June 07, 2020



i think honeysuckle is one of my favorite wild flowers, it is all over our bike path and the scent is intoxicating!! parker looks like a happy pup...and june sure is a beautiful month, we have had wonderful weather!!

Adam Jones

That's an amazing looking dragonfly.


Hello Sallie,
Love the sweet dog Parker and the dragonfly. The flowers are lovely. Spending time with your family is the best. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.


Hello. Lovely post. Wonderful photos. Have a great weekend.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

PArker certainly loves the water and I love all the flowers you saw on your walk. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.


Great shots! I enjoy seeing Parker having fun. Have a good weekend.


Enjoyed all your photos, as I always do. I wish we still had our honeysuckle, used to love its scent. I must plant more. I can see how much Parker enjoys playing in his pool. I haven’t been out near any water lately to see any dragonflies. I miss them. Nice to be able to drop in, and lovely pics of your daughter, granddaughter and great grandchild. That’s a magnficent tree also, sounds like an interesting meme. Thanks for the fun post Sallie, and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Peter B.

Beautiful photo of the honeysuckle. Big smile seeing Parker playing in the water, and the family photos!


wonderful photos from this post!

Manav Singhi

Oh what a beautiful pictures of Country Summers, Just loving it. I Would say that You should take out your camera more often. You Have a Nice and Beautiful Day. . . :)

riitta k

Hi Sallie,

Your photos show summer life at its best. So wonderful you could meet grandson and what fun Parker had! Honeysuckle is a fabulous climber, but unfortunately it gets easily mildew here... Enjoy your June!


What a great shot from the Honeysuckle - I asked the translation becauce I don't know this name. I Germany is it a "Geißblatt" - I have a red in my Garden.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Honeysuckle smells so good! It always brings back childhood memories for me. Have a great weekend!


Watching a tree sounds awesome. I have to give that a try. We have a sugar maple that would be interesting to observe through the seasons. We also have a honeysuckle bank that smells heavenly right now!

Michelle Nature Notes

Best of all worlds...family and nature..I am missing hugs these days..

bill burke

What beautiful shots, Sallie. It's always good to spend time with family members. The flowers and nature are gorgeous in your area. My daughter keeps me updated on Oregon and the virus. Hope everything is going well for you and you are staying safe. Have a wonderful day.

Suzan Batz

What a glorious place to see your family.
Your little guy is so sweet and what a busy beaver too.
Love the dog in the pool. He's as big as it is...
Beautiful flowers and the white dragonfly is really pretty too. I thought it was more in the moth family.
You have much to be thankful for.

Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe

The countryside is always a joy for nature lovers. The honeysuckle looks pretty. Nature has blessed us with variety of flowers each one unique and beautiful.

Your great grandson sounds like an explorer......

Have a happy week ahead Cathy.


I shhould be a great grandma too ! but boys are always later ! If I would have had a daughter I would have a grown up grandson too. Never mind, I don't see them very often anyway only on whatsapp. Last time was on Christmas I guess, because then in March the lockdown started !

Judy F Biggerstaff

It is wonderful to be outside enjoying the flowers and beauty of nature. Wonderful pictures!


I absolutely love the smell of honeysuckle and wish for a scratch and sniff screen. Parker looks to be having fun even in a pool to small for him. What a treat to see family in such a beautiful place.

David Gascoigne

You had a great day, Sallie, time spent in the country, flowers, fresh air, family. During Covid-19 times that's about as good as it gets. Maybe one day, in a time far, far away, you will be able to hug again!



It is a lovely property, beautiful flowers. The honeysuckle smells so sweet. It was great you were able to meet up with your family, the great-grand is a cutie. The tree watch is cool activity, easy to follow with our cameras. Parker looks cute playing in his pool. Have a great day!

Lucy Corrander

What a fortunate coincidence.
There doesn't seem to be honeysuckle anywhere near where I now live. I miss it.
I am glad you have chosen a tree to watch. I think others who have done the same have found it very rewarding.


I wonder if yours is native or introduced (and invasive) honeysuckle. It's pretty either way.

Taking photos of trees seems irresistible. The earliest pioneer photographer in England, Henry Fox Talbot, took a tree photo at the very dawn of photography in the 1840s. Every Wednesday thousands or millions of similar photos appear for Wordless Wednesday on blogs these days!

be well...mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi, Sallie! What a wonderful day you had. Time outdoors in the country, a bee serenade, family, and a baby boy walking and exploring. On Sunday we visited with friends for a short while. It felt great. Our county is about to enter Phase 3, but we're still going to take it slow. I tell the Husband that he's lucky I can cook. lol

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous nature shots and wonderful family photos ~ you are blessed ~

Be Safe, Be Well,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Iris Flavia

Beautiful walk and visits! The idea with the tree is interesting, too!


lol, I see you too meet in the garden. I drive to see my daughter on days when we can expect fine weather and sit in the garden or take a walk.
That dragonfly is a sturdy one. Quite unusual I think.
I love Honeysuckle. When I was young it was the only perfume I used :)
Take care, stay safe.

betty - NZ

I think we all go through cycles of picture-taking with real life taking center stage.
You still managed to get some wonderful images and I know the surprise visitors made your day!

I am excited to see your corner at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

Amy Franks

mmmm honeysuckle smells great, bet the doggy was pleased with his pool.


Beautiful honeysuckle!
Your big dog in a too small "swimming"pool made me really smile!

Taken For Granted

You have a beautiful yard with amazing plants. The moth may actually be a dragon fly. Lovely photo series.

Alan Bates

Nice tromp through your five acres.
I love hearing about little kids who are love doing stuff outdoors and exploring.


I think it's a dragonfly not a moth!

Parker seems to be really enjoying himself!

So many lovely flowers too and always nice to spend time with family, even if you do need to keep your distance

Bob Bushell

It's great to have great granddaughter around, oh, lovely.


Wonderful collection of photos - family, furry family members and flowers

Veronica Lee

Lovely photos as always, Sallie! Looks like a perfect June day!

Lady Fi

Such sweet shots - and fragrant too!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

That is one beautiful backyard! Parker looks very happy!


hope u r well this week, i gotta say sometimes i fall behind on comments, and i thank you for yours. so sweet. we got home from a camping trip. it was just plain odd. we get together in a rally so like this one had about 25 or so ... a lot less than normal. and when we got together for like a pot luck ... lots of distancing between us. it was fun but just odd or different. i feel like the news makes u think that every thing has come to a stop but the roads are not empty. we went to Illinois, from Virginia. so that was fun to see a new spot. meet new people. get out into nature for a change and just relax. sure hope things will change soon. i am tried of the weirdness but so many folks think it will last a lot longer??! have a super great week. ( ;


Sallie - you are surrounded by lovely countryside - I love the natural look of those flower gardens with all the daisies. And the gift of family - how special. As I type this, I am in Ohio visiting my Mom and other family - what a joy to see them! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday with spring's delights!


Lovely set of photos. That moth though looks like a dragonfly to me! Keep well and safe, Diane


I love Honeysuckle...smells so good. Mine doesn't bloom until late in the summer. Your Walnut tree looks huge, but be really old. Have a great day!


It's nice to have a place where family can gather and be themselves, that's what I have here it's our family homestead so to speak...great flowers!!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

I thought that was some sort of dragonfly but you said moth. Love the clear wings with the black on them. Different.
I do love the smell of honeysuckle, reminds me of home.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Stevenson Que

Super super cute Doggy!!! Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful tree dear Sallie! It gives me so much coolness in this very hot weather here!


How sweet to spend time with children, grandchildren, and a great-grandson! The fields full of flowers look so beautiful and a photographer's delight. I loved your close up of the honeysuckle and the moth.

Wally Jones

I can smell that honeysuckle from here.

Gorgeous photographs, Sallie! What a terrific place to walk.

Any post with grandkids is a winner. We need to get to Texas soon to see ours. They grow up way too fast.

I believe your moth is a beautiful female Common Whitetail dragonfly. (https://bugguide.net/node/view/56308)

Florida is just as humid as you think it is!!

Lavender Dreams

I like the idea of watching a tree! I have a tree I call the flutterby tree that I photograph in all the seasons. Love seeing everyone outside enjoying the sunshine! Summertime...oh how I love it! Hugs! (do you think that might be a dragonfly? the wings look like one)

Jennifer Jilks

It's lovely to see the grands, isn't it?!

// Heidrun

It's wonderful to have such a wonderful family, a blooming garden... it sounds perfect.

Despite the mouthguard, we have to wear, we can have some small funny moments, isn't. I enjoyed reading - especially Parker make me smiling. I remembering on our Chow-Chow...

...Stay healthy and well, dear blogfriend.
Happy MosaicMonday

Karen, Pixel Posts

Love the honeysuckle photo. I am waiting for mine to bloom. Parker the big dog looks like he had fun. A nice surprise visit from your great grandie. Have a good week.


I sort of did that by accident going back through my photos of the cottonwood trees here behind the condo. I was lucky to find one for each season. You have lots of beautiful flowers. Does it take a lot of work to keep up five acres? I have trouble keeping a small condo in order with no outside chores. We went back to Marina Park today. It was busier on a Sunday but still plenty of room. There's no direct access to the ocean so it is people walking dogs, sitting at picnic tables for a quick lunch or just sitting in the sun. A perfect spot for us with an ocean view and nice cool breeze. - Margy

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Nice property with wide open spaces! Great nature shots. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

ellen b.

Well that was a beautiful acreage to walk about. How nice to see your great grand running about. Boy it takes a lot of energy to chase after those little ones. Great shot of that moth! Happy new week to you!

Penelope Notes

Haha, I’ve heard of tree huggers but it’s pretty cool to be a tree watcher. Five-acres is a lot of land and such a great opportunity for kids, pets and grandparents to enjoy nature.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Great blog with lovely pictures. The flowers and the back of the acreage is great. Nice to visit even unexpectedly.


What a feast Sally. Your family around you, and these beautiful honeysuckle's! That moth is unusually beautiful too! Yeah, I remember watch a tree vaguely from last year. Great you can visit whenever you feel like! Many thanks for sharing the happiness in your family, and have a beautiful week, Jesh

Cathy Keller

The photo of the honeysuckle was just wonderful and breathtaking!!! The moth is beautiful too!! Have a wonderful week!

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