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January 12, 2020


William Kendall

Beautiful animals!


I enjoyed looking at your collection of photographs. Beautiful colors and great job putting them together in the collage.

Shiju Sugunan

What a beautiful place. Loved the series!


Sallie: It's all so interesting, traveling with you. From deer, to birds & grasslands! Then to stop with a view of the bay such as this was just icing on the cake!

Thanks for sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin

handmade by amalia

What a gorgeous place with all the bounty of nature, I can see why the Miwok Indians chose to settle there. I wish we could go back to respecting the planet they way they did.


Hello. Wonderful serie of photos. Interesting places and birds. Have a great weekend.


I enjoyed your views of the coast and the birds. Beautiful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for the visit and commenting on my blog.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Wow! Thanks for all the interesting information. Glad the land was finally preserved. Beautiful shots.


Interesting post. Glad the land was preserved.


So glad that wetland was saved. That's such a gorgeous coastal drive. Mallards are such colorful birds.

Lady Fi

So scenic!

Peter B.

Such a beautiful area. It's definitely on my to-do list of places to visit. Wonderful photo of the hawk!

Michelle Keltner

Beautiful photos and I love that hawk! Thank you for linking up today.

Wally Jones

What a terrific looking area, Sallie! Fantastic habitat.
Thank you for sharing the birds and lovely scenery you found!


What wonderful photos of the different birds and the landscape!

Bob Bushell

Ha ha, they didn't get their way, PG&E were naughty.
Great shots for you Sallie.

betty - NZ

I'm pretty sure that you take as many photos as I do--and that's a lot! Thanks for taking us along with you and sharing these great shots :)

I'm glad you joined us at 'My Corner of the World'!
My Corner of the World

tanya breese

Absolutely beautiful! Funny about the movie! I loved that movie as a kid and would watch everytime it came on..I recently recorded it to watch withy boys...they probably will think it's corny haha


Oh, I'd love to visit this area again. It was/is so scenic. It looks like you went at a perfect time to view lots of birds.

A ShutterBug Explores

Most beautiful place and enhanced by all those 'feathered friends' ~ wonderful photographs and another great adventure ~ ^_^

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


The birds almost seem to pose for you! Love the Godwits! And what a name.


These are great! Love the one with the deer poking their heads up out of the grass, and the bird of prey is special. Love that grass collage too, the other birds and all that pretty scenery. A lovely collection, thanks Sallie :)

Lady Fi

What a lovely area. I enjoyed your beautiful shots.


Beautiful impressions of your trip between Bodega Bay and Arcata Marsh. It looks very tranquil and fun observing different kinds of birds.

Amy Franks

You have some nice scenery there, nice to see you have godwits there, they are protected here.

Sandra Nachlinger

I love your photo-within-a-photo in the first picture, but all of them are beautiful. So many lovely places to visit along the Pacific Coast. Now I've added Bodega Bay to my list.

Photo Cache

You know I've never given Bodega Bay more attention that it deserves. I should remedy that this year. Thanks for the post.


Hitchcock was such a master of taking something ordinary and making it into horror. The birds was an example. And those old movies always had a moral to the story. I always watched his TV series when I was young.

Little Wandering Wren

Oh gosh, thank you so much for sharing some of your glorious photos - what I wouldn't give for some of that fresh air today! Our air quality is right down here in Australia from the bush fires :(
Bodega Bay is stunning!
Wren x
PS thanks for your comments - i added your comment into the Afternoon Tea post. Much appreciated.


What a lovely set of photos and an interesting place with an even more interesting name. Have a great week, Diane

ellen b.

You really took advantage of this lovely area. I've enjoyed all your photos and information. That's a lot of mallards for sure. Love the Godwits! We are under 14 inches of snow here at our country bungalow! Happy Monday to you.


We have to be grateful that sense prevailed and the land was saved for all future generations and wildlife to enjoy.


Very interesting reading about Bodega Bay. Nice photos too. Happy modaic Monday



Really nice wildlife, really nice shots of the beach grasses...The Birds such a classic!

Lavender Dreams

I love seeing the birds and wildlife and learning more about this area. I was a bit distracted trying to figure out how you made some of the mosaics and how your photos are arranged. I need to get more creative and try some different things! Enjoy your day! It's WARM! lol Hugs!

Veronica Lee

I enjoyed reading the history of Bodega Bay. Love the beautiful photos, Sallie.


sallie...all of your images are wonderful reminders of how lucky we are. to remind us to stay kind to nature. the first 2 are favorites, there is something about the deer!! it's nice that you were able to see the water, and the mallards. they are so often overlooked for some of the less common ducks but they sure are beautiful!!!

awesome capture of the hawk!!!

Cathy Keller

Such beautiful photos. Remarkable photos of the bride too. Thank you. Have a wonderful week!!


That would have been a crime to destroy this beautiful place ! I have seen the birds several times I think you can see it on you Tube too ! It's a terrible movie, not anymore today but at that time must have scared people to death ! It has become a classical movie !


Hello Sallie,

What a beautiful place, I would love to visit there some day.
Wonderful captures and sightings of the birds. I love the Godwits and the Hawk. Great photos! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!


Sure are a lot of birds there. Great photos of them too. It is so good that the area was save d back in the 60's.


It never ceases to amaze me how versatile California is! And I still don't know half of what is around here, lol! Just sound like a Native American invention to build Bodega Bay to have enough water supply:) You have captured beautiful details of this area, Sallie! Am so thankful we live in this state! Many thanks for doing the research of providing the background for this post for All Seasons, and checking with bloggers for the names of these birds (on that I can tell you were teaching before:)) You're the best!

Iris Flavia

That sure is some fitting name. And in the end something good was the outcome, too. Very beautiful pictures, so peaceful.


A funny name for this location... indeed. I think at once on the film THE FOG if I read Bodega Bay. But here today I enjoy the fantastisc captures of birds.

Happy MosaicMonday


Hi Sallie!
What a fun name for what was potentially a environmental disaster--imagine a nuclear plant on a fault line! Bodega Bay is certainly a wonderful bird refuge and you took so many great photos of the birds and fowl that live there. I saw the movie The Birds when I was young and it was scary then, but watching it again a few years ago it looked so amateurish.


Sallie - I can think of many reasons why that location should be called Hole in the Head! The sea grass is stunning, and your photos capture it well. Isn't it fascinating to look back at old movies? Special effects have come a long way! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

riitta k

Beautiful shots - wishing a great new week.


I'm so glad the nuclear plant wasn't built. What a potential tragedy!

bill burke

What beautiful photos. I like how you presented the first photo too, very nice indeed. I like the bird sitting on the top of the car, hitching a ride maybe? :) The last shot is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Sallie and have a wonderful evening and new week.

Penelope Notes

If “The Birds” is the horror film directed by Hitchcock … very scary, although probably less so nowadays as audiences have become a bit more desensitized to such stories. I especially like your first shot and how it was presented, Sallie. Very artist!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Mallards were my Daddy's favorite and such beautiful ducks. I love the hawk photo. Great shot.
Stopping by from Mosaic Monday link up.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

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