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March 29, 2020



Saw you post about successfully making it to Nebraska yesterday. That's quite an accomplishment. Glad you were able to find places to stay along the way and are safe. Take care and you'll be back home soon. We are well in Bellingham and will be here for a long time to come I'm sure. It's been the best choice for us with good medical care nearby, a good place to live and a community that offers so many services where you can distance and not have to come in contact with others. Being "homebodies" to start with helps. - Margy


All I can say, Sallie, is stay safe on your journey to Oregon. See you again, when you're resettled!

Thanks so much for this. We birders at I'd Rather B Birdin appreciate your blog post & photos!


Hello. Beautiful flowers. Wonderful serie of birds. Happy travels. Take care.


Hello Sallie,

Your bird sightings were awesome, loved all the flowers, sunset and your photos. Wonderful mosaics. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend.

Michelle Keltner

I hope your journey is a safe one and that you both stay well. Thanks for linking up.


I wonder if I can get the eagle cam on ROKU. I started a comment but think I got distracted by something like not having washed my hands in the last five minutes. I'm spacier than usual since much of my brain is preoccupied trying to remember what I've touched and the best way to get in and out of my apartment and in and out of my mother's.
It's probably a good thing you're leaving while you can and I was just thinking of you yesterday when I saw camper parking near a soccer field. It was actually for UW Hospital visitors which was a new thing to me, especially considering how much time I've spent there.
Cool that you got a new, downsized one camper.
I'm finding that keeping in touch with other bloggers comforting as well, and it surprises me. Hearing from you on the road will be a treat, speaking of which, I hope you packed everything you need plus more to limit your stops, keeping in mind how germy public restrooms are and that many of them might be closed.
I agree with you about other bloggers seeming more real, which I also find weird.
If you guys haven't killed each other yet I think you'll be okay.

Linda W.

Lovely photos! I thought we were going to take a two-day trip on business but we were able to postpone it. I wondered about finding bathrooms with most restaurants closed. Then I remembered the old days; gas stations have restrooms! Not often nice one unless you find a Sheetz.

Have a good journey!

betty - NZ

I really enjoyed your photos, Sallie! I'm sure we all will be perusing the archived shots for a while and discovering some images that we forgot we had!

Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up!

Peter B.

That's a great sign. Really makes you stop and think! Safe travels and good health!

handmade by amalia

Lovely photos, Sallie. Safe travels.

Lady Fi

Fabulous shots! Safe and happy travels.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

Veronica Lee

Love the photos, especially that gorgeous sunset.

Safe travels, Sallie!

Robert Nicolaescu

Beautiful captures.


I think you and your husband made an excellent decision, Sallie! Florida might be a hotbed of the virus as it was late to begin social distancing. I wish I could say everyone in Colorado was following "stay home" rules, but they are not. My husband and I are and we only go out an hour a day to walk a trail. Safe travels to Oregon!

Su-sieee! Mac

Sallie, I'm glad to hear you'll be leaving for Oregon sooner and traveling in your own unit across the country. I'd be interested in hearing whether you think skies are bluer and nature more refreshed across the country during this trip. It certainly feels that way here. Sending positive vibes through the Universe for you and Spousal Unit. Big hugs.


Have a nice and safe trip, Sallie. It'll be a long way to Oregon ! Here we can't do things like this. We have to stay where we are and that's all. A bientôt.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh dear ~ do hope you have a safe journey back and that closing up the cottage wasn't too much for you both ~ Lovely photos ~

Be Well,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


good luck sallie - stay safe on those roads, i heard that they are all jammed up!! your pictures are beautiful, thank goodness for the archives!!!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Safe travels! I am sure the birds are enjoying the peace and quiet and are happy to be left alone. Here in Israel, ibex were filmed wandering along the promenade in Eilat. They wouldn't normally be anywhere near the area but when the humans are away...

Bob Bushell

Superb images Sallie. I love the sunset.


Just where you should be in these times - home. I wish you a safe trip. Please write often. One shouldn't be so very far from family now.There is a hilarious cartoon going around the internet with a wife knitting a noose from enforced time with husband. :<) Love to you, dear one.

rupam { xhobdo}

So beautiful pics.


Yes better hurry as more and more states are closing down and saying only essential people may be out and about fines and such could happen...I think getting home is Essential...Many parks are closed to be prepared for that RV privates seem to be open and National Forests are too as of now. I wish you the best on your journey and I will be watching out for your posts! Safe Travels.


sorry i don't recall if i have ever told ya about our Casita ...that is what we camp in. i wish that as your camper ... it would be too too cute!! what fun. i don't know what i love more your blooms or fliers (birds, i mean)?? have a relaxing week. ( ;

Stevenson Que

Oh Sallie! You live on those Canal Cottages, that is just such a beautiful place! I pray to God that he guides and bless your way to Oregon and please be safe and make sure you have your travel essentials in place (especially a bag of snacks or two, or five if I'm coming with you HAHA) Wish you the best and sending you hugs!

Stevenson - Cavite Daily Photo


lovely flowers and birds. Loved to see the spoonbill. I have seen it but never upclose :(

I hope your trip to Oregon went well.
We have the virus in Sweden as well but the situation is not that bad as many other places. Even if many smaller shops are closed and the city more or less abandoned. But we have everything we need so far.
Take care and stay well. :)

Lydia C. Lee

Home is def the safest place to be - if only because you know where everything is (shops and medical) and there are people you know nearby for emergencies...Stay safe!

bill burke

Safe travels back to your Oregon home. My daughter just made it back to Portland before they stopped overseas flights from entering the US. She came for a visit but was anxious to get back home after the flights were being cancelled.
Take care and stay safe!

Amy Franks

Nice to see some colour. I recognize all of the plants in your photos too.


Have a blessed Monday. Thsnks for sharing. Be safe, stay healthy


Penelope Notes

I think you are wise to leave Florida sooner rather than later, Sallie. There are a lot of folks there who don’t seem to be taking the situation seriously enough. Oregon has so many beautiful spots and I look forward to new scenes, perhaps even from that gorgeous western coastline. One of the prettiest and wildest I’ve seen.

ellen b.

I was wondering if you might make the trip back to Oregon earlier with all that is happening. How fortunate you have a travel trailer and can avoid airplanes or hotels. Ha! It does get dicey working with someone constantly in tight quarters. Hang in there. Safe travels to you! God speed...

Linda P

Quite an undertaking to close up and travel back to Oregon so safe travelling on a long route across the States. I presume State borders are not closed. We've come to terms with our two home situation complicated by being in two different countries, that is Italy and the UK, although the UK is our main residence and home. Everything is on hold for the foreseeable future. Beautiful sunset, interesting wildlife in your photos.

Lavender Dreams

How nice to have a new travel trailer to make the trip. That will mean it is so much easier to stay safe. I'm wishing you a safe and uneventful journey! Let us know how you are as you travel and what you see! Take care and God speed! Hugs, Diane

David Gascoigne

If the truth be known, Sallie, nature and its creatures, all of its flora and fauna in fact, probably welcomes this respite from human domination, degradation and neglect. I just read this morning of wildlife sightings on deserted city streets. Have a safe journey back to Oregon and stay well. I hope the authorities don't ban inter-state travel when you are half way home. This is a challenging time for all of us, and I suspect that it is far from being over yet.

Clair Zarges

".. .to see the beauty that still exists in nature no matter what." Such a good reminder. I marvel every morning when I step outside to the sound of robin songs. Despite our human turmoil, the robins still sing.



Beautiful flowers and awesome bird sightings. The sunset is lovely. Beautiful photos! Sending prayers for your safe travels home to Oregon!

Iris Flavia

Beautiful pictures. Oh, how I long to be on the road again, too. Certainly not here in Germany. Outback Australia it would be. Where else is social distance easier anyways!
And one day I´d like to visit America, see Florida!


All good wishes for a safe and smooth journey! I wondered how long you expect to take?
Here, in the UK Midlands, I've been told to stay in for three months-and am trying not to get Cabin Fever.😊


I think you are right to return home whilst you still can. It might be inevitable with the rise of cases inthe US that travel will be forbidden between states. Everything here happened so quickly. I am pleased I cancelled my trip abroad as I would still be trapped out there now with little chance of returning home.

riitta k

Wonderful flowers and sunset. Safe trip back home.

// Heidrun

The calm on the canal is fantastisc... the other captures of nature so lovely as eher in each post.

...yes, keep in touch in Corona time. Its the one and only way we have yet...

Stay healthy!

Happy MosaicMonday

Penny O'Neill

Love all of the photos, but, especially that magnificent sunset. Safe travel and well being as you wend your way to Oregon.


Sallie - it must be tough to leave, but it sounds like you are making the right decision. I have said from the beginning that I would far rather that people decide we over-reacted than the other way 'round. (At this point, I don't think anyone will be saying we over-reacted …) Thanks for taking the time to link to Mosaic Monday while you are in the midst of the transition. I agree that blogging is proving to be a lifeline and a reassurance that people are still out there! Be safe on your journey!


At least you have seen Florida's flowers, before you go back to Oregon! Beautiful! And I love your capture of the eagles and also of the birds in that tree:) Sallie don't worry about social distancing (I think for couples it's overrated anyways, why do they think people marry??) Thank you so much for sharing the latest with All Seasons, and wishing you a great trip and hope you are not too cramped in your small trailer. Have a great week of driving, and keep safe and healthy, Jesh


Thanks for your uplifting post, such a welcome relief after listening to the news reports. I look forward to hearing more of your long trip home, if you are able to get internet reception. The flowers are beautiful and certainly brighten up the day for us all. Stay safe and well.


Your bird photos are fascinating. We’ve seen the owls at Cape Coral and a few of the others you have pictured. It must be sad to leave — and what a long trip you have ahead of you! Be safe and be well.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Stewart M

I think it is a time to be home - what crazy days.

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne


May your trip home to Oregon be a safe and quick one. I'll be watching to see when you make it and can settle in more comfortable surroundings. - Margy


I'm worried about you - that's a long trip and so many people are ill. Please be careful. My prayers are with you.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Praying for your safe travel and safety in Oregon.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Cathy Keller

Oh my, how lovely! And the sunset is just beautiful!! Have a grand week!

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