

riitta k

Thank you Sallie for your report from Köln. To see new cities is always interesting, you can learn so much from different cultures. I have been in Köln many years ago and seen the fantastic cathedral.... It is always lovely to see bridal pairs! In Florence I saw at least three young Japanese pairs and in Spain there is a habit to shout'Vivan los novios' = congratulations. In Florence they did not have that habit <3


The first sentence made me think you might be writing in another language! Love the mooning. And THAT cathedral. Joe's dad was born in Germany so Joe wanted to go by Opa to t he grandboys but the first started calling him Hopa and that stuck!

Photo Cache

The cathedrals in Europe are just unbelievably majestic. How wonderful to be able to stroll around Old Town. I always seek out the Old Town area of any place I visit.


I am just loving your overseas vacation. All those magnificent buildings and wonderful places you have visited, so very interesting. Thank you Sallie :)


The mooning scuplture made me laugh! Glad you spotted that and took a photo....lol! I also have some German ancestry and would love to visit that country one day and enjoy the sights and of course the beer! I am enjoying your posts about this amazing river cruise--something we also talk about taking one day.


Lorrie - I visited Cologne when I was a college student, and I remember the Cathedral well. Loved your description of the people attending the wedding as "uninvited guests." And the people that might have still been enjoying the Beer Festival from the night before. Ha ha ha! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Lavender Dreamer

It makes it more memorable when you learn things about the towns and cities along the way. I always love doing research before we take a trip. But I've never traveled the way you do! I enjoy your photos and insights along the way! Hugs!

bill burke

Another wonderful post, Sallie. Beautiful photos and narrative on your travels. Thank you and have a wonderful week.

A ShutterBug Explores

Your photos tell a wonderful story of your beautiful journey ^_^

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Cologne is a wonderful town... I was 2017 there for an artwork Workshop.

Happy MosaicMonday


Hello, I love the cathedral, beautiful windows and details. The river views are lovely. The mooning statue is funny. Wonderful tour and photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.

Veronica Lee

Yeap, the mere sight of the mega structure of the cathedral from the outside just blows you away.

Beautiful photos, Sally! I always enjoy stopping by to read about your amazing travels.

Lady Fi

That cathedral is really quite stunning! Seems like a fun city!


Oh, Koln is so close to where we used to live (on the Dutch side). Yeah, beer is a big thing in Germany. First I thought it was a typo, because Jan is a boy's name, but since you know Oma and Opa, I realized that may be Oma's name was originally Jans. Stunning night views of the water, Sally! And how did you get so much of this church in your image - wow! Love you share your travel experiences with All Seasons, Sally - have a beautiful week!

Linda P

It sounds like a lively evening in Cologne. Beautiful photos of the river at night and interesting descriptions of the cruise arrangements and experience of the city.


Great travel!Beautiful pictures!

Amy Franks

I can't believe people start drinking that early in the morning, think I'd wait until at least late afternoon.

William Kendall

The cathedral, of course, is a show stopper.


Some very odd sculpture there...lol. More brilliant buildings, and a look into some of the local flavor.

Cathy Keller

Really wonderful photos!! You’re having a wonderful time I can tell. Continue to have a wonderful week!!

Shiju Sugunan

Beautiful pics! Love the collage.

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