December 15, 2019



Great photos and of course the birds are great!! Hope your New Yr is of to a great start!


Have a good time, dear Sallie 😊

...and I wish you A Happy New Year


Hello Sallie, sorry I am late commenting. I hope you had a very Happy Christmas. I enjoyed the beautiful scenic views and your bird photos. Great sightings. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! Ps, thanks also for the comment and visit.

William Kendall

Beautiful views!


Fantastic road trip...great birds.

Thanks for sharing with us this week and adding your blog to I'd Rather B Birdin'

Welcome back and happy holidays,

Linda W..=

Fine photos! I hope you enjoy the holidays.

Jennifer Jilks

You have such amazing travels! Thanks for sharing them.


A very nice birds life with gorgeous photos!
Thanks for sharing!


a wonderful bird life with fascinating photos, I would also like to be there and take pictures. A wonderful landscape!


Those birds are awesome. The Bay looks a pretty place to be. We know how Californians feel about drought and fires.


Bob and I have often biked and hiked in Bodega Bay. I love the birds and the seascape. That area of N CA is very scenic. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Sallie. I don't think you'll be seeing any white stuff in FL!

riitta k

Beautiful photos. Merry Christmas Sallie!


We followed you down in early November. The fires were still burning. We stayed inland until Morro Bay so missed all of that great scenery. Maybe next year we will do more of the coast. - Margy

Magical Mystical Teacher

Beautiful coastal shots! Merry Christmas to you and everyone you love!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Love road-trippin'. Great shots


Wonderful coastline and wildlife from California. I remember that well from the years we lived there. Your photos are beautiful and bring back sweet memories. Thanks Sallie!

Michelle Keltner

Impressive photos and I like that rookery. Even if they aren't photogenic, those Cormorants are interesting. Thanks for linking up.

Peter B.

Sounds like you are about as far behind on your blog posts as I am! I've always wanted to visit Bodega Bay. Got as far as Point Reyes, but didn't have time on that trip. Your post reignites my desire to go. Enjoy the holidays!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful scene.

Alan Bates

What a great trip you took. The thing about California is that there is so much to see and if you go just a little ways everything from the weather the scenery changes immensely.


I really enjoyed your post and seeing your trip. You made me smile when talking about the birds. You sound like me - I'm always referring to a bird book and looking up on web to compare with what I photographed. Otherwise I could say here is a beautiful white bird. Period.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good one.

betty - NZ

Your photos sure show the beauty of the area! I do love shore birds and I'm glad you included them today, especially that little one by itself :)

It's terrific to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World


Bodega Bay means The Birds to me!!!

A ShutterBug Explores

Magnificent photos ~ thanks for coming by and commenting ~ PS ~ the double image on my new header is actually Zoe ~

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


...and what treasures to conserve! I've seen the Oregon coast, but not California's, thank for taking along. Thanks Sallie for stopping by, enjoy your week.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such wonderful photos! Those Marbled Godwits (if that's what they are!) are beautiful.

Ellen Bayles

What wonderful photos from Bodega Bay! Dear and I celebrated our 25th anniversary there with my cousin and his wife. We were both married in 1974 so we celebrated together in 1999 in Bodega Bay. I wasn't blogging then so I don't have great photos from the area. You got some great shore bird photos!


aren't we the lucky ones, so many things to write about we can barely keep up!! i love your collage of pictures, the views are very beautiful!! i thought you were going to ask us if we were able to find the bird that was different...hehehehe....i always enjoy seeing the pelicans as i don't see them here!!

lavender dreams

The birds are just amazing...and the numbers surprising! It's been years since I vacationed on the Pacific coast so I don't remember everything. And it was back when photos were on a roll of film and we didn't take as many! heehee! I've really enjoyed these! Holiday hugs!

Amy Franks

I recognize the godwits, we have them here too but a different variety, apparently they are endangered?

bill burke

Bodega Bay is a beautiful place. Picturesque scenery, great photos and narrative. Have a fantastic day and thanks for sharing.

A ShutterBug Explores

What a place and gorgeous photos of nature's treasures ^_^

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

// Heidrun

Bodega Bay is a lovely landscape. I enjoyed reading.

Have a good week. Thank you for hosting.


Hello Sallie,

Beautiful views of the bay and all the birds. I love the Godwits, Gulls and the Cormorants. The Pelicans are a favorite. The California wildfire are devastating. I feel sad for the wildlife and the residents who loose their homes. Pretty photos. Enjoy your day, have a good week ahead.


Wow ! that's a lot of birds and a very beautiful landscape ! You are lucky to be in Florida by now, I am sitting in the rain as usual but it is rather warm for the season !

Life Images by Jill

thankyou so much for the travellog. I really enjoy world travel through others eyes whilst I try to see more of Australia! Happy travels, have a great week, and thank you for visiting my blog this week.

Su-sieee! Mac

Sallie, you came far south into California this time. The cliffs look so green and colorful for October. I forget about the fog. My favorite photo is the bird eating seaweed. I like its composition and the sweetness of the moment.
I've already forgot about the utility's solution during high risk times for fire is to shut off thousands of people's power for as many days as needed. No doubt the utility will increase our rates to pay for its loss from shutting down power.
Quick change of subject, back to the birds of Bodega Bay. Did you ever see "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock? Much of the film's exterior scenes were done in Bodega Bay. Seeing your photos, I can see why he may have chosen the site.

handmade by amalia

Beautiful photos. I love the abundance of birds.

Photo Cache

Hello, I do live in the past in blogland as well. Bodega Bay is a nice day trip destination for us. Unfortunately, we seem to find more free time in the weekends to do more visiting.

Happy Holidays.

Lady Fi

Looks fabulous! Love the scenery.

Linda W

I wonder who came up with the name Marbled Godwits.


Beautiful photos and mosaic
Happy mosaic Monday



Marbled Godwits would make a great name for a band.Yeah that bird is thinking, those long billed bastards are just showing off.
I agree rookeries are amazing, I only know of one though.
Pelicans and gulls hanging out a the pier, what is the wooden fence called? That is a classic scene.
Yikes, that is dry, what a horrible thing and then your president says it's because you didn't rake correctly.

Sharon Wagner

Nature is my happy place too. I wish I was back in Florida! Also glad you didn't have a toasty drive in California.


Photos bring back lovely memories of the trips made and it's always interesting reading the signs. Also beautiful series of the birds in their natural habitat.


Your bird pictures are always amazing, names can come later.


So true Sallie, California needs rain! Am saying that even after 2 weeks of almost every day rain. It's because the "summers" last for most of the year. These are beautiful scenes, I have not been to yet! Love your capture of the pelicans on the boardwalk an pillars, and yes the cormorants occupying that hill, and the hills covered with iceplant (?) Many thanks for sharing your trip with All Seasons! Enjoy the week before Christmas:)

Penelope Notes

These lovely shots of a seascape that is one of the world’s most beautiful has put me on a soapbox. California is on the front lines of climate change with devastating heat and fires. This time in Earth’s history is a fork in the road and our world is desperate for leadership particularly from the powerful US but it is a sixteen-year old girl who fights for all of us.

David Gascoigne

The birds are indeed Marbled Godwits, Sallie, and other than for an odd straggler here - only twice that I can remember in about fifty years, I have only seen them in California, where in places they are abundant. It was a fine outing. Had I been with you it would have counted as a true Happy Day!

Iris Flavia

Ohhh, I can´t wait to go on journeys again, glad to follow yours and weeee....
Only few people I know say corrections are welcome at all (I´m with you, but can´t help).

riitta k

Beautiful views at beautiful birds. Wishing happy MM.

Shiju Sugunan

Beautiful pics!


Sallie - it is always a bit shocking when one hears about a natural disaster in an area that one has just visited. I always think "What if?" And wonder, as you have, how it looks now. How fortunate you went when you did and were able to capture some lovely photos for posterity. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Cathy Keller

Oh, how lovely!! We lived in Monterey for 3 years while we were in the Army and it was so lovely there!! Have a wonderful eek!


Gorgeous photos, the Pacific coast is really special.

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