May 24, 2020


Rambling woods

Wow...that rainbow...


i love this time of the year, because of the flowers, and gorgeous views... my allergies my not agree. LOL!! hey there chickadee ... hope u r well this weekend. i for some reason am earlier ... i usually wait til my post is live ... mine will be alive tomorrow 5/31 ... but i had a moment and decided to go blog hopping. have a great rest of your week. i did deck staining today ... so i am just chilling this evening. it was nice exercise. always find new muscles i didn't know i had. LOL!! take care. ( ;

Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe

You spotted the 22 deg halo under lockdown from home .....yayyy! Nature never ceases to surprise us, right!

The blooms are gorgeous Carol and the red theme is sending bright vibes!

The trail definitely looks wonderful.

Have a fantastic weekend!


That's some magnificent variety of colors and kinds of flowers. How nice to be able to walk to the river.

Peter B.

I'm still amazed I can look up anything I need on my phone, so you're not alone! That's a beautiful sun halo. I rarely see them. Have a nice weekend!

Michelle Keltner

The halo effect is pretty cool. Haven't seen that in person before. The rhodies are beautiful and it makes me think I need one. Thanks for linking up.

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Spot on! Love that halo! Adored the virtual tour. I especially liked to see all the flowers of many colors.

MaryBeth Schwartz

I find questions from Californians always strange---but they learn.--LOL
Great colors. The thing with Rhodies is there are several varieties and some don't even bloom until August. Mother Nature is innovative to say the least

Amy Franks

You got lots of nice colour there. It's always nice to be outdoors.


...Oregon is indeed a beautiful place. I haven't visited in several years, thanks for taking me along to see the sights!


A lovely selection of flowers and a great photo of the halo!

Iris Flavia

Oh, a halo!!! 1995 I saw one, too, In Australia, aaaages ago! Just my pic never came out that great, thank you for sharing this.
Yes, I think we all will take little things as special, hopefully for a long time!
Beautiful pics, Sallie!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Linda Walcroft

Beautiful garden photos. I love that sun shot!


you are lucky to have these trails...anything leading to water is always exciting for me. our rhododendrons have just started to bloom, i love how all the plants take their turn.

the first picture is amazing, how lucky you were to see that. i have always called them sun dogs and have only seen that a few times. we google everything, especially when the hubs and i disagree on what something is. we can't wait to prove the other one wrong!! i am usually wrong!

the flowers are so pretty, love the purple rhododendrons!!

Manav Singhi

Beautiful Flowers, It so nice to look at them, they give you automatic Happiness. You Have a Safe and Nice Day. . . :)

ellen b.

It's always such a treat this time of year to see the Rhododendrons blooming. All the great varieties. How nice to have these river walks close by. We have had some rain but we have some interesting heat in the forecast for later this week. Can you believe we are almost done with May??


Such beautiful flowers! That purple rhododendron is beautiful, Sallie. and I can imagine how seeing all of them together in a park must have looked! They don't grow well here. We've had a cool spring but I'm not complaining as I like the cool weather best!


It seems unfair that all the beautiful flowers bloom and fall within a few weeks and then it's summer and all is green. But the world has plenty of unfairness to go around.

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Your neighborhood is popping with color! We have wild rhododendrons
and azaleas here. With the pandemic we spent more time hiking for wildflowers than we have in the whole 30 years we've lived here!


That's very cool, looks like a corona, no pun...oh, it's a halo, what a thing to see, glad you didn't take a cue from Trump and stare directly into the sun, lol.
It's been raining on and off here too, don't know what to do with the car windows, don't what to get water inside and don't want the car to explode.
I hear ya, I had an in person social distance visit with Oliver, I mean my cousins yesterday. My one cousin has not left her house or yard since March so had the yards and driveway looking like a small park full of socially distanced chairs and swings. It goes without saying she has a lot of time on her hands these days.
Red is a great color scheme, especially outdoors and in contrast to all the green I'm sure you have. Love the term, "rhodie."
I bet you know the name of every flower you see. I might post some of the phone pics I took of unfamiliar flowers yesterday.

betty - NZ

Wow, that's an amazing sight that you captured of the sun! And the flowers are fabulous along the walkway!

Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week!


What gorgeous shots from spring in Oregon. I finished looking through the posts from after you got to Oregon and they are wonderful. Cool seeing how you vote. I've never voted by mail. The 2016 election was the first time I've ever done early voting. I did that in case I got hit by a bus before election day although sadly my vote didn't make a difference. For the 2020 election I'll probably vote the first day of early voting, wear a mask and social distance like I do everywhere. I'm scared if I try to vote by mail I'll mess it up and I will do everything possible to make sure I do my part. I've already put it on my work calendar that I'm taking the day after election day off because I'll either be celebrating too hard to work or need a day of mourning.


Wow ! the lockdown also has its good sides ! not only you saw this hallo but also you discover your own neighbourhood ! I think this will happen to many of us, instead of going or flying miles away we will discover the beauties here around !

Bob Bushell

I love the flowers, pretty flowers.


lovely mosaics. I have seen the suns halo a couple of times but never as small as this one. Interesting!

Glad you liked my Social distancing post. Of course you can use the idea too. :) Do that.

Lady Fi

Cool halo sighting and gorgeous flowers!

Photo Cache

Those are beautiful blooms.

Happy Memorial Day!

Veronica Lee

You are indeed lucky to have these scenic neighborhood trails close to the water. Lovely photos as always, Sallie!


A very beautiful spot for walking, the flowers are great for the insects and the birds!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! that halo is something special to see and great photo along with all your beautiful flowers ~ Wow! again ~

Be Safe, Be Well,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Alan Bates

I love all the flowers. It sounds like you have a great trail system and I love that it goes to the river. We have some great trails here, the ones close to where we live parallel freeways. Not exactly a relaxing experience but great for bike rides.


Always heard about Oregon's beauty! And here you showed it - it looks like paradise with all thee beautiful flowers!! Can't thank you enough for taking the time to capture all of these at All Seasons! In the city I took flowers so for granted, but since I live in deer country they like to eat almost any leaf, petal, so we can only have flowers with bulbs, or too high for them to reach. Your capture of the sun is rad:)
It's good to know nothing is a given, even being in contact with your loved ones. Two days ago we went to the first time since January to my daughter and family, so I share in your thankfulness! Have a lovely week, Sallie1


Love all your flower pictures....so pretty.
Have a great day!

Karen, Pixel Posts

I have seen a lunar halo, but never a solar. Lots of lovely blooms. Looks like a nice area to take a walk. Have a good week.

Lavender Dreams

How nice to have sunshine for those walks. And what a beautiful place to walk! WOW! I would love being able to walk on trails like that right from your home! Enjoy your week! It's HOT here! lol Hugs!

Linda P

The rhododendrons are dramatic flowering shrubs. They do look good in large gardens and parks. We have the purple ones growing wild out on the moors. This year with the lockdown we have missed seeing them. A walk that leads to a beautiful river like the Willamette would be enjoyable especially now you can do that.

Cathy Keller

Wonderful photos!! Seeing the halo around the sun must have been amazing. The rhododendron we had at the old house was temperamental. Some years it would bloom and others it didn’t seem like she had no interest in trying. The are beautiful nonetheless!! Have a wonderful holiday!!


Hello Sallie,
You live in a beautiful area and a gorgeous state. The flowers and blossoms are lovely. I like the view of the river,park and your walk. The halo was a cool sight to see, wonderful photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Amy Franks

Are those rhododenrons? They're so lovely.

Stevenson Que

All those flowers made my heart bloom with so much happiness! Thank you for these wonderful week starters dear Sallie! Have a great week ahead and stay safe and happy!

Maggie Bryant

I've never seen a solar halo, what a sight to see, thanks for sharing that. The rhododendrons are beautiful when they blossom, well worth the wait I think. How lovely to be able to sit and chat together I am counting the days before we can meet up with family once again. Happy MM.

// Heidrun

The catch of such a sun event is spectacular.

And the other captures you catched, dear Sallie, too by the way. Especially the blooming Rhododendren, I love the remembering on our travels around on Ireland. You and your camera was very succesful... I laughed at your comment at last, you know what I mean.

Stay healthy and well.

Happy MosaicMonday

Hildred Finch

A lovely tour!


Sallie - my goodness, such beautiful rhododendrons and other flowers. Don't you just gaze at them in absolute wonder? All of that came out of a little bud that slept all winter? So glad you are able to enjoy some family time - such a treasure! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!

Penelope Notes

I like the drama and somewhat angelic tone of the halo. What a gorgeous shot! I wonder if we will ever again take for granted socializing in person with family and neighbors outdoors. My guess is probably, but not until after a vaccine.

Lydia C. Lee

I love the sun one! Great shot! #NaturesNotes


We see lots of solar halos when we are up the lake with wide open skies. I'm always taking pictures of them. I also like finding colourful sky dogs. - Margy

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

So many lovely flowers. Our park are finally opening up but the flowers have all finished blooming.


Oh my goodness your flowers are so gorgeous!

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