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November 03, 2019


Su-sieee! Mac

The photo of the church and moon is awesome, Sallie. (Did I spell you name with a 'y' at the last place I was? Sorry!) I love the way you and your hubs travel-- go with no expectations, wander, and be carried along with the flow. :-)


lovely photos and indeed thank goodness for the EU, if only the UK weren't leaving....




Eine sehenswerte Stadt. Unsere Tochter spielte früher auch in einen Handglockenchor, daher kann ich mir gut vorstellen wie es geklungen hat in der schönen Kulisse.
L G Pia


A worth seeing city. Our daughter also used to play in a hand bell choir, so I can well imagine how it sounded in the beautiful scenery. L

Nancy Chan

Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Happy weekend!

Peter B.

What an amazing and beautiful place, and so cool you figured out the train travel between countries!


You scored on the concert. Hard to imagine what all those bells would sound like.

Michelle Keltner

How fantastic that you happened upon that concert! Wow! The scenes are so perfect. I love it all. Thanks for linking up.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening at the concert! Bruges is so pretty.


It all looked so exotic and then I remembered I've been to Belgium! It's where I fell in love with beer. We hoped over from Germany to visit ex-patriots in Antwerp and then hopped to Holland to see the windmills and canals. Thanks for the memories!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


betty - NZ

Sallie, I'm so glad you shared your trip with us again! I love seeing those old buildings and it's so good to see they are restoring the artwork. Wow!

Your post on 'My Corner of the World' is great to see this week!
My Corner of the World

Amy Franks

I really like the style of the architecture, so different to anything I've seen.

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific

Bruges is a dreamy town. I was there 9 years ago (wow, just realized that time does indeed fly!) and fell in love with it.

Lydia C. Lee

We spent 3 days there, but toured around a bit in daytrips. I loved it. Such a great university town! #MCoW

David Gascoigne

It's a great post, Sallie. I am sure it was wonderful to attend the concert and step out onto those ancient streets. It seems that so much of European history and tradition is captured here, cobbled streets, ancient buildings, canals. It is rare in North America to find someone who speaks even two languages (unless an immigrant) yet in Europe people routinely speak three or more. There is a whole sense of civilization (and civility) about it.


...Sallie, what beautiful treasures. Thanks for sharing, I hope that you are having a wonderful week.


As a Dutch person I take the train abroad all the time! To Belgium, Germany... I also went to England and Prague by train. It's brilliant slow travel. Next time I highly recommend you visit Ghent and Antwerp as well, a little lest crowded and tourist than Bruges ;-)

Linda Walcroft

Lovely photos! We were there once but it was about twenty years ago. Great place!


Beautiful post and have enjoyed all these travels of yours and great photos! Thank you Sallie :)

Photo Cache

The architecture is to die for. So happy for you.


Sallie - a beautiful post from start to finish. I adore the architecture in Europe, and am so thankful that there are so many experts dedicated to preserving these treasures for us! How special to stumble on the carillon concert - a wonderful memory of your trip! Thanks for faithfully linking to Mosaic Monday!


Beautiful photos of this attractive, medieval town. You struck lucky with the concert.


I have been going back through your travel posts and thoroughly enjoying your photos Sallie! My daughter and I did a Danube River cruise a couple of years ago from Budapest to Regensburg, Germany, so I recognized quite a few of the landmarks from that part of your trip. We are planning another river cruise next spring through The Netherlands and Belgium to see the tulips, so your photos of these countries are getting me excited for that!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images, and no passport. Somebody seems not to realize it.

bill burke

What a beautiful city and stunning architecture.
Wonderful photos as always, thank you.


it seems many other countries/cities have preserved their architecture better than we have. the buildings and canals are so pretty, it seems the canals have been everywhere you visited.the church is beautiful, especially at night!!

how wonderful that english was provided on train announcements, i'm sure that made things much easier for you!!

Linda P

Bruges is beautiful. The photo at night is magical. I have wonderful memories of staying there with a church group. We visited churches, had boat trips in the city and out into the countryside and were there for one of the processions where citizens were in medieval costume.

Taken For Granted

Wonderful photography, really love your first shot with that great reflection.

A ShutterBug Explores

wow! what a treasure to hear those bells ~ and what an adventure with gorgeous photos!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


It is like going back looking at the buildings, very colorful and the canals make it even more appealing. I agree preserving the heritage and buildings is very important.


I have been so many times in Bruges that I nearly forgot that it is a tourist attraction ! Happy to hear that our train information are now easy to read, not so long ago there was nothing indicated in your wagon and you had to ask somebody where to get out ! Yes without border it's so easy, that's why I really can't understand the British government with their Brexit ! They will realize when they travel !!

Iris Flavia

The City Hall is very, very beautiful!
And the church in this light, very nice, too, as are the canals.

Veronica Lee

Fabulous photos as always. Love your background information.

Can't wait to read about your next adventure!

riitta k

The canals look splendid indeed! Happy MM.

Lady Fi

Wow - so very gorgeous! I really must visit.

ellen b

Good for you for following the crowd with a good result! That concert must have been something! Beautiful photo of the church at night. I'm amazed at the patient work of restoration.


Oh my favourite Belgium city I love bruges and have been there a few times. I have never been to the Bell tower. A nice experience. I have been to the church of our lady which is famous for the marble madonna and child sculpture by Michelangelo, which might not have been on display.
What an amazing trip you are making

Little Wandering Wren

Oh I can't wait to see where you went next! You see I have adored reading this post, so full of many happy memories as we spent 8 years living in Belgium, Brugge is a lovely city, especially if you can see it less crowded - the free carillon concert was a good find!


Love your photos and background information. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip and what fun it was to discover the free concert. Wishing you many more magical moments during your travels.

William Kendall

An incredible and beautiful city!

Penelope Notes

How hauntingly beautiful the sky was after the concert. I remember an outdoor evening concert in Venice and it was one of the most magical moments in my life. Also, although it takes a little longer, it’s so cool to hear instructions in all those languages. On the River Seine, I heard at least eight. In North America, people can be so protective of languages. In Europe, however, they are open to every dialect and seem not to mind in the least.


Great photos - you had such an amazing trip!

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