April 26, 2020


Betty Crow

Beautiful flowers! I loved seeing the hummingbird! Smile, it's Sunday!

MaryBeth Schwartz

We are true blue PNW-ers--walking in the sprinkles. We ha 3 weeks of really beautiful sunny and warm weather so we will take a little rain. The Bleeding Heart pic with the Hummer is breathtaking---thank you. I remember someone saying to me they wouldn't live here because it rains ALL the time. Well actually it doesn't but we get sprinkles, sometimes a bit more serious or the mist you mentioned---we seldom get gully washers like some others places get---I rest my case. LOL


Such pretty flowers and that hummingbird shot. I had no idea they'd visit bleeding hearts. (I love those flowers as well). Hope you have a great weekend.

Jennifer Jilks

I'm ready for May!!!! Flowers are beginning to come up.


Hello, Sallie,
It is beautiful seeing all the spring flowers. I love the hummingbird, great eye. He almost blends in with the plant.
Lovely post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing the post. Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend!

Robert Nicolaescu

Beautiful nature photos. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Allthe best!


I understand you are so happy to see again the springs flowers ! Here, we have still, lilacs and iris and soon peonies'll be blooming. We can see too the first rosebuds (very little ones !). It's raining today, but it's a good thing, all was so dry. We are still at home like you. On may 11th, things 'll change a little. We'll be able to walk in the nature, but not see son and grand-son nor my mother. Amitiés !

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

that hummingbird is tiny :) I know the size of the flower.
It is quite fun, I just read the post from another Oregon women. She was not all that rain loving either :)
Protect your camera.

About the virus, in Sweden we have very good people running the "show" scientists and the Government works together. And no political agenda allowed. Those people think before they act. They try to save both lives but also the society. If young children cant go to child care centers nurses and doctors can´t work.
So all decisions depend of today´s situation in both health and society. It seem to work well so, it will probably be easier for us to, one day, open up again.

Take care, stay safe.

riitta k

I can feel the moist moss scent in your Oregon woods. All the bloomers look fantastic. Wishing you happy First of May.

Michelle Banks

Thank you..you remind me that I need to get the hummingbird feeders up as I don't want them to go hungry here.....Michelle

Peter B.

What a beautiful little surprise!! So glad you had your camera at the ready. I think I heard somewhere that, in Seattle, you know someone is a tourist because they are the ones using an umbrella. Not sure if that's true, but the rain tends to be light and long-lasting, just as you describe in your area. I guess locals don't think an umbrella is worth the hassle!


All that green and blooming greeting the eye! I can only imagine the wonderful smells and colors. Glad you're safely home. Stay well!

Michelle Keltner

I haven't been to Oregon, but would love to visit. When we were in London, last spring, I enjoyed their misty weather. Gloomy weather here today, but no rain and it is cold! yuk! Thanks for linking up and your photos are beautiful.

Suzan Batz

Gorgeous thoughts for your day.
Yes Oregon is so lush and green because of that incessant rain.
My Hubby says he could never live there because of the gloom of the rain.
Beautiful flowers that cheer the isolation away.

Linda Walcroft

Great colors. How delightful that the hummingbird showed up! I saw one for an instant yesterday.

Alan Bates

Wow, I can see that the drizzling mist is worth it!!
Here in Tulsa we get the wild downpours that you describe in Florida but we have our share of drizzling misty days, not like Oregon but still.
I have a small waterproof point and shoot for those kind of days and it does okay. Better than risking the "big camera"

betty - NZ

That's how it rains here in New Zealand! I have to stare out the window for a while if I suspect rain because the drops are just tiny and they don't splash 98% of the time!
Wonderful flowers and rural scenes :)

Thanks for taking part at 'My Corner of the World' this week! It's good to see you.


Sallie, you know Colorado doesn't get a lot of rain, so seeing your lush green photos and beautiful blooming flowers made me envious! My favorite place when visiting the PNW has been the rainforest areas. Enjoy all that beauty!


Spring rain really does have a special aroma! Great flower photos.

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Liz Needle

Thank you for sharing your rainy walk. Your plants certainly look as if they enjoy the climate. I love the Bleeding Heart and its visitor.

Veronica Lee

Rain is something we take for granted in our very wet corner of the work. In fact, I think the monsoon season has just started!

Lovely blooms and what a great bonus to see the hummingbird!!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful trees in paradise.


What a lovely set of pictures from a beautiful floral area!
A pleasure to see.
Keep safe.

Linda P

I like the description of the misty conditions and the comparison between the Florida and Oregon Spring rain. You saw some beautiful flowering shrubs and trees on your walk and to spot and capture the hovering hummingbird was a bonus.


Wow, to catch that hummer in the act, rain or no.

Su-sieee! Mac

I have great memories of the Oregon mist and rainy days from my visits with friends and cousin. All that fresh forest air was a delight. The hummingbird among the bleeding hearts, what a treat! Take care, Sallie.

A ShutterBug Explores

wow! gorgeous spring time photos ~ love that hummingbird shot ~ stay dry if you can ~ it has been raining a lot it seems in MA ~ particularly because there is that 'stay at home' edict and well Zoe and I need to get out and walk also ~

Be Well,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


I think we have wildly different views on good walking weather, Sallie, another way this thing has warped me.
I was actually upset when I saw the sun out this morning and am calming down now that it's cloudy and threatening to rain. This is because nice weather equals more people, many not social distancing and the whole point of getting out is shot to hell.
The two times I was in OR it seemed to always be raining and I loved how people had colorful coats and were still so active. And of course all that rain makes the emerald green beauty you see everywhere.
Bleeding Hearts were one of my favorites as a kid (ironic, no?), I was fascinated by them. And ooh, the plum trees, gorgeous.
I lost my tough camera which is made for rain and getting dropped so wrap something plastic around my camera and lens when it rains. Not sure if it really protects it but since it's an old camera I'm not too concerned.
I'm glad you're home too.

bill burke

It's funny, my wife loves the rain and I can't stand it but it sure does wonders for those wonderful beautiful flowers. The colours are gorgeous too. I guess I just don't like to get soaked but if I do, well that's the price you pay.
Beautiful photos, Sallie and thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful week and say safe.

Wally Jones

Sallie, thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs!
Wow! What a color extravaganza!

When we first moved to Europe, our landlord advised to buy good rain gear and not to wait for fair weather to go outside. Best advice ever.

We knew we were back in Florida when we had rain in the back yard and sunshine in the front!

Have a great day!

(Note: Our website has changed.)


i love the rain, i will openly walk in the rain if it is a light rain!! gorgeous blooms and what a great bonus to see the hummingbird!!

Little Wandering Wren

Hello Sallie, walking in the rain to me is one of my favourite things as long as I'm not completely drenched. It certainly makes everywhere look lush and green, beautiful flowers. I think that's a great message to take advantage of the sunshine when we can - happy days!
Wren x

handmade by amalia

I love gentle rain! But, honestly, I love any kind of rain, it is a blessing from above.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing the hummingbird. Loved it! Have a great week. Sylvia D.

Photo Cache

Yes, Oregon is so verdant. It's the first thing I've noticed about the state when I visited and also the reason why I love it. Hope you're all keeping safe.


Well now, you got a bit wet there :) But gosh, aren't your flowers just gorgeous? The surprise of the hummer, what a little darling. Loved this post, thanks Sallie.


Beautiful flowers and how exciting to see a hummingbird.

Taken For Granted

Beautiful plants and blossoms. Wish we could get more rain, only .25" this month so far.


We had a storm unexpectedly on Saturday, hail that looked like snow and 32mm (1 1/4 inches) in less than 30 mins.
Hope all is well, Diane

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Oh WOW, what great timing to catch the hummingbird. I just love those little birds.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Lavender Dreams

How neat to capture the hummer! The flowers are indeed very beautiful! I'm glad our rain showers come and go in a hurry but we are still pretty dry here for Spring! Take care and enjoy your week! Hugs!


I love the bleeding hearts also so pretty and the little hummer what a treat that must have been for you to enjoy. Currently we are in a pattern of awesome weather just right...enjoy your time in Oregon.



I almost missed seeing the sweet hummer. I love the bleeding heart blooms. The blossoms and flowers are gorgeous, the rain there makes everything so pretty. Lovely images. Stay safe and healthy. Have a good day and great week ahead.

Stevenson Que

Sally you gave as a wonderful parade of colors and lush greens on this post! I have always been amazed of stories about Oregon and how nature is thriving so well on that state especially beautiful flowering plants just like those you showed us. I love the rain especially the rains that do not cause flooding (because normal rains here can be torrential in the Philippines). So we always have our umbrellas every single day during the months of August until November which is the rainy season. I remember when I was in the Netherlands and strolling when it started to rain and I opened my umbrella, people started staring at me like I'm such a weirdo, until I realize they don;t really use umbrellas that much even for rain so just like a local, I just let my winter coat get soaked by the misty rain on the windmills but surprisingly, just after a couple of hours indoors, the wetness was gone!

Have a great new week Sally!

// Heidrun

Your description of different rain sounds so much poetic - wonderful.

On the other side there is the Covid-19 and fear.

We hope and pray...

...stay healthy. Happy MosaicMonday

Iris Flavia

Oh, I want to get to know rain in Florida then!! Not the "nasty" one, though... wearing glasses I hate that!
Aww, the Bleeding Heart we have here, also, at least in the Botanical Garden. Where I should go today on the way to the bakery, thank you for the reminder :-)
And ohhhh, I´ve never seen a Hummingbird for real, is that a cutie!


Sallie - oh yes, I remember those dramatic Florida afternoon rainstorms when I lived there as a child! And I know the all-day, gray cloud-hovering days of the Northwest from our time in Montana! Both are beneficial in their own ways. How blessed you were to see that hummingbird visiting the bleeding heart! I just saw my first rufous hummingbird here today. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


Washington has been too try this April. We have clouds right now but hardly any rain coming from them. I see plants on our walks that are already wilting. When we are in our cabin you know when it rains because of the tin roof. Here in the Bellingham condo I can only tell if it is raining by tires shooshing on the road outside. - Margy

ellen b.

Oh how fun to capture that little hummer in the bleeding hearts. Bleeding hearts are such a special plant. I really need to try and add my favorite here at our northeast home. Glad you are enjoying being back on this side of the USA despite the misty rain!


Wow Sally! You are in Oregon at the right time:) What a feast of colors and flowers! Love the bleeding heart, and am envious of your capture - so romantic, but I've seen them only once here, in a botanical garden. Probably a little too dry here in California.
Remember the rain in Florida (I think it was August) - it was like the sky would fall on us, the thunder and lightening was so loud, and the wind was so strong, I was afraid a hurricane would break out. Next day, same thing, and the next.
Thanking you for getting out in the rain for All Seasons, and wishing you a dry week! Jesh

Amy Franks

Oh I love those rainy days and afterwards when you can get out in nature.

Penelope Notes

Oh, that capture of the bleeding hearts and hummingbird is a prize. I like it when the clouds, rain, and sun take turns in the space of an hour. Too much sunny weather makes this stay at home rule more difficult for some. The occasion seems to call for rainy weather.


Our redbuds look like your plum trees. Joe and I found a wild orchid on our last hike! Pandemic hikes, I call them. I wonder what that other purple bush is.


What lovely photos! Hoping all is well with you at this time of confinement It looks like you have found some lovely places to spend your time. Have a grand week!


such beautiful blossoms in the rain - great pics!

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