December 08, 2019



Great photos and was particularly interested in your California pitcher plant, fascinating in fact. Glad you had a good journey and look forward to your Florida pictures now. Have a great weekend :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

What an unusual plant, lovely photos.


Hello, Sallie,

I enjoyed seeing your birds from the Oregon Coast. Lovely sunrise and beautiful plants. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


A wonderful photo whether landscape or wildlife! Gorgeous!


I think you have the best of both worlds! It makes me happy you can split your time this way. Loved the carniverous plant. So interesting.

Lady Fi

Fabulous sky shot! And I love the mini-dinos.

Peter B.

I remember studying pitcher plants in a botany class. Really interesting! The Oregon coast has a beauty that is unsurpassed.

Esha M Dutta

Lovely pictures, Sallie! That sky shot is so gorgeous. Wishing you more wonderful adventures in the year 2020.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michelle Keltner

Florida sounds good right now with those warm temperatures. I know you will continue to enjoy it. Thanks for linking up!

Kenneth C Schneider

That certainly is an unusual plant. When I saw the photo before reading the description I thought they were some kind of aliens! We loved our visit to the Oregon coast. Welcome back to Florida!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Terrific shots.


awwwww, you are such a lucky snowbird, living in 2 beautiful areas!! and you were in newark, the airport we use when we fly. they have made a lot of improvements in the airport, they could use a few nicer restaurants. your pictures are beautiful,

the dinosaurs are quite interesting....

have a nice winter!!


Wow, so lucky to live in two beautiful places.

Linda Brown


A ShutterBug Explores

Good to 'see you' again and thanks for your visit and comment ! Enjoy ^_^

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

ellen b

Wow, from Eugene to San Francisco to New Jersey to Florida! That's quite the circumventing to get to your destination. Glad you had clear skies for the trip. Welcome to your winter home!


Glad you are back in the Sunshine State! That is an interesting plant that I have never heard of. I like the name.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful scenes.

betty - NZ

I'm so glad the ocean was still there when you arrived! I check along the coast, too! Great scenes and critters. I've seen pitcher plants in hanging baskets at the greenhouses in the park but have never seen them growing like that, so it's quite a treat for me. I'm so glad you shared these awesome pictures with us, Sallie!

Thanks for taking the time to link up at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Su-sieee! Mac

The plants remind me of long-necked dinosaurs looking above the tree tops. The oxygen level in that place must've been wonderful. Glad to hear you're safe and sound in your winter home, Sallie. :-)


I’ve always thought Oregon’s craggy coast is so pretty! Although I’ve only been as far as Brookings, OR. I think it’s just 5 - 10 miles north of the California border.

I’ve see botanical photos of pitcher plant, but I’ve never seen it photographed in its native habitat. I agree, they look well-fed!

Florida is a pretty too! It’s awesome that you can enjoy both places.


William Kendall

The Pacific coast views are a wonder.


I was just going to ask what that plant was, looks so lush. It's good you caught a break from the weather but it's kind of weird to hear you talk about flying, I still see you guys piloting a big ol' RV.
Beautiful, beautiful sunrise and water pics. Water pic, ha. Speaking of which back to Christmas shopping. And baby it's cold outside. Talk soon, glad you're safe and nesting for the winter.

Jennifer Jilks

Lovely photos. We've had rain on our snow. No plants blossoming here!

Life Images by Jill

I like the sound of a Canal Cottage - a cottage anywhere really. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Lucky you to have a summer and winter home ! I would love that too, but then I have to go to North Africa to have warm weather because even in the Southern Europe countries it's not very warm to run around in a T-shirt !

Linda Walcroft

Great shots! That is a unique plant.


I love the way you chase the warmth. The best of both worlds. Insect eating plants are fascinating. I have seen pitcher plants in botanical gardens but never growing wild. Great photos.

Photo Cache

I'd love to take a road trip by the coast from San Fran to Washington. We attempted to do that, but decided with time constraint we took Highway 5 instead, pity.


We have a bug eating plant up at the cabin, it is called a Sundew. It is quite small but can entrap bugs as large as a blue damsel fly. Enjoy the Florida warmth. We are now in Los Angeles and have returned to good weather after a few weeks of rain on the road. - Margy

Amy Franks

oh I love those plants, they are expensive to buy here though but they're very cool.

Alan Bates

I'm glad you made it with no problems.
I love the gulf coast and it is pretty special. The Pacific Ocean is another thing altogether. Very beautiful and rugged and lots of diversity. I don't have to choose right? I will take them both.


Thanks for sharing the beauty of Oregan. Luv that photo with blues of ocean and sky. Happy mosaic Monday



Glad you had an uneventful flight from Oregon to Florida.
Lovely photos, the Oregon coast is beautiful and now I know more about plants. Enjoy your holiday season at Canal Cottage.

MaryBeth Schwartz

I love oregon too. We lived in Portland for several years while my dad went to college. I do love the coast. To me it is much prettier than the Washington coast. Although the Wa. coast is beautiful in its own way. Great shots.
Enjoy Florida

Magical Mystical Teacher

Thanks for sharing these photos of your second (or is it your first?) home!

bill burke

The Oregon Coast is beautiful to see. Spent many days there, up the northern side and down the southern side. Great memories. Have a wonderful time in Florida.

// Heidrun

What a lovely Post, dear Sallie, and wonderful captures... especially the last. I enjoyed reading.

Happy MosaicMonday

Lavender Dreams

I love seeing your Oregon photos and all the beauty in that state! But I DO love this weather! Just perfect to let the sunshine in and feel energized! Have a wonderful day! Hugs from across the way!

A ShutterBug Explores

Glad you had a good trip 'cross country' and are enjoying FL ~ Wonderful series of photos ~ delightful!

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Hello, lovely scenes from Oregon. The coast line is gorgeous there. I love the plants and the cute moth photo. I am glad you arrived home safely. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

riitta k

Enjoy Florida's summer - great photos!

Iris Flavia

Oh, wow, I think I really need to make a trip to the United States!
I want to see the dinosaurs! :-) How cute are those? And they eat insects that hence cannot bite me!
Oh, yes, so great when you can escape the cold weather. My parents in law are in Spain for the nasty time.


Sallie - so pleased for you that your trip to Florida was uneventful. Air travel is not what it once was - I always give myself a pep talk before we start air travel - to be patient and understanding!

Amazing pictures of the pitcher plants - and how wonderful they have been preserved.

I look forward to more sunny photos from Florida! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, my friend!


Love Oregon's coast, and am happy your images turned out so well (the sun can really interfere with our shots). LOVE the last w shots, Sallie! I need that cobra lily in my yard:) Had never heard of it. And the last image is very special! many thanks for giving All Seasons these visual treats!
Thank you for giving your comment about the fallen tree. Yeah, daily life can be a little more involved than in the city, lol!
Have a lovely week and enjoy where you at at:)


Love the Pitcher Plant photos - that's what I've been calling it. The moth did choose wisely! Enjoy settling into your Florida home!


Glad you had a good flight over and I look forward to your Florida posts...I love pitcher plants I wish they were vegetarians tho...lol.

Penelope Notes

Sallie, you definitely get the best of both coasts! What a fascinating plant, by the way, and with a name that starts with “darling”, appropriately lovely in green unless you’re an insect. It is, indeed, a dinosaur if you’re the size of a bug.


Welcome back to Florida. Looking forward to your new adventures this winter. Lovely photos as always.

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