January 19, 2020


William Kendall

Parker is a cutie.

The waterfalls are quite impressive.


You are lucky your husband still can work ! Mine with his arthrose cannot even mow the lawn or put a nail in the wall. Only sitting at his computer ! That's why I want to sell our house and move into an apartment more into the city center. I have to pay for everything and that becomes expensive !
Your photos are beautiful !

riitta k

Hah, autocorrect is a hidious thing!!!!

Shiju Sugunan

Great shots!


I'm viewing and reading, enjoying your post and photos immensely. From the scenery, waterfalls, birds and adorable doggie, hiding! But then, I come to the autocorrect sign and lose my drink!!! That was hilarious.

Thanks for sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.


Hello Sallie. Great photos of wonderful scenery. The photo of Burney Falls is so beautiful. Have a nice weekend.


Hello Sallie, love the scenery and waterfalls. Beautiful captures of the ducks and Robins. Lovely post and photos.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for todays visit and comment.

riitta k

Happy weekend Sallie!


You sure do have the best of both worlds with your apartment and cottage. Upkeep is another story.

Michelle Keltner

Awwww....love seeing Parker. I am a sucker for a dog. She is a beauty. LOVE that sign and auto correct....blah! lol Thank you for linking up today and always.

Peter B.

The Captain looks like a handy guy! Good luck with the second bathroom. It looks like it's coming along nicely.

Linda Walcroft

Great shots! Love the dog! Hate autocorrect.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Great sign. It is Perfect!!! Love the last entry---beautiful collage

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Too funny.

ellen b.

Ahh yes, that DIY work can be all consuming. An added bathroom will be a great addition for sure. Hope the work goes well and is completed soon. Glad you could venture out for a meal. What fun to come in to the dock to meet friends. Your October road trip was a beauty. Cracking up about that auto correct sign.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful series of photos ~ both the boating ones and fur person ones and others as well ~ all beautiful ^_^ ~ Makes me miss boating ^_^

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Bob Bushell

Fabulous shots Sallie.

Lady Fi

Fabulous shots - so scenic! And that pup is adorable.

Good luck with the bathroom installation.

Amy Franks

loving the photos, the dog looks extra friendly and the sign made me laugh a bit.


Such fun to read through your posts, plus looking at the very enjoyable photos. Bless all husbands who are handyman :)

rupam { xhobdo}

Awesome pics

betty - NZ

I always enjoy your photos, Sallie, no matter when they are taken! That's a great waterfall and the mountain skies are gorgeous :)

It's delightful to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

tanya breese

Great pictures! Parker is so cute!


LOL!!! Agreed! Auto correct is the worst! Love your treks and extra bathrooms are the best.

Alycia Clicks

Your old servings are great - but the new servings... I love it! it looks so toasty and warm!


ooooh this was great sallie...a few things really stand out. "planned-overs", that's a great one i have never heard of. you do home improvements the same way "WE" do here at our house, hehehehehe.

burney falls, in california, is gorgeous, the color of the foliage is so pretty, reminding me why i love autumn best!! now on to auto correct. am i the only person who counts on auto correct as "spell check"...thinking...well i don't know how to spell that word, as i type haphazardly, knowing/thinking/hoping auto correct will correct it because in truth, i don't know how to spell that word!! (it worked for haphazardly)!!!

Iris Flavia

A beautiful boat! "Florida room" sounds nice.
I bought a book on (German) autocorrect fails. Hubby came in asking why I´m crying, but I was just laughing a tad hysterical.
And yes, often I see it after I hit send already, crazy!

Veronica Lee

The place looks gorgeous! Lovely photos as always.

Happy Tuesday!


I'm stealing your idea of "planned overs" if I ever get around to the couple posts I almost have from months ago. You have the best luck seeing and photographing birds, and now bats, but catching Swallows at rest is rare.

Alan Bates

What an ambitious project. Kudos to you. I love all the sights and sounds close to your Eugene apartment.

Photo Cache

It's been over 10 years since I have visited Burney Falls. Thanks for the reminder. I think this is the year I get to visit it again.

Lavender Dreams

Those are beautiful photos but I also love to hear about your projects around the house. Sounds like a great idea! It sure is hard getting up and down off the floor these days though! Take care! And enjoy this beautiful week!


Never thought about it that way, but you are right - many carpenter's job require a a very fit condition and good working muscles. Yay, for your second bathroom! These waterfalls in California are beautiful! And wor thse last views - that's what keeps me painting nature! My pet peeve is when I make a typo on the Ipad, and google makes it's own word, grr. Many thanks for being a part of All Seasons - you probably won't travel much because of the bathroom being finished, so have a great week

Penny O'Neill

Beautiful, as always, Sallie - and loved the autocorrect. :)


Smile... at the autocorrect, when somethi g wrong word getting wronger .

Wish you a very good week.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Beautiful landscape photos.
I know you'll be glad when the cottage is complete.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


Lovely photos. Happy mosaic Monday



I really enjoyed tripping to Lassen, it's a special place. My knees are hurting looking at that shot of Bill and his project...been there and it's no fun. All your photos are great and spurt my mind to think beyond this moment in time. Auto Correct comes up with some stuff for sure! Very sweet grand-dog.


What a lovely post, Sallie - both new adventures and past memories. I love the landscape you can access from your apartment. That quote makes me chuckle. Sometimes I embarrass myself by not proofing after auto-correct!


It looks a beautiful place and you have taken some great photos. Have a good week, Diane


...wonderful water views, I feel warmer already!



Love the birds and cute furbaby. You are lucky to have a handy hubby to work on the new bathroom. The views of the falls and Mt Lassen are beautiful. The auto correct is a pain, but can be funny at times. The sign is cute. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Little Wandering Wren x

Haha yes autocorrect is a terrible thing at times, isn't it? Mind you, I'm my own worst enemy as I'm so quick to push send! The worst thing of all is my habit of putting a kiss at the end of things to my friends and doing that by mistake in a work context!
Love that word planned overs! Those photos from the Mt Lassen area are stunning.
Wren x


Sallie - a sentimental walk down memory lane. I can see why you like these "leftovers"! That bat picture is stunning - it's so big! That sign about autocorrect made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks for the spot of humor for Mosaic Monday this week!

riitta k

Respect to Captain - it is really not that easy to work in tight spaces! Great collages - happy MM.


Your photos are beautiful as always. Good luck with the new bathroom. Sounds like a perfect addition.

bill burke

What a grand summary of the months. I love seeing your photos, they make everthing come alive. Yes, auto-correct needs a special overseer to catch its mistakes and they are frustrating. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post and have a great week.

Cathy Keller

It's always a pleasure to visit here. I especially like the photo of Burney Falls. The colors are beautiful!! Have a grand week!

Penelope Notes

An extra bathroom is always a good idea … lucky you for having a captain who is also a handyman. The auto-correct on text messaging is truly a scourge that probably can be unplugged if only one knew how!

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