March 15, 2020



This entire photo journey you shared warmed my heart. Spring has finally arrived and thankful to see the Sun shining through our windows. We are looking forward to a colorful garden this season. The burrowing owls look so cutesy. It would be lovely to see the photos of its little ones.


...some many beautiful gifts of nature.


Now this is what I call a perfect photo safari!!

Thanks for linking in! Your friendship & loyalty to our world's birds are very much appreciated.

Shiju Sugunan

Fascinating owl. Beautiful pics!


Hello Sallie.
The owl is wonderful. Beautiful photos of flowers. Have a nice weekend.


Hello Sallie,

I love seeing these cute owls. They are adorable. Great sighting and photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Stay safe, healthy and happy! Enjoy your day, happy weekend.

Jutta Kupke

Wonderful pictures of these beautiful owls!
The large nature photo is fantastically beautiful and impressive
Stay healthy in these dark times
My sky ...

Alan Bates

I love your burrowing owls. I am quite sure I have never seen any in the wild. I love your flowers as well.The botannical gardens here are closed and so I am missing the peak bulb season.

I love your Florida sunset as well.

I have a feeling many of us will be digging into our past photos!!

Iris Flavia

Beautiful pics, and, oh, yes, I wish I could sleep like that! To health!

Michelle Keltner

Love seeing the owls. We always hear them on our farm, but never see them. I would love to! We are well and continue to take long walks outside and keeping our distance :) Thanks for linking up today.

Peter B.

I've never seen a burrowing own. Hopefully someday! Yes, I need to get outside from time to time. Definitely improves my mood. Stay safe and healthy!

Suzan Batz

I so love these photos of the owls. I would love to see them in person myself.
There is still so much to be thankful for in this crazy time.

Iris Flavia

Awwww, beautiful pics, and yes, how I´d love to easily sleep like that!!!

Lavender Dreams

I would love to see these sweet little owls! How interesting the way they live and I guess there's a chance we may see one on our hikes....I'll keep an eye out! lol We are hiking still and that really does help! Stay well my friend and enjoy this summer like weather! Hugs!

tanya breese

The owls are cute! We have some beautiful weather coming up today so looking forward to getting out and enjoying it while it is still allowed!

MaryBeth Schwartz

I do like the Burrowing Owls. I have only seen them in Eastern Washington. My eldest lives on a ranch in Ritzville so it is fun to see different critters


The burrowing owls are adorable. You are lucky to have them nearby.


I love the owls and thanks for including blooms, too. It's snowing here now, and I think your Denver family will get some heavy snow, too. Keep well and enjoy Nature.

betty - NZ

Those are adorable little critters with funny expressions! Also love your colorful flowers, Sallie :)

Thanks for your contribution to 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Linda Walcroft

Beautiful sky! I like the little owl too. Stay well!


Love your owl captures, and envious. I have seen an owl literally once! The sunset in the water is beautiful! The spring in Florida is in full bloom already - can't say this of Northern CA, lol, so I am enjoying your spring beauties! Hope you won't get quarantined, but you probably will find something to do:) Many thanks for bringing these interesting owls to All Seasons, and enjoy the spring weather:)

Photo Cache

Thank you for the beauty you shared today. Working from home starting Wed, 3/18. Hope this gets resolved soon.


wow-zers...how lucky are you to see these beautiful animals. i have never seen an owl in the wild, let alone been able to photograph one. so nice of you to share this experience with friends!!

it's always nice to have archives...i would like to work on better organizing my pictures on my computer while we are sequestered. the image of your beloved florida sky is gorgeous!! stay safe and be well!!


I am not crazy about birds but I really love owls ! I could look at them the whole day and I never miss an owl show ! I wished I would have one. They have the same eyes as my Rosie !
Your flowers are so cheerful they start blooming here too. At least you don't mention toilet paper !

bill burke

Nature and owls, a wonderful pair. Beautiful photos, Sallie.
Stay safe and healthy!


Wish I could have joined you I love owls, Stay safe Diane

Cathy Keller

Very beautiful flowers!! Gives on hope of Spring! Have a wonderful week!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful the Burrowing Owl, you are fortunate to have one near to you.


Ive never heard of a Burrowing Owl they look so soft and cute. We have been grounded by our children. Role reversal. We have to stay home as much as possible and practise social distancing. I still walk with my friends keeping 1.5 metres apart. It is a scary time.

Linda P

Thank you for your blog visit and now I reply although a little late. Your owl photos are very interesting. The ones of the sleeping owl are fascinating. Florida Spring flowers are colourful and the sky shot is beautiful. I hope you continue to enjoy the warm climate, the vibrant flowers and beautiful sunrises and sunsets as we live through difficult times.

Su-sieee! Mac

Burrowing owls look like they ought to purrrrrr. :-) Hi Sally!

ellen b.

What a blessing it is in these times to be so connected via cellphones and the internet! Can you imagine having to wait for a letter to find out if your loved ones are safe?? What a treat to be able to see those owls. I want to see an owl in the wild. Time will tell if that happens. So much to think about with this COVID-19. Praying for a good and speedy resolution with lifted bans. In the meantime we're being safe.


Thank you for the beautfiul photos. Being outside definitely brings a good feeling especially now. Hope you stay safe and healthy.

Amy Franks

We've been hearing and seeing the Corona Virus constantly here, I would rather see your photos any day.


...all of the flowers can be found here, the owls I've never seen.


Thanks for your share today. Happy mosaic Monday


Stevenson Que

Florida is just paradise! I haven't been there but my friends say it's climate is not very far from my Philippines. Wishing you a great Week ahead!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such a cute little fellow! Beautiful flowers too! Sleep well x


what a gorgeous owl ... amazing colors. i love the sun view. hope your week will be a good one. cleaning day to start for me ... hope the rest of the week will be as productive?? ( ;


Oh goodness, those owls are precious! Great photos of them and the flowers and that gorgeous scene of the ferns/palms with the glow of the sun glistening off the water. Stunning!


Sallie - how blessed you are to be so close to these magnificent owls! And it reassures me to no end that they are still present and thriving there. I just spent a couple of hours walking around our "backyard" and I feel so much better. We have resigned ourselves to spending the next two weeks at home with extremely limited contact with anyone. Sigh. Thanks for taking the time to link to Mosaic Monday! I am praying that our daily and weekly routines will help us stay sane during this difficult period.


The burrowing owl shots are great. Also love the flower shots and others. I hope you and yours stay healthy. I'm working from home for now since I fall into the age and health group my work was suggesting do that.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Oh be still my heart! I do so love owls, thank you!!
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Veronica Lee

Stay well, Sallie! Your Burrowing Owls are super cute! Love the photos as always.

Penelope Notes

Looks like the owl doesn’t have a care in the world! Technology, with all its frustrations, turns out to be a wonderful tool nowadays that will help us through this time of social distancing. I bet there are lots of treasures to find in your photo archives. :)



I love your Burrowing Owls, they are so darn cute. What a great sighting, I have seen the Cape Coral owls years ago. I agree, it feels good to be in nature and being outside in the fresh air. I get cabin fever. Your flowers are all beautiful.
Wonderful images and mosaics! Stay safe and healthy, calm and happy. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

William Kendall

What a beautiful owl.

riitta k

Your last photo is stunning Sallie! We grow croton as house plant in Finland, but it always drops its leaves in my house :)

Lady Fi

Awww - beautiful shots!

Chris Rohrer

Stay well! And glad you are getting out and about. Beautiful pictures by the way!


Being outside actually stops the virus if it has no host to jump to...so good idea. Love your owl photos...just awesome. Stay healthy if you can!!


I think burrowing owls are fascinating. My friend has a few in her back yard.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Beautiful owl photos along with floral and nature shots too ~

Be well,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

// Heidrun

Going outsite is a good decision. Lovely captures of owl, and the nature around. Dear Sallie, I agree with your meaning.

Happy MosaicMonday... stay healthy.

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