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March 01, 2020


William Kendall

Those eagles are quite a sight.

Wally Jones

Well, Sallie, it's your turn to show me a place I've never been! Harns Marsh Preserve looks like a terrific destination for an upcoming spring trip to the area.

Great images! Now I'm looking forward to exploring a new place.

Thank you!


That pair of eagles is superior! And loved seeing the little blue!

Thanks for joining us today at I'd Rather B Birdin...it's always appreciated!


Whenever I see your birds in Florida, it always reminds me of our trips down there. I hope we can get down there again one day. Great photos Sallie and a beautiful sky. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Hello Sallie.
Wonderful serie of great birds. Limpkins are my favorite.


Hello Sallie,

Wonderful sightings of the birds. I love all of them, great photos and mosaics. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks for the visit and comment on my blog.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

A lovely selection of bird images in this post. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Diane Bohlen

So true. Its great to get outside into nature. That is why I love my morning walks.

Soma @ whimsandfancies.com

There is so much activity to observe and a perfect day for that too. Hope you spot more activity in the nest soon. Love how the eagles are looking at the same direction in the photo.


Michele Morin

Herons are the birds I most enjoy catching a glimpse of!


How nice it would be to go for a walk and see the beauty of nature, and yes I agree the bald eagles, might had seen you about to capture so they had made that pose. Lovely photos.

tanya breese

Great pictures! Love the eagles! I don't think I've ever seen an eagle just standing on the ground like that!

Michelle Keltner

I love seeing the eagles. They are coming back in my area and it is a joy to see them around. A lot of forest bathing here on the farm and we are lucky for it. Thanks for linking up.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sky shots.

Peter B.

I like the shot of the bald eagles, and beautiful sky in the last photo!


We saw Snowy Egrets in Northern California. They were on one of the reservoirs where we camped with the RV. - Margy

Suzan Batz

Beautiful photos of the birds.
I especially love the Bald Eagles.


Beautiful photos, Sallie. I do love the gracefulness of egrets and herons. I think it's their long legs and patient waiting that I admire most. I've become less enamored of bald eagles when I see their cruelty in snatching herons and ripping them apart. The violent side of nature is all a part of it, I know.


What a beautiful spot for birding! I'm with you on the "forest bathing" idea. Let's invent a name that includes other places in nature like "marsh bathing"(?) No...that doesn't sound right! :)

David Gascoigne

It looks like a wonderful area, Sallie. Bald Eagles and waterbirds of every size, colour and description. It really doesn't get much better. I find myself imaging the sounds and the fragrances too.


You are fortunate to have a place so nearby to see these fantastic birds. Maybe just nature bathing.


I loved all your photos--but hope the eagle story is not too sad? It is so true that nature--anywhere and any type of mature-- is healing to the mind and soul and more needed than ever these days of worry over elections and viruses and so forth.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Great bird shots but the eagle of course are a favorite.

Sharon Wagner

I'm down in Florida now. Seeing lots of wood storks. And all the local favorites. Including parrots in Miami!

// Heidrun

Wow... wonderful captures of Birds. My favorites are the both eagles.

Wish you a very good week.


all of these big birds are so beautiful and so majestic...none more majestic than the bald eagles. the eagles are common now, but not too long ago there were only a few couples left, thank goodness for their rebirth!! your images are beautiful, i really love seeing the limpkins, i don't see them here...and what a beautiful sky!!

Saundra Schuler

Awesome series! I never knew that they called the Snowy Egret Yellow slippers.... love it!


Great set of photos, thanks for sharing. Love the Bald Eagles. Cheers Diane

Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe

The birds never fail to cheer me up. The Little blue heron and the bald eagles are fantastic. Happy Birding & Happy Wednesday.

Linda Walcroft

Love the pair of eagles! Your blog is looking larger now, thankfully.

Veronica Lee

OMG! The photos of the eagles are just jaw dropping!

Happy Wednesday!

betty - NZ

Such a wonderful variety of critters, I love seeing them! I think 'forest bathing' can be extended to different places where you can enjoy nature :)

I'm so happy to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Su-sieee! Mac

Look at those clouds, and that blue sky! It's hard for me to stay indoors when it looks like that outside. I'm with you, Sallie. We can enjoy nature bathing any day, any where, including our backyards. By the way, you caught some mighty handsome birds with your camera. The pair of eagles look like they may be on a date. :-)

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Funnily enough I took pictures of egrets just yesterday. They really stood out in the green fields currently filled with anemones. Those Bald Eagles are amazing!


Lovely all the birds! And a great landscape!
Best, Julie


beautiful birds you saw in this beautiful place !!! these are all great shots!

Linda P

Harns Marsh Nature reserve looks like a good place to walk and see the water birds and nature in general. I look up what you mention, including the bidens alba wild flowers and learn a lot. We're looking forward to getting our in the local countryside - so relaxing, even for a short while.


I've not heard of an apple snail before so i assume they are a largish snail. As always great photos of the birdlife.

handmade by amalia

Thanks for taking us along, Sallie, I love watching birds. We are beginning to see flocks around here as they begin to migrate back home. Spring is coming.

Alan Bates

I love it, we need to figure out what forest bathing is called when their is now forest?


i love the cloud view, those are always a fave for me ... i don't recall just really staring at them as a kid. i mean i would pick out shape and such ...but as an adult i really just stand there and act amazed. so lovely. but a very close 2nd is the bald eagle view. we have those in our yard ... not sure their nest is that close but i keep looking. i got out my binoculars but didn't see them. why that happens i don't know!! why do they run (fly) away from??! so funny. u have a great March. time is flying by. i just wish i didn't have to blink and i would never miss a second. kidding for course, but i am sure u get my point. ( ;


Interesting time you spent here, Sallie. Have two questions. One is why they ere called apple snails? Two is, did I miss something you told before about why it's sad at the Eagles nest this year? It sound you enjoyed your time here, with enough to see:) Many thanks for sharing your experience with All Seasons! Have more great experiences this week:)

Lavender Dreams

I know what you mean about the forest bathing...when you get out in nature you get the best feeling! Even if it's a swamp you're walking beside! Love the Little Blue! It's one of the hardest to pick out in the vegetation and so sweet. The Limpkins have a crazy loud call don't they? We always know if they are around. I've enjoyed walking with you today! Hugs!

Sandra Nachlinger

I agree that it's important to get outside and enjoy nature, whether it's in a forest, along a seashore, or anywhere outdoors. For me it's a mental health necessity! Thank you for sharing your walk and all the birds you saw along the way.


It's always good to see old friends, and the birds you see everyday are just that. I don't get to see Limpkin around here so nice to see them. Hope the Eagles are okay...I know nature can be cruel sometimes.

A ShutterBug Explores

Aw Sally ~such beautiful places you go and gorgeous photos ~ love the feathered friends shots ~ enjoy ^_^

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

ellen b.

Wonderful egrets, heron, and Limpkins. Never heard of them or at least I think I've never heard of them. It is so nice to be able to get out and walk to enjoy these areas. I'm happy to have been able to walk today in Huntington Beach. It's been a long time since I've seen and enjoyed the Pacific Ocean. Happy March to you!


Love seeing all your birds. I agree - being out in Nature is healing.

Jennifer Jilks

I guess that means I do 'wetland bathing!'

Cathy Keller

Oh my, the photos of the eagles just takes my breath away!! Thank you!! Have a wonderful week!


I agree with you, Sallie ! The most important is to be able"to get outside and enjoy the nature". It's one of the best way for me to be in peace, and happy ! Have a nice week.


Hello, Sallie

The parks and preserve are wonderful places to see the birds in Floirda. I love all the egrets, herons and the Limpkins. Great shot of the eagle couple. I agree, we all should outdoors and enjoy nature. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Bob Bushell

Lovely birds, the Ibis is great and stand out.

riitta k

Fantastic birds - I have never seen these live!


typo sorry - I SAW two heron...


The heron is my favorite bird, I was two last week feeding on the flooded and wet land beside the roadway. Thank you for sharing The Harns Marsh.

Amy Franks

I've never heard of apple snails. But it's good to see the birds at the water's edge.


Sallie - the picture of the Great Egret among the Bidens Alba is truly stunning. I saw a large bird flying around today, and got temporarily excited that our cranes might be returning. What am I thinking? Way too soon! I agree with you - the key is to get out in nature, wherever you are! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Lady Fi

Love the shots of the snowy egrets. And last year's eagles! Let's hope the nest is filled again this year.

Shiju Sugunan

Nice series, I like the bald eagles and the beautiful sky.


...Sallie you captures some wonderful feathered fishermen!


So many beautiful birds, loved all of them

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