November 23, 2019



Fantastic shots from Amsterdam. That's somewhere I've always wanted to go. Such a big world so little time. Hard to believe it has been 20 years since I've been on a trip outside the U.S. I went to Germany and France to meet my daughter who was doing a student exchange around 2000. It was 25 years before that when I went to Europe with my family (summer of my Junior year of high school). At my age I probably shouldn't assume I'll have another 20 years. I do enjoy traveling vicariously through blogs.

soma @ whimsandfancies.com

Wonderful post and photos. I had no idea about the tall narrow houses. Fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing.


Susie of Arabia

What an awesome trip. Regarding the flags, I also thought the same thing that you did initially. Glad there is a legitimate reason for it. Nice pics!


Lovely photos, specially the top one of the bridges, I love Amsterdam, I particularly love that the city has a beautiful, large park dedicated to the memory of a poet....

riitta k

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city with its canals and decorative houses. Beautiful art museums as well. Should pay another visit.


Happy Thanksgiving, Sallie!

Peter B.

I've never been, but based on the photos I've seen, I think Amsterdam is at the top of my list of places to visit in Europe. So funny about the coat of arms!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Amazing architecture.


Beautiful city and I love that bridge. Came in to wish you A Very Happy Thanksgiving Sallie 😊

betty - NZ

What a fabulous city of opposites! I always appreciate the architecture of the older cities. And thanks for the info about the place, too.
We will love your blog posts as long as you want to keep showing us your adventures!!

Your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week is much appreciated!
My Corner of the World


Love that first bridge shot. The architecture is fun except I'd be worried about the sinking, or rising of water. Happy Thanksgiving!


You did well to do all that travelling. We are getting to the stage of arm chair travel when it comes to long haul flights overseas Australia is so far away from everywhere except NZ which is a beautiful country to visit. Love your photos of that beautiful city.


...Amsterdam is one city that I would like to visit, until that happens I enjoy your views. Thanks Sallie for sharing, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Nancy Chan

So nice to be able to see Amsterdam through your photos. Happy thanksgiving.


It's interesting to read about Amsterdam through tourist eyes ! As I am not a tourist anymore and my son and DIL never go to Amsterdam only for work, and I have seen what has to be seen, I don't like this city at all ! Probably seen too much behind the scene !


You looked good around. Nice little impressions of amsterdam.

Linda Walcroft

Interesting post. Don't worry, you'll get old soon enough to enjoy your pictures. I'm just saying that cuz I'm feeling my age and I don't like it.

Lady Fi

I love that shot of all the bridges! What a charming place. Have only visited in transit so that doesn't really count.


Sallie - interesting story about the flag. Like you, I am glad it was not to represent an X rating! I am still enough of a conservative that the casual attitude to red light districts is still shocking to me. Loved your pictures of architecture - gorgeous. So hard to believe that you will soon return to Florida where has 2019 gone? Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Sandra Nachlinger

Amsterdam looks like a charming city. Your photos make me want to visit there. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from Oregon, too.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Alan B Bates

I admire your organization in blogging. I go on a trip and think that I'll have a bunch of posts but I always get distracted after just a few.
Strange how the physical world sometimes follows the tax world like the narrow buildings being a result of the tax on width. People are so smart in maximizing their economics.
Love your pics and commentary. I'd have to walk through the X rated part also, just to do it.


I grimaced when you wrote, "draining the swamp" lol. So you stayed in a triple X hotel did you, you dirty dogs. I'm drawn to water and boats too and have been told and am pretty sure I'd love Amsterdam. It does seem like a safe place, safer than this side of town which seems to have a shooting a night.
How are rentals on houseboats handled, I always think of that Sophia Loren movie. I'd think living in a houseboat would be a hard life but wouldn't think it be expensive.
I was just wondering why the houses were so tall and narrow and close together. One of the shots looks like drunken buddies singing a little ditty.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend. You must feel anxious about the upcoming journey. From what I remember, Eugene was pretty cold and damp right about now.


Fabulous photos of that wonderful city. Having somewhere to write about your trips and illustrate with photos keeps those memories alive.


I just love those arched bridges! And your new word "re-Oregonized."
We were there briefly and went into a pot shop before the US had them. We saw women sitting in windows and it took me a moment to get what that was about! I tried to take a picture cause I thought it was unusual, but she got up.

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous photography of Amsterdam and great that you are still blogging about your wonderful trip ~ ^_^

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bill burke

Amsterdam looks great through your lens.
Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Su-sieee! Mac

I bet a lot of other visitors thought the triple x sign referred to the adult aspect of the City when they first saw it. I would've too. I love that first photo with all those arches, Sallie. The world looks so inviting.
I wondered if you and your Mister have headed off to Florida already. Happy Trails!


Thank you Sallie for visiting my blog and I have been enjoying your travels through your photos. Happy Thanksgiving.

Penelope Notes

Happy Thanksgiving, Sallie, to you and yours. What incredible buildings of beauty and how clever to build upwards to save on taxes and get a bird’s eye view. As the water rises and sands shift in our world, I hope such places weather the changes well.

Amy Franks

Amsterdam is very liberal aren't they and quite out there but the architecture is stunning.


A beautiful city, so full of live. The Dutch people are so smart, the country is below sea level yet they never have floods.

Bob Bushell

Love your travelling, Amsterdam looks great, cheers Sallie.

Iris Flavia

I feel so with you!
Our Perth trip was interrupting our everyday-life for weeks and weeks and weeks, blog-wise.

And why not? That way we enjoy the holiday much longer!

Somtimes, when it fits, I even go back to 1999, our best holiday ever. Makes me happy and maybe a reader, too. After all, in 1999 there was no blogger around.

Here in Braunschweig we have a little red lights district. I´ve heard the architecture is beautiful.
Go in there as a woman and police shows up! Hubby went in and sneaked two blurry pics only. All eyes were on him.
I cannot say I´ve been there, how dumb is that.

Oh, it must be beautiful to live on a houseboat!
Wow, Sotheby's sells those?! Help, I´ll never be that rich!

Yes, exactly my point, too. When we´re old we just sit down and scroll through our memories!
Also a great way when you "fight"!
"It was like this!" - "Wait, I´ll search the blog - HA, it was like THIS, see?!"
Happened more than once :-)

Hope you had a happy, yummy Thanksgiving. Sadly we do not, I never had a stuffed turkey! It´s just no German think, sadly.


A wonderful Post, I enjoyed reading.

Happy MosaicMonday


Living on a canal boat must be a bit like living in a float cabin, except you are in the city rather than out in nature. - Margy

ellen b

More and more we've checked my blog to get times and places correct in our memories. Our DIL has also used my posts to compare what is going on with JJ in relation to Addy. It's great to have our "history" on our blog pages. Amsterdam is another fascinating city. I'm glad you got to enjoy it safely and peacefully. Time to head east again? I was wondering...


wow, you traveled a lot this year:) My first year of psychology I studied in Amsterdam, then decided, I was up for a more specialized study in L.A.:) But I love the city -it's so romantic. If it may help you, each city in Holland has an icon, from their beginning of existence - which was centuries before the ratings of movies become popular:) Thanks so much for showing this city and have a great week and happy Thanksgiving!

Linda P

I love those tall houses and the shape of the rooftops. Beautiful photos of the canals. Happy Thanksgiving!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Interesting flag and gorgeous collages.


Beautiful collection of photos - Happy Thanksgiving!

William Kendall

Beautiful shots! I would love to see Amsterdam for myself someday.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Jilks

The architecture is interesting. What a trip you've had.
Reading blogs is the way I like to travel!!!

Cathy Keller

Truly lovely photos! I especially live the love of the bridges! Have a wonderful week!


Very pretty!! the house boats are so cool....Im happy to know y'all are not turning in your keys for the rockers! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and trip to the Sunny South!



Amsterdam is on my bucket list of places to visit. I love your trip photos of the canal, the boats and palace. The architecture is beautiful. I blog for the same reason, hubby and I can back at our post for memories of our trips. wishing you and your family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week ahead.

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