February 02, 2020


A ShutterBug Explores

Hope you too had a Happy Valentine's Day ~

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

William Kendall

I would love to see Lassen someday. Beautiful shots!


Nice trip through the park. October does seem a little early to shut the shop. I haven't been to Lassen in over 40 years, so your wonderful photos tease me to return if I ever get the PNW trip taken in the fall. Maybe this year.


What a very interesting national park, Sallie. We see the effects of old volcanic eruptions here in Colorado, but I think most are now totally dormant. I love visiting national parks and I think it's sad their budgets have been cut so severely by this administration that does not value nature.

Penny O'Neill

Wonderful photos and visit, Sallie. I truly hope these falls and parks and others are around for your grand and great grandchildren.

riitta k

So beautiful, thank you for linkimng at Friday Bliss!

Linda Walcroft

Beautiful scenes! I love our National Parks.

Peter B.

That's wonderful that you've visited so many of our NPs! Looks like you not only had a great vacation, but you learned a lot of geology along the way! It's interesting that sulfur deposits can "paint" the rocks!


It is a beautiful place...and one I swear I don't ever remember hearing about. I find that first group of photos really appealing.

Lavender Dreams

The National Parks are a real treasure and I'm so happy that FL has set aside so much land for State Parks! I love being in the forest and enjoying nature! It makes me happy! What beautiful photos you got of this remarkable place. Sometimes I wish we traveled more but then I realize I'm happy staying close to home now. Maybe some day.....! Hugs!

Michelle Keltner

In all seriousness, you have some great travels and this is no exception! Beautiful photos and I appreciate you taking the time to link them up!


...now that's my kind of country!


I think about the future of National Parks as well and sadly have visited only the ones here. I thought I went Mt biking way up North in a National Park but when I looked it up today pffft, like it didn't exist. The weird thing is the ones that are supposed to be national parks I have been to and didn't even know they were.
Interesting how waterfalls are formed, I may have read that since I always stop and read the signs, but think I forgot which is kind of like learning something new all the time.
Lassen sounds like a great find, that's what you want, more nature, less people.
We've had a few nice days here, and today there is sunshine so hoorah, no Polar Vortex which is probably better than whatever a Solar Vortex scenario looks like. But we did just find our first case of Corona Virus so yikes.

handmade by amalia

What a lovely place to visit - I love waterfalls. Thanks for taking us along.


a beautiful collection of photos


Beautiful and interesting photos!!! A fascinating landscape!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

This is great.

MaryBeth Schwartz

What a beautiful area with many exciting things to see. I was there as a small child and that was a ba-zillion years ago


There are so many excellent Nationak Parks in the U.S. I would love to visit some of them bug in the mean time I enjoy looking at them through your eyes.


Lovely images! Nice to see Burney Falls in fall. So pretty!! (We visited one spring). I found that information about the waterfall very interesting, too. :)

And I would love to go see Lassen again. It's been over 6 years,

Lydia C. Lee

What beautiful falls!! #MCOW

betty - NZ

Wow! You sure found a beautiful place! I would love to visit all those parks. You're such a great ambassador for them and the great outdoors :)

I'm so glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World


p.s. Tried your email but it says the box is full. - Margy


I have such fond memories of Lassen. When I was little (maybe first or second grade) we went there camping. With both of my parents educators we had summers for travel and camping. I have a picture of me sitting on a log with my dad eating snow (I still love to do that) during a ranger led hike on Lassen. That year we had to enter the park in a caravan because the snow was still so deep they had only plowed a single lane to get in even though it was late June. - Margy


WoW!!! 41 out of 60 state parks is amazing, how nice that you made that happen!! i really enjoy waterfalls, the majestic beauty of them and thinking about the natural creativity of how they formed!! interesting information you shared...and such pretty pictures of the fall colors!!

i would think fall would be a good time to stay in the park, too bad that part was closed, walmart parking lot may have been a better choice than an "unexceptional" motel!!!

Stevenson Que

Driving at the backseat of my brother's car from San Francisco to San Diego gave me a hint how big California is but that was just the coast. Your photos remind me more of how big and diverse the California environment is, truly beautiful!


Su-sieee! Mac

Once upon a time, during the Husband's and my courting days, we were sightseeing in the Sierras. Stop there I told the Husband-to-be. "There might be some soft rock here." The Husband still cracks up about there being soft rock anywhere.
Knock on wood that the national park system is still around generations from now. Sallie if you ever decide to visit the Pinnacles National Park in the Central Coast California region, please let me know. The park is literally in our backyard.

Sandra Nachlinger

Lassen looks like a beautiful place. Like you, I worry about the future of our treasured national parks. I wonder if some of our elected officials have ever visited them!

Veronica Lee

I've never heard of this park before. How beautiful!

Happy Tuesday!

// Heidrun

A wonderful parc for Corner of the World...

...I love the nature. Its always a pleasure to find new landscapes.

Have a good week. Thank you for sharing.


Wow what a beautiful Park. Yes I hope these wonderful places are still around in the future for our offspring.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Sylvia D.


Sallie - you have inspired me to count how many national parks we have visited - that might make a good post for the future! Lassen is one we definitely have not seen, so that will have to go on the list! I agree with you - we must preserve these slices of wilderness for future generations! Thanks for supporting the Mosaic Monday linky party!

Amy Franks

What a cool place to visit, I didn't even know it existed.

ellen b.

Wow! 41 of 60 is an amazing feat! Good for you guys. The variety of landscape is so interesting. Love the waterfalls. Aren't you thankful for digital photography? It really has opened up a whole new fun side bonus for all of us road trippers!


What an interesting place. With only one trip to the USA behind us, we have only seen a few of the National Parks. GrandCanyon North Rim, Bryce and Zion.
Have a good week, Diane

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

I do so love waterfalls but those volcanoes I'm not sure I'd want to be that close. Wow 41 of 60? I've never been to a National Park but it's on my list of things "to do".


This must be such an interesting park, Sallie! It would be something new for me to learn about volcanoes! And agree with you a 100% that learning new things keeps our brain sharp, since it's a muscle:) Love the images you took of the waterfall and the sulfur coated rocks. Did you also smell the sulfur, or does that smell evaporate? Many thanks for highlighting this Nat. park for All Seasons, and have a lovely week!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful sights and images ~ just heavenly!

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Taken For Granted

What a wonderful series of photo of this beautiful park.


Gorgeous! I have never heard of this park before! Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing.

Alycia Clicks

That is absolutely gorgeous! Do you think they were closed in October because of all the fires and the high fire danger in that area? I am so glad you were able to see all the beautiful sites! What amazing places we have access to!

David Gascoigne

I earnestly hope that some of these natural areas can be preserved in perpetuity for all to enjoy, and as havens for wildlife. In an era when the only criteria seem to involve resource exploration, one has faint hope perhaps. And with so many protective regulations rolled back, one can only imagine the condition they would be left in when the resource peters out.


Hello, it is a shame the campground was closed. The waterfalls is beautiful. Neat view of Lassen. Our national parks are a treasure. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images Sallie, especially the waterfalls.

Iris Flavia

I´m sadly with you on Science and Geography at school... though, as an excuse... the teachers had no fun teaching, it was boring to the brim that way (I once had one who did it with love, and that was fun!).
Well, you still have some parks to visit then - and to learn new stuff - have fun doing so, and yes, I hope these parks, as everything else, will survive...

riitta k

Your photos are wonderful. Especially I love the first collage with autumn coloring!

Lady Fi

Wow - beautiful shots, especially the falls!

Alan Bates

That's a pretty cool National Park you found there. I have never heard of it. I love our parks but everybody does as well so finding one off the beaten path is great.

Kudos to you for all the National Parks you have visited. I doubt if I have visited ten. I'll have to think about it.

Penelope Notes

You are fortunate, indeed, to have visited SO many parks. Haha … an “unexceptional” motel is such an apt description that it explains most motels throughout the world I suspect. The lake is like a blue jewel but I can see how things might change drastically and unexpectedly. I expect the emergency plan is a good one!


I've never been to Lassen but it's pretty.


I was just saying to myself I didn't see that Waterfall at Lassen,,,,then I saw your text, OH dang sorry I missed that! If Trump's Cabinet doesn't keep it's hands off our Parks we will be screwed for eternity..This kind of natural beauty does not happen overnight as you showed us, 3 million years to make one waterfall! Awesome photos!

Cathy Keller

Absolutely beautiful waterfalls!!! WOW!! Thank you!

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