March 08, 2020



That’s the only reason I go to the beach too, to see the birds :) You saw a wonderful amount of wildlife on your trip. I will have to bookmark these places for the next time we head south. Thank you for sharing the eagle photos again, a bird I rarely see. How very sad about the baby eagle. Thank you for the name of the Southwest Florida Eagle cam also. I enjoy looking at those. Hubs got to Florida before I did :) He took a trip with his brother to attend a few spring training baseball games and one golf tournament. They had a great time. Enjoy the rest of your week Sallie :)

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

What a beautiful place. I sure do miss the water but am thakful for the photos you shared.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


Beautiful, as always.

Thanks for coming over to I'd Rather B Birdin this weekend and linking up with us.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

A great selection of all kinds of critters but the Pelican is my favourite shot Sallie. Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe from the virus. Thanks for all your comments.

William Kendall

That resting pelican is my favourite.



I would love to see the rookery islands. The Pelican is one of my favorite birds. I also love your Eagle shots. Great post.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

Adam Jones

I can only dream of seeing a Royal Tern here in the UK. Lovely pictures. Have a great weekend!

riitta k

Wonderful summer views, the eagles are impressive!

Linda Walcroft

Great post! I'm glad you had a Plan B! (B as in boat, right?)


A good day even if not as planned.

Su-sieee! Mac

So, Sallie, would you say that a tern for the better? :-) I couldn't resist. Your pontoon trip reminded me of what we saw when we kayaked on Elkhorn Slough in Monterey Bay. I wonder if the birds "know" that their kind live on the West Coast, too.

Michelle Keltner

I love all of these photos and I cannot imagine wind surfing. No way!! lol Thanks for linking up.

Peter B.

Looks like a wonderful nature cruise on the estuary. Glad you decided to take that small "tern"!! Love the eagle photos.

Amy Franks

I found it interesting you have mangroves there too. We have there just about everywhere in NZ and while they are important to the ecology they tend to take over places.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Fun trip even after forgetting stuff and things. Love the horses and the Pelican on the post. He was told not to do that and he said"Like helican cuz I am a Pelican"--LOL


i am surprised that you already have "heavy, in season traffic"!! i always say "we live where others want to vacation"!!

i enjoyed you "pun", that was a good one and the sea gulls and pelican are beautiful. but the star of the post is the bald eagles. they are always my favorite and you captured some really awesome pictures in 2018. so sad about the baby eagle, and the way it died...you have to wonder about rat poison!?

a wonderful post regardless!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Love these.


I have looked at your last three posts, what beautiful landscapes ! The eagles are very impressive birds, but who the heck gave them rat poisen ? Good that there are cameras. We can't go out it rains and rains every single day and to make it even better people get hysterical with the Corona virus. So far we had nothing in Belgium, but since tourists came back from Italy we have 200 something infected people AND one DEAD ! A lady of 90 years. I thought it was a joke ! Italy is paralyzed everything is closed and all activities cancelled no cinema, no concerts, nothing. People have to work from home or not work at all until April 3. Supermarkets are open but they let in people by groups ! Nobody is allowed to enter the country, and nobody wants them to have ! After Italy there is France nearly in the same situation, the third is Spain and then the UK ! I think it swapped even over to the States despite the fact that Trump has said it would never arrive in America !



The boat ride and nature tour sounds great, I would love to take this tour. Great collection of birds and photos. Sad to hear about the eagle eating rat poison! Your eagle photos are awesome. I hope you are having a great day!

David Gascoigne

The mere mention of the Ding Darling Refuge brings back fond memories of several visits there in years past. On a bad day of birding it is great and and on a good day a place you don't ever want to leave! It is truly sad that in 2020 eagles are still ingesting rat poison. Perhaps the pair now has two fertile eggs and will be able to successfully raise two healthy young.

betty - NZ

Awesome photos, as usual, my friend! I love it when you see so many birds in one place! I know what you mean about the wind making it hard to get a good shot :)

Your link-up at 'My Corner of the World' is very much appreciated!
My Corner of the World

ellen b

Sad story about that little eagle. I don't know if I could hop on a pontoon boat...maybe step in gingerly. :) I enjoy all your photos and adventures.


So sorry to hear about the Eagle chick. Im surprised they are trying another egg this late, the nest I have been watching the young one fledged last week...only one this year they had two last. Good idea to get on a boat tour...easy and relaxing!

Photo Cache

If you are a bird lover, that's a perfect spot.


Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Nachlinger

Lovely day for a Tarpon Bay cruise! I've been to Sanibel and Marco Island many time and always enjoyed that beautiful area. Love your photos.

Veronica Lee

Gorgeous photos of the birds! How wonderful to see those eagles up so close!

Happy Tuesday, Sallie!


Wonderful photos, ilove this post, so so interesting!
Greetings Elke


You are fortunate to be surrounded by nature. I am lucky to be able to see it through your blog. Favourite photo was the pelican surveying his world.

Diane Bohlen

Sounds a nice trip to the island with lots of birds to see.. You do live in the best of both worlds.


love all the critters. so fun!! i keep searching for eagles ... i didn't see one lately but i just say a bunch of different kinds of wood peckers. so awesome! ( ;

Dina Johnston

Looks like a fun trip. We drove through Ding in September and saw very few birds. Wish I had known about the boat trip. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the new eggs.

Penelope Notes

Haha … had to laugh at the “tern” word! We get a lot of wind-surfers in my neck of the woods but I have yet to see a single pelican, although I’d love to. I just went to the Southwest Florida Eagle cam you mentioned. What a pleasure to see these creatures live in their nests without bothering them. Technology is sometimes wonderful.

Lydia C. Lee

That's awful about the rat poison! How sad!


Thanks for sharing your bird photos. Florida birds are always a welcome sight! I am hoping to get hubby to go out looking for ducks this afternoon. There should be some at the wildlife refuge not too far away.

Lavender Dreams

Oh I hope these new eggs hatch and there are baby Eagles! We are seeing hundred of Cattle Egrets right now in all the fields! Spring....ahhh! We love it! Glad you made the best of your outing too! Hugs!


I've always wanted to visit Sanibel to see all the beautiful seashells that I've heard gather there. I'd also now like to visit the Tarpon Bay Bird sanctuary. I loved the pelican roosting on the pole and the eagle photos.

// Heidrun

Hello dear Sallie, your comment brings me to laugh... about me the young lady. Long time ago. But nice to read.

...and now I enjoyed your visit, the fantastisc captures in this Post.

Happy MosaicMonday... have a good week

Linda P

You have some great places to go to on a day trip to see wild life. Amazing photos of the birds and interesting information about the eagles and how they raise their young. I hope the pair are successful this second time around and the eaglets survive.

Bob Bushell

The Royal Tern is gorgeous, and the Eagles, superb. A shame about climate change.

Stewart M

Love the birds on posts - our pelicans do the same thing here - even if they look way too big for the posts they choose!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


...Cattle Egrets seems to be everwhere that it's warm!


Sallie, if you take shots like this with shaky hands, I wouldn't mind shaky hands, lol! Never have seen so many bigger birds in a tree - envious! Am glad the eagles have more success with offspring this year:)From your images I understand everyone is going to the beach - so much life here! Many thanks for sharing some details with All Seasons of your time there (and also the wind surfing!) Have an excellent week:)

Lady Fi

Wow - amazing to see those eagles up so close! And a great shot of that comfortable-looking pelican.


Sallie - it seems your "tern" was for the better! Isn't it wonderful to have ready access to so much wildlife? Sorry to hear about the first clutch of eggs, but excited to go and look at the webcam. Good luck to the parents! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, my friend!


It's been along time since I've been to Sanibel. Lovely photos

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful post and nature photos ~ I loved Ding Darling sanctuary (sorry you missed it) when we visited and Captiva ~ not so much the traffic ~

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Cathy Keller

Oh my, what magnificent photos!! The photos of the eagles just take your breath away! Thank you! Have a grand week!

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