March 22, 2020



all that other news, and it is all the news we hear. hasn't anyone, anywhere done anything criminal?? the blue jays are so pretty, i am a blue jay lover!!

cyndi and jeff's black walnut tree is gorgeous, that's been around a LONG TIME!!!!!

Little Wandering Wren

The blue Jays are lovely - as you know I'm a great fan of all the little birds! We feel beautifully connected with our family too and are sharing lots of pics of our days too, an upside of life in today's times!

Lady Fi

How very blue-tiful! Love the blue jay shots and those pink blossoms! Have just woken up to some snow today!


Hi again, Sallie. Thanks for stopping by to add your link today & share with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin!


Hello. Beautiful blue jay and beautiful flowers. Take care of yourself.


Hello Sallie, beautiful photos and post. I love all the pretty flowers and that huge tree. The Jays are always a fun bird to have visiting. Take care and stay well! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!


Is it time to return to Oregon already. But then the Rhododendrons might be calling you. One of my favorites from OR. Technology does make it nice to keep in touch with those far away. Thanks for sharing spring from different places.

riitta k

Your Blue Jay is fabulous, it does not live in Finland. Life is so uncertain right now, good that we can enjoy the coming spring! Stay well Sallie, sunshine to your weekend.

Diane Bohlen

The Blue Jays are beautiful and so to the Spring pics. We are in Autumn now and heading into winter and flu season so it could get much worse here in a few months. We FaceTime our kids often. They are working from home so I hope we'll all keep safe. Are you allowed to travel to Oregon? We are not allowed to travel from one state to another unless it is for work or compassionate reasons.It causes chaos on our border with NSW because there are twin towns on the border. Coolangatta on Queensland Side and Tweed Heads on New South Wales side. People usually move around like it is one big city. Now they are checked at the border on all roads. Sending distancing hugs. Keep safe.

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Alan Bates

We are going on little outings but don't stop to eat or get refreshments on the way back. We go the supermarket, occasionally a pharmacy and check on my MIL. Other than that we stay home.

Tomorrow son and I are trekking a couple hours away to his dorm room. The college has gone online and we are getting his stuff and bringing it back.

Take care and be safe!!

Peter B.

Beautiful post, Sallie. My wife is always trying to attract blue jays to the back yard (limited success). Stay safe and healthy!

Michelle Keltner

We have been staying home, but so glad we live out in the country. Plenty of outside time and always something to do on our small farm. Thanks for linking up today and stay well.

Sharon Wagner

Your post was not boring! But boredom is spreading like a new virus. Stay well!


Bonjour Sallie,
Like you we are locked in our home( and happily in our garden too )for more than a week. No noise (except birds but it's noise but singing) and all is stopped all around us. In this part of the country things are not really difficult, but in Alsace (near Germany) and particularly in the town of Mulhouse, where we lived before, things are really tragic. Very ill people, in the hospitals are moved from there by train or plane to others hospitals in France, Germany, Luxembourg...
Happily my mother is safe in her house and numerous friends help her for foods. My son and Augustin are at their home too. We have to stay calm and confident here like at your place !

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Linda Walcroft

Lovely spring photos! Travel is not appealing now that restaurants are closed and anywhere can hold a threat to health.


I like the way this post brings your family together. Spring is definitely here with blue skies and sunny days but still a chill in the air. We are on lockdown but are allowed to go out once a day to take a walk as long as you are a safe distance from others.

Hootin' Anni

Love the blue Jay photos.

I know where I lived in Colorado for over 50 years, snow didn't completely melt ' Til May (if lucky), and seasonal snowfall happened again in September!


Our parks are closed now too, due to people who didn't respect the distance to keep ! I start to get fed up being locked in 24 h with Mr. G and I think he too, we are not used to that !
Your photos are really nice !

Robert Nicolaescu

Beautiful post.

betty - NZ

It's always fun to look around close to home, you never know what beauty is around! You captured many lovely and fun images this week, Sallie!

I'm so happy you are a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!
My Corner of the World

Su-sieee! Mac

Family comes through is true for you, Sallie. Yaay. That's a handsome walnut tree! I can imagine my younger self climbing up it, then not being able to get down because my brain went into freeze "scared of falling" mode. Hopefully, eventually, someone would have brought me a ladder. hahaha, wouldn't that make a great picture book -- Old Lady Stuck in the Walnut Tree. Maybe the old lady decides to live up there so before you know it she has a tiny house perched up there. Hmm, what if the old lady perfects her recipes for walnut catsup, walnut liquor, and a few other walnut recipes that would go into the picture book. There you go, Sallie. My imagination getting inspired by that photo of the walnut tree. (The blue jay would've done it, too, if I hadn't seen that walnut tree.) That was fun, thanks for the creative moment. :-) Take care.


I think the blue jay photos are great and I love reading whatever you write. Looking at the map I can see why you want to get the hell out of FL and back to OR but then again I'd say that COVID-19 or not.
The parks are still open here but when I took my bike out Sunday it was more crowded than I'd ever seen it except maybe if the Fourth of July were on a weekend. And even on a bike, people were still still too damn close and I had to ride in the middle of the road when possible. Jeez, people.
The entire state is under a Stay At Home order and a few weeks ago people were being told not to leave the county. At lease more people are listening now. I won't mention any names (Kathy, my older know it all sister who is an ex nurse and should know better).
I'm actually on my way to check up on my mother. I keep bringing over night lights and battery operated candles pink towels thinking it will cheer her up.
Take care, let me know what's going on with you guys.


We have been having some beautiful weather----so so nice until today and it is raining---but we do need it.---Yes we do.
We are fine here---I just decided not to blog for awhile but I am commenting on various blogs. Thank you for being around!

Suzan Batz

Well, I do love your Blue Jay photos. Usually we have a few noisy critters in our tree outside the diningroom window...but haven't seen or heard them yet this year.
Its threatening to rain today. We do need it here in the greater Sacramento area but I don't like the gloomy days..especially now.
We are all doing fine and have enough supplies for a few weeks. Family keeps in touch and is there for us. That's the most important part...Family and their health. One son is a RN in the Emergency Dept. of Salem General Hospital..(Oregon) I am very concerned for he and all of the others in harms way there.
Take care and hope you figure out how to get back home.

bill burke

Beautiful photos, Sallie.
Hope you are doing well in these trying times.
Stay safe and healthy!

Iris Flavia

That is a very beautiful garden, but eek snow!
Thank you for beautiful pictures in these tough times!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such a beautiful blue jay! Thank you for these photos. I am desperately missing being able to go out and see all the beautiful spring flowers. This is the best time of the year to be out in nature :(

Bob Bushell

Beautiful Sallie, so fresh the air thanks to coronavirus. Your birds are superb, stay safe.

Stewart M

I do love those blue jays - I look forward to seeing then again one day.

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne


gorgeous blooms. i am wondering ... hope i have not told u this story before ... why we don't see blue jays much any more?? i miss their noise ... they are so loud but u sort of think u might see them ...but nope. ( ;

Photo Cache

Working from home now. Friday was sunny and pleasant so I took a short break from my computer work and ventured out in the backyard and smelled the lovely orange blossoms. Today, it is overcast and very cold and I've had one hot cuppa after another. Stay safe.

ellen b.

I'm depending on family these days to post their photos so I can download them since my broadband isn't allowing me to download my large file photos from my good camera right now. OYE! Love the colors in these photos. I'm glad you are surviving as usual in this pandemic. We are staying home and the hardest thing is not being able to hug our grands. Stay safe and keep the Faith!


Love those forget me nots! MIne bloom middle to end of summer (when the snow finally melts...). Speaking of - it's snowing here now. I do love seeing what is blooming in other locales. Stay safe and well, Sallie. I hope you can come up with a plan to get home to Oregon.


loved to see the BLue jay on my travels. Seem so long ago now.
You have forget me not? We are still in the very beginning of spring. Still frosty mornings. Some flowers have come but mostly are damaged by cold mornings :(
Nice to see you again. :)

Stevenson Que

Sallie I really love the Blue Jay photo! It welcomed me so well in your blog and made me happy as I scroll through the next photos that were sent by your children. It's very interesting to see different views on a same exact date because of the varying locations you all are in and the US is a huge area of land. Oregon really amazes me with its beautiful flowers. I have been to California and Washington and almost to Oregon but instead of driving north, I just rode a plane from Oakland to Seattle to save time on my vacation but hopefully I can see Oregon too :)

Please stay safe and I agree, most of us may be on social distancing especially us on a lock down for 10 days now. But it should not be a hindrance for us to see nature's beauty and breathe in fresh air!

Cavite Daily Photo
Stevenson Que Blog


Your blue jays a d flowers brighten an ovecast day with news flooded with Corona stories and cautions
A blessed mosaic Monday



An advantage of our changed situation - it forces us to think differently in many ways. Like the way you did your post!
That Rhododendron - wow! Here it looked like in CO, on the first day of spring. It has warmed up a but, but getting colder again because of rain.
My life has been mostly in isolation for the past 5 years, living on the country side, so that is not much different In this situation of the virus, I have more freedom than most, because supposedly certain businesses should be closed, but they're not, and the grocery stores are busy like before. Still am not home bound. My yard is big enough I can pretend it is a park!
Many thanks for sharing your life with All Seasons(stay in FL during this virus! More restrictions in other states!) and have a comfortable week:)

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Sunshine is beneficial in more ways then one, mostly our mental state. I have to get outside and enjoy the sun but it doesn't have to include being around others.
Stay safe.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh your blue jay photos are awesome and lovely photos and news from others during this difficult time ~

Keep Calm and Be Healthy,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lavender Dreams

Those are wonderful photos...from all over! And it's great that we can stay in touch with our families and feel their encouragement too. The trails in the forest are all easy to get to here so we are hiking as often as we can...every other day right now. We only saw 2 other people yesterday! I wish more people would get out on the forest trails here, it sure makes you feel better! Stay healthy my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

Linda P

It's not easy at the moment, but exchanging news and photos across the miles helps us all in these difficult times. The bluebird (jay) is lovely. I woke up to the sound of the garden birds singing and tweeting. It was a good start to the day. Have a good week!


What a wonderful collection of spring shots across the country. Happy that you are doing well. I appreciated your comment on my blog. Take care and I hope you and yours stay healthy.


Hello, love the beautiful blooms. Spending time outdoors with the fresh air and sunshine is necessary for me. We are putting off our travels, staying home. I can be happy blogging and reading. I hope we return to normal soon! Take care and be well. Wishing you a happy new week!

Michelle Banks

Please stay well Sally...I am going to do a weekly update post on my blog and am following my friends...Thank goodness we are in spring..I need to be outside in order to cope....Michelle

Lady Fi

Beautiful shots of the blossoms and the blue jays! A much-needed pick me up in these days.

Veronica Lee

Thank you for bring cheer and joy during this time of gloom and doom, Sallie. Love your photos as always.

Stay safe!


Sallie - without dismissing the seriousness of the situation, I am looking for silver linings, and your post is a super example. Views from other places that we might not normally get to see (especially that massive black walnut tree). Your contact with family members. I have been making an effort to text a couple of friends a day to make sure they are OK and to dispel some loneliness for all of us. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and stay well!

Penelope Notes

Hahaha … the bluest skies are in Seattle, except when it’s raining. I could say that about my neck of the woods too. I haven’t seen any rhododendrons flowering yet but I‘ve heard paint sales are going through the roof. People are sprucing up their homes now that they need to stay there.


Beautiful photos and the blue bird is lovely. We do live in a beautiful world and it is good for us to share at this difficult time. Take care.


I especially loved the black walnut and the garden. Just a perfect, perfect garden. What a big tree it is. I'm happy your life is much as usual, as is mine for the most part.

William Kendall



I love the colors of spring and your collection of photos - have a good week!


We went out for a stroll in one of Bellingham's parks on the first day of spring. The parks are still quite empty so it was easy to stay away from others. We walk the blocks around the condo or go out in the car once a day for exercise and fresh air. Staying away from the TV and Internet has become difficult, but it does keep us in touch with the world happenings. Stay safe and well and enjoy Florida's sunshine. - Margy


a group effort and well done...I love the bits of Spring you shared with us today...here our dogwoods and azalea are blooming and it's always an exciting time of year. My sisters were mentioning the Snow as well and here is was 86 on the first day of spring.

Mary Jo

Honored to be part of this post!

// Heidrun

Heartmelting captures... the bird is absolutly wonderful. I enjoyed reading.

Happy MosaicMonday. Stay healthy.

Amy Franks

Loving the blue colours in your post, definitely a nice diversion from what's going on in the world.

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