November 09, 2019


Su-sieee! Mac

Your evening photos of Ghent are beautiful, Sally. I love that lighting.

Jyothi Nair

WOW! Such beautiful pictures. I love the first one taken at night.

Peter B.

Day or night, it looks amazing, but I really do love photo #1!! Have a nice weekend.

riitta k

Ghent looks stunning indeed ! The canals & water make it.

ellen b.

It really is a beautiful city at night. Great photos! Sounds like you made good choices for the rest of your journey!

Michelle Keltner

I so love your travels and even more that you take the time to share them with all of us. Thanks for linking up, again!!!!!!

Lavender Dreamer

It sure is a beautiful city to visit. I've never been anywhere like that and love to imagine being there. I know the time must fly when you're on these trips! It's 70 degrees here today and I just got back from a hike. Hope you come down soon! Hugs, Diane


Always enjoy my armchair traveling with you Sallie. Your photos are great, as have all your other photos.

Sharon Wagner

Whenever we travel, I start to get sad when it's the last few days. But you made the most of your time. I can't wait to travel by river.


Looks like you and Bill gravitate toward water wherever you are in the world, Sallie. The architecture is so grand in Europe!

Alan B Bates

What an amazing place to visit!! Such a lively and beautiful city to visit.
Graffiti is a problem for me. Much of it is very artistic and creative, much of it is just vandalism. In general it doesn't appear to age very well. Some of the bigger works you show seem more like murals and hopefully they will endure.

Sandra Nachlinger

LOVE all your photos, but the reflections are my favorites... both daytime and nighttime.


Both Bruges and Ghent are beautiful cities! Visiting many churches, as you did, reminds me of our trips to Italy, as large cathedrals seem to dominate everywhere, and they are often filled with magnificent artworks, sculptures, and stained glass--all of which I love. It's frustrating when they don't allow photos inside.

I hope you ate some fine Belgium chocolate while you were there!

betty - NZ

Wow, what beautiful architecture! I love that about Europe with its old, old cities. Your photos are just stunning, Sallie!

I'm glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Villroses hage

Wow! This looks nice!

Amy Franks

It looks more beautiful at night than in the day.

junieper2/Jesh StG

Gent (modern spelling) - that's where you are! Already last week I thought, Where is Sallie? Now I saw your comment on another blog, I decided to visit you. Hope All Seasons still will get a thumbnail pic of one of my childhood towns? It was about one and a half hour South of where I lived in the Netherlands in my childhood and teen years. Good to see the familiar sights! Hope you know that the linky list stays open till Friday, noon?
(if you can't link your image, send it to my email, and I'll put it on the linky list for you -put in the subject, so it does not go to spam - my email: junie15blooms@yahoo.com with a different name, lol)


You are living the life, girlfriend. Your photos are great as well. Not sure I could be dragged out of Amsterdam but I bet Belgium was incredible. Meanwhile, trying to get ready to go to the westside, yes, that is my life. Will be catching up soon.

Wally Jones

We continue to vicariously enjoy your European adventure, Sallie!

Thank you so much for sharing your outstanding images and helping us to recall good times.


...Ghent looks like it is beautiful at any time. The reflection in the first image is fabulous. Thanks Sallie for sharing this treasure, enjoy your day.


Hello, Sallie

What a lovely city, I have been enjoying your travels. Wonderful trip and photos. Wishing you a great day!

Nancy Chan

Hello Sallie, greetings from Malaysia! Indeed, Ghent Belgium looks like a lovely place to visit. I don't like to travel overseas because of the long hours and stress of waiting at the airport and long flights.


The architecture is magnificent.


We love places that are pedestrian friendly. When we travel we like to walk to see the sights and to get a better feel for the environment and people. - Margy

little wandering wren

That is the beauty of Belgium in a nutshell! It is absolutely wonderful in itself, stunning architecture, we never had a bad meal in Belgium, but it's close proximity to everywhere else is still incredible! Glad you made the absolute most of your trip, I have loved these photos after 8 years living there, a wonderful reminder.
Wren x


I loved your tour of Ghent. I visited in 1978, over 40 years ago! Time for me to return.

Photo Cache

I will put this charming city in my bucket list. How enchanting this city must have been in real life.

Worth a Thousand Words


Beautiful shots.

Lydia C. Lee

We had a gorgeous day in Ghent - we could have done with more time! #ThruMyLens

A ShutterBug Explores

Ghent is certainly beautiful and especially by night ~ Gorgeous photos!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

// Heidrun

A wonderful Post, I enjoyed reading, Belgium is fantastic. Happy MosaicMonday.

Veronica Lee

Stunning photos, Sallie! We didn't visit Ghent when we were in Belgium in March. Glad I get to enjoy the city through your eyes.

Linda P

A beautiful place and it's good to have the opportunity of seeing those paintings that are masterpieces. That's something I'll never forget about visiting the cities of Belgium. It was interesting to hear about the Light Plan. Wonderful photos - the reflections on the water are so pretty.

Linda Walcroft

Lovely! And the Treaty of Ghent was signed there.


Sallie - what is it about cities with waterways that just makes them so attractive? Your first shot with the reflection is amazing. I know what you mean about European churches seeming more akin to museums … I remember a tour guide once telling us that the churches were often the only people/organizations that could afford to pay the artists, so that is where the art ended up! Thanks for continuing to share your amazing journey with everyone at Mosaic Monday!


Love your photos! What a beautiful city Ghent is and learning about the history makes it so interesting to visit.


A beautiful place to visit!

Lady Fi

Wow - it looks so gorgeous!

William Kendall


bill burke

Beautiful scenes especially the first one. Great reflections and the night photos are gorgeous.


Pretty photos Sallie! I really like the reflections in the water.

Iris Flavia

Beautiful pictures of the canals!
But, oh! What a combination!!! Castle, prison, and torture chamber!
Isn´t it funny / strange how we travel the world?
Belgium / Amsterdam, just "around the corner" and I´ve never been there.
Australia we travelled twice for months each time and our friends there say, wee, you´ve seen more of my country than I did.
America? I love American Football (watching it right now on TV even!) Our team is several German Bowl and Eurobowl Defender and yet... I´ve never ever been in the US!


lovely photos of a very pretty city. Interesting to read about their light plan,

David Gascoigne

It really is a beautiful city, replete with history, and charming in every way. It is a long, long time since I was in Belgium but your pictures make me want to go back.


WoW!!! that first picture is absolutely stunning...but then they all are. so many gorgeous reflections, the water must be so still. it is amazing to me to see these beautiful buildings, that they have withstood time and are in such wonderful condition. too bad you could not take pictures inside the cathedral, i would have enjoyed seeing that, i'll bet you have some beautiful pictures in your mind!!

i think amsterdam is a good choice for one of the final chapters, i wait impatiently for pictures!!

Jennifer Jilks

It's such a beautiful part of the world!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful architecture, and the waters, lovely.

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