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January 26, 2020


William Kendall

Hello, beastie! to that gator!


Such incredible beauty, always a joy to travel to different parts of this great country. Your photos are outstanding Sallie :)


Fantastic post. I love the woodpecker captures. I'm fond of woodpeckers in spite of them doing some damage to the wood part of my house. I'd never heard about that with iguanas. Sounds kind of like when birds are stunned. I've had to look at birds to make sure they were okay only to see their heart beating (or I think that's what it was) so I backed off. That happened with a nuthatch that I was afraid was too injured to move so very relieved when it flew off. Alligators is something I've never photographed although I remember seeing one in South Carolina when I was on a trip as a teenager.

Sharon Wagner

I just put the Iguana/falling from trees into a post I created. Brrr.. I hope it warms up there for my upcoming visit!

Wally Jones

Thank you, Sallie, for a terrific post! As a native, I love Florida winters (and the other seasons, too).

What a wonderful series of images! I carried an umbrella that week just in case iguanas started falling. :)

Have a great weekend!

David Gascoigne

Hello Sallie: By our standards it has not been cold at all. i can recall one night when the overnight low got to minus 16 but most winters minus 20 and colder is common, and frequently the temperature has exceeded freezing during the day. American Robins routinely spend the winter here and the snow doesn't get a chance to stick around. Strange times.


Hello, Sallie! I hope the iguanas and lizards survived that cold weather. They are cute to me, I did not see many lizards on our last visit to Florida. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for the visit and comment today.

riitta k

Wonderful & exotic nature views. The nature revives the soul with its stillness <3

Michelle Keltner

My parents live in the panhandle and my mom told me it was so cold. Bless her....if it gets below 50 it is too cold anymore. I did hear about the Iguanas. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

Peter B.

I shouldn't laugh, but the idea that "it's so cold you have to watch for falling iguana's" hit my funny bone! I've never heard of that before, but it makes sense. We have a desert tortoise that came out of hibernation this week. He could make his way out of his house in the warmth of the afternoon, but was too cold and sluggish to make it back in!

ellen b.

Such interesting landscape at your winter home. Yikes! Iguanas falling. That would be quite a shock. I see why you like 6 Mile.

tanya breese

I heard about the iguanas on the news...poor things!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great post.


I love this nature preserve too even though I'll probably never see it. Reptiles can be fascinating, I had a thing for snakes for awhile there. Did you get a new camera? Really nice set of photos, not that they aren't always.
It's funny how quickly you can get used to the warmer weather, how cold do you think it is in OR right now?
Oh yeah, congrats, mumble grumble. Guess we shudda bet after all, lol. Truth be told I wudda bet on the Ducks but to win by a lot more! A bit of a heartbreaker really and nothing like that Packers playoff travesty. Am rooting for the Niners to lose and lose badly.
The whole idea of raining iguanas is still so bizarre, poor things. Talk about a photo challenge though. And Falling Iguanas would make a great name for a band, keep your eyes peeled, bet someone comes up with that.
Sorry I haven't been very present, dealing with more and more issues with my mother as she gets older, but I'm still losing weight, just very slowly. Full of beef stroganoff and kettle corn right now, if only I could slow down and stop feeding.


Great photos Sallie! I love the wildlife in Florida. It is calling me back even more so after seeing these, lol!

betty - NZ

That's pretty cold! But, even so, the scenery is marvelous!

Thanks for making 'My Corner of the World' a success this week!
My Corner of the World


I had an iguana for a pet for a while in high school. My dad brought it home from his high school (he was an assistant principal). Not sure how it came into his possession, but it wasn't very healthy and didn't want to eat much. It was short lived. That taught me a lesson, some animals are best left in their own environment. They aren't meant to be pets. We leave on part two of our Snowbird RV Adventure on Sunday. We will leave Pomona, California, and head to Arizona for some sun (hopefully) and fun. - Margy

Amy Franks

Falling Iguanas, poor things in the cold but I'd like to meet one of them.


Gosh that is cold for Florida but it makes life interesting. We have had such a hot summer we are looking forward to some cooler weather but wont be here until April. The reptiles are such prehistoric looking creatures.

Linda W.

I enjoyed this tour. Thanks for sharing Florida with us.

Photo Cache

I probably would enjoy living in Florida in the wintertime, just like you, but I definitely could not handle the combo of heat and humidity.

I liked the greenness of Florida.

Have a great week.


Your Fl cold is sort of like my AZ cold, it's all relevant. But rather scary to have Iguanas falling from trees. Poor things. The Cypress knees look like very old ents. Isn't it amazing how many shades of green Mother Nature provides. I like visiting you in FL, if only through the blog.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful nature photography and critters too ~ Glad the Iguanas warm up and take to the trees again ~ Stay warm ~ ^_^

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Beautiful photos - you captured our weird winters great!

Alycia Clicks

What a unique place! I love seeing where you walked and all of the animals. crazy about those iguanas!


You are brave to photograph the alligator even from a distance Sallie. I have enjoyed seeing the variety of reptiles on your walk.

Fun 60

Never heard of falling iguanas before. I think it would be difficult not to pick them up if you came across them lying on the ground.

Bob Bushell

A great blog Sallie, I do love the Agama lizard, colourful.

Lady Fi

Falling iguanas! Who knew? Lovely serene shots. That croc looks very comfy indeed.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

I had read about the iguanas falling from the trees. Fascinating to me. If I saw one, I'd be the first one out taking pictures and waiting for it to move. I love nature and animals so I appreciate your post.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Cathy Keller

Oh my but the argama lizard is beautiful! As always a most interesting post! Thank you ad have a wonderful week!

Lavender Dreams

Your photos are beautiful and show so much of the beauty of this part of the state. A couple of people warned me of the Iguanas too....they might fall on us when we hike. Of course as you know...we don't have those here and our little lizzies were fine too! LOTS of birds in the feeders today with this nice cool snap. I would love to visit the area you've shown. I'll put it on my list....oh...I see it's already there! Hugs!


I really enjoyed this post I am very fond of Lizards and similar family. You can keep the Alligator though too much like crocodiles!! Keep well, Diane


i think some people have tunnel vision when they think about florida. they think of crowds and amusement parks. i know florida is so much more than that!! we heard about the falling iguanas up here in new jersey, it was one of the leading news stories!! the agama lizard is a pretty one, and you captured some beautiful reflections!! if the hubs would move, we would be in florida year round if it were up to me!!!


Hello, I will have to had Six Mile Cypress Preserve of places to visit. I love all the lizards, iguana and I can tolerate the gators. Pretty sky reflection. Beautiful nature/wildlife photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Shiju Sugunan

Some wonderful reptiles!


Really liked this post because I have never seen an Iguana except in a zoo and I didn't know that they fall from the trees ! Little lizzards I have seen in Italy and liked them they look like mini crocodiles.


What a different and interesting walk with all these reptile, Sallie. Have never seen a tiny reptile, only lizards and snakes. Yes, I was talking about Reader Wil. When we visited her she was already in her 80ties. The last I heard of her is that she was confined to a wheel chair. When her posts became slowly to a halt, she sounded depressed. She had no more family alive in Holland. Her daughter and family lived in Australia. Sad, eh? Beautiful post for All Seasons, Sallie! Have a great week!

Iris Flavia

Wow, that is as cold as here!!!
Oh, those poor fellas! And they are cute (if they´re not near).


Sallie - first of all, I am still laughing a little about the "Falling Iguanas" graphic. I have never heard about this before … And no, I did not find the post too reptile heavy - they are fascinating!! Thanks so much for linking to Mosaic Monday!


Hi Sallie!

I did see the fact that iguanas might fall form the trees in Florida during the cold snap there on our local news! It was such unusual weather there, and I hope you are now back to normal for the rest of the winter, especially as my oldest granddaughter is going to Disneyworld to celebrate her 7th birthday!

Alan Bates

That's cool. Supposedly the Red River, the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas has alligators. I think they would be burrowed up a lot much of the winter.


...I read about the Iguanas! This winter has been strange everywhere.


Wonderful photos as usual. We got cold up here in Tampa Bay and parts north of me went below freezing. Luckily that didn't happen in my yard!

Penelope Notes

Interesting post, Sallie. Some creatures like it hot and some cold and I can see that when temperature drops so do the iguanas. Now I know why they don’t hang out in my next of the woods, although the climate here is relatively temperate. Lucky for them, and us who enjoy them, they go into stasis but come back to life!


Luckily, no iguanas here, or they'd be littering the ground. I've heard the same about snakes - a snake sometimes goes dormant right where it is if temps get too low. People who come upon it and think it's dead are surprised when they try to handle it, and the snake suddenly wakes up! Yikes, not me! I wouldn't get that close!

bill burke

Not the place for me to live but I do like looking at photos you post of the area. I would be too paranoid to walk anywhere near ponds or other bodies of water. :)
Have a wonderful new week and thanks for sharing these photos.

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