November 17, 2019



Luxembourg city I know very well and I love it ! It's the capital but looks and feels like a village ! We all go to Luxembourg for shopping because everything is much cheaper then in Belgium. We always used to eat their famous "Sauerkraut" in the city center. Years ago people who had money placed their money in Luxembourg because they got much more interest ! Of course it was a secret which everybody knew ! Today it's finished of course ! But petrol, alcohol and cigarettes are still cheaper !

David Gascoigne

The only one of these little principalities that I have visited in Europe is Andorra,which has become a giant shopping mall, and is distinctly unappealing. Based on your great report and fine pictures, Sallie, I think that Luxembourg would have been oh so much better.

Peter B.

Luxembourg looks beautiful, and the history is incredible!!

Michelle Keltner

So beautiful and I love seeing that green. So much green! Nice! Thanks for linking up today!


when you said green, you were not kidding, wow, Luxembourg is so lush, so beautiful!! i enjoyed the view from the tunnel and the view of the city from the walkway. that staircase is amazing, i would not be able to climb that!!

handmade by amalia

What a charming place to visit.

riitta k

I have a book tip for your grandson & wife. Finland in the colours of 1950s i a brand new photography book by Claire Aho. The text is in Finnish, Swedish and English. I borrowed from a local library, costs about 40€. Great photos of the times past. A link to the publishe’s site, so that he can see.



So Old World with a classic image of running to the train platform. Love green!


What a treat this is, all those beautiful places you visited and I get a virtual holiday looking at all your great photographs. Thank you Sallie :)

betty - NZ

Another great post about your trip that made me smile! I'm loving your photos and your narration, too! I think it would make me more than a bit apprehensive being somewhere I couldn't communicate, but that's just me!!

I'm happy to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Alan Bates

What a time you had. I love the story about the elevator opening up next to a tavern.

Amy Franks

I think I'd like to explore the castle

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! The sights you've seen and such gorgeous photography!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


...Europe is so impressive with their rich history of architecture, in the 'New World' old has a different meaning. Thanks Sallie for sharing, enjoy your week.

Linda P

Luxembourg was a stand-out country when I visited with a group of history students. We traveled by coach from the UK and I remember the beautiful countryside and many bridges. You certainly had an interesting experience travelling by train, but I know fellow passengers would have been helpful. You captured the greenery and beauty of the city beautifully. Wishing you a good week.

Nancy Chan

All the greens around you, looks like a great place to visit.

Linda Walcroft

It looks delightful! Glad you made your train.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots!


What an interesting stop over. That train issue would have had me worried.You did well to work it all out especially lugging suit cases.

Veronica Lee

Gorgeous photos, Sallie! Thank you for sharing all these lovely green landscapes.

Happy Tuesday!


I think it's one of those things that you can laugh at after the fact but I don't think I'd handle it very well, yikes. Great shots, I especially like the one from inside of the tunnel and the view of the stairs. All those stairs, oy.


Beautiful photos Sallie! I'm so glad everything worked out on the train.

Sandra Nachlinger

Luxembourg looks like a beautiful, green country. Your photos make me want to visit.

bill burke

Wow, what beautiful place Luxembourg is. The landscape and all that green is nice to see. Your photos are absolutely beutiful. Glad you enjoyed your visit there.
Have a wonderful week!


Luxembourg looks a wonderful city. You have captured some excellent views and given us a sense of the city.


I find the public transportation so great in western Europe.
Great photos, thanks for letting us tag along with you.


I guess every age has had its hostilities. The weapons may have changed over time but not people's attitudes. - Margy

Lavender Dreamer

How neat to find the art mosaics to share! I like the word enchanting that is in another comment...it really is beautiful and sounds amazing!

Lydia C. Lee

That is gorgeous! Would love to go there! #OurWorldTuesday


Great to see all these lovely green landscapes. That is how I remember Luxembourg, and very clean and quiet and lovely houses! Many thanks for sharing all of these details with All Seasons, Sallie. It looked like you enjoyed this trip - there was a lot to see:) The mosaics made me smile. Isn't if funny, how something abroad reminds us on something very familiar to our own life? Have a great week. Appreciate you took the time to link up, hope you didn't have to spend much time on it!

Su-sieee! Mac

Wow, creating a park out of a castle! And, the castle. All the manpower that went into constructing it. I must go learn more about it. Your mosaic of mosaics, I love it, Sallie. :-)

riitta k

Wonderful green views, I enjoyed a lot! Happy MM.


Sorry I've been MIA. My sister and I did the same thing in the Bahamas, we missed our get off and we never did get to see that perfume factory! You visited some amazing cities and it is a trip you will never forget!


Hello, It is a beautiful city and country. I was there in the early 1990's and barely remember my visit. I am glad all worked out at the train station. Beautiful scenic views and photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Bob Bushell

A beautiful place in Luxembourg, the architecture is out of world, brilliant photos.

Iris Flavia

Oh, that is green, beautifully green!
Thank you, I never thought this city was so beautiful!
Oh, don´t you hate it when you have no clue? I remember being on the train from Cairo to Alexandria and I could not even read a thing!
But you always find nice people who are there to help :-)
And laugh! In my case it was the taxi-driver in Cairo. I ran back, he helped us and suggested we leave our luggage (small) in his taxi, he brings us to the museum and comes back at 4:00 pm (it was early morning).
And there he left. With all our belongings! (Documents and money I had with me).
4 pm... 4:05... 04:10... I am German, help!
He came back, he took us to places not every tourist sees, including his home.
He did not want any money, either. He was my age. Sadly in 1990 there was no internet, no e-mail-address (for normal people). Sometimes having no clue is fun - thank you also for your comment at my place, I´m OK.


What a beautiful place, i had no idea Luxembourg was so green! I like the art gallery in the tunnel too


A wonderful end to your trip!
(Email sent re my flooded areas)!

Shiju Sugunan

Lovely place and great pics!


Thank you Sallie for sharing the tunnels and staircases an elevator back up all in Luxembourg. Mosaics and Ring Walls and history.


Sallie - I am touched that you would think about linking to Mosaic Monday while viewing the mosaics in that underground tunnel! Speaking of tunnels, I love the second shot in this post - looking out of a tunnel onto the park below - stunning! I have now put Luxembourg on my visit list - the combination of old architecture and green spaces is right up my alley.

Mary Jo

Wow. Wonderful.

ellen b.

Hooray for that elevator! What a beautiful city and walks. Very green for sure.


Suspense at the end and lovely collages of your visit to Luxembourg City.


It is very green with beautiful buildings.

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


Wow - so green (and so many steps)! You deserved a tavern after all the walking. Kudos to you for not panicking (too much) and making your next train. Our son says that sometimes these situations are only fun when you can retell them.


Such a beautiful place! I am always amazed that something built in the 900s is still around to explore. What fun!


Cathy Keller

Really lovely photos! Luxembourg is and enchanting place. Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

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