June 21, 2020


Tanza Erlambang

when I was kid, I have several chickens, they give us eggs....fresh and healthy....love it.

Have a wonderful day

David Gascoigne

Perhaps one of the benefits of Covid-19 is that people will rediscover the art and the joy of cooking and realize that there is a good deal of satisfaction in creating delicious (and nutritious) home-cooked meals.

Michelle Keltner

This looks perfect to me. I love seeing the birds and the chickens. I just took care of my chicks and ended up with poop smeared on my leg. Good times! (not so much) Thanks for linking up and have a great week ahead!!

Shiju Sugunan

Beautiful flowers and birds. Great shots!


Did you say fresh blueberries? Oh my, I drool.

Love, love, LOVE the head on photo of baby with the nest box entry filled up with all beak!

Your post today is a treasure. I enjoyed every minute here and want to thank you for participating at IRBB this week.


Hello Sallie,

Love the sweet birds, they looks so cute waiting to be fed. The chicken have a nice home, they are fun. Love the beautiful skies and flowers. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend..PS, thanks for the comment and visit.


Hello. Lovely post. The rose and lily are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Take care!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Great shots of the young birds peeping out of the nest. Lovely Rose. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.


Good photo of the hungry little bird!

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Your captures change overnight when you live in the country side, eh? Glad you like it! Your capture of the parent bird with the young are so cute! And I love your capture of the birdie surrounded by the roundish opening! The flowers are so beautiful Sally. Isolating, but am happy there are still enough tings to enjoy! Many thanks for sharing the birds and flowers with All Seasons. Have a lovely weekend and upcoming week, Jesh

Peter B.

Such cute shots of the little bird beaks sticking out of the birdhouse!! Nothing better than photos to help you remember exactly what you did and saw. Have a nice weekend!


seems like a lot of things happened anyway. When you did take a look :) I hope you don´t have as warm as we have these days.
Take care!


this very sweet the young birds and chickens and also very nice the flowers!

riitta k

Beautiful post Sallie. I loved the birds & the chickens. That peachy rose is a wow. Enjoy your weekend, warm greetings, riitta

Lea's Menagerie

Beautiful rose with raindrops!

Rambling woods

I don’t find it that hard to be home but miss my grandchildren. Love the flowers and the house sparrows

Alan Bates

You got it all in this post, chickens, birds, trees. Nice place to spend the pandemic!

Hootin' Anni

Reading, cooking, walks in the country or isolated areas, crafts, tv...they all seem to be the new norm for most of us. Wonderful photos Sallie. Stay safe & great seeing you in blogland...it's been a while.

Penelope Notes

Oh my goodness, you really lucked out with the baby bird pictures. I have a birdhouse nearby and see the parents flit back and forth with bits of food but never have I seen the little ones inside. What fantastic faces!


...I love the mouths poking out of the bird house.

A spirit of simplicity

Lovely to see the sweet little birds. That is quite a black walnut tree!


oh sallie, i have felt that way so many times...and then i scan through my pictures and i'm like "wow" that was a great week!! your pictures are really beautiful, then there are those baby birds, so sweet. just like our kids, they don't really close their mouths until they move out!!! hehehehe

i too have continued to self isolate. when we go out, i do not come into contact with anyone. i have not been to the food store, any store...all of our outings, it's just chuck and i. the bikes have been a wonderful pass time, lakes, our inlet, and the pool. we have enjoyed the pool immensely!! and i must admit, i am ok with the door bell not ringing all the time...i have really enjoyed our quiet time!!! take care sallie, i enjoyed our visit today!!

Bob Bushell

Precious photos, House Sparrow feeding its chicks, beautiful. I do love blueberries, beautiful.


as always your photos are so beautiful - from the sky to the chickens!

betty - NZ

Fabulous pictures of your week. It's exciting when you find more than you expect when you download!

I'm glad you are a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

Himawan Sant

Your photos are amazing .., a wonderful day is beautifully recorded here. I was amazed by the birds in his house, they were very cute.

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi, Sallie! While I was looking at the baby bird pictures, I heard birdies chirping outside.They sound like babies, but the Husband doesn't think so. "They just sound cute."
We're still hunkering down here, too. I don't know if I'm being productive and finding new things to do around the house because of the lockdown or if retired me was heading this way anyway. Whatever, I like it. Cheers!

Veronica Lee

Love your photos as always, Sallie! Especially the captures of the bird peeking out ⁠— so cute!


Looks like a very busy week 😊 Love the chicks so cute. Have a good day, stay safe, Diane

Stewart M

Love those little faces in the nest box!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Love the colour of that rose. A surprising variety of the outside world from the skies to the walnut tree.


Super photos of pretty skies and water. The rose even though faded has a lot of beauty, especially with the droplets of rain that always remind me of sparkling jewels. The tiger lily is gorgeous also. Love the collages with the chickens, and the baby bird and the gorgeous old walnut tree with the pretty purple flowers on the ground. We don’t mind staying at home a lot either, as you say the time goes quickly. I am looking forward to getting out and taking photos, but everywhere can be crowded so I am staying put for a while. Soon I hope :)

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing! Have a safe week. Sylvia D.

Stevenson Que

Lovely rose colors, pale but very warming to my eyes and heart! That birdie peeking out of the hole is so adorable! Happy new Week Sallie!


Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, indeed the roses wear the raindrops really beautifully. Happy Monday
I am at #22 on the linky today


Lavender Dreams

You really did see so much out there. I enjoy getting out in the country and taking lots of photos. There's always something to see. Of course my favorite pics are the Mama and her baby birds. That is just precious. We are always on the lookout for nests are nests in boxes but rarely see babies. Enjoy your week! We're still staying home most of the time too but there's plenty to keep us busy! Hugs!

bill burke

Great photos, Sallie. I love the wee birds screaming for mom to get some food. We still only go out to the grocery store to shop. Our library is still not open but is expected to any day now. We also can go anywhere in our county but haven't yet. Feel weird to see lots of people so we will take our time. Have a great new week!

Lady Fi

Love the pearly teardrops! And the birds.

Karen, Pixel Posts

It looks like a pleasant week Sallie. It's nice that you can visit with family. Beautiful flowers and cute chickens. There's nothing better than fresh eggs. Have a good week.


I enjoyed all the photos from your week, Sallie. The baby birds poking out of the house entrance was sweet. I have a birdhouse that also gets good use but I can never get photos of all the action. I also loved the fading rose with raindrops and the changeable sky. We've been having frequent afternoon thunderstorms. It really cools off the temperature and keeping the hills green!


Hey Sallie, as long as we are above ground it was a good week! Lovely roses and lilies, and the chicken condo is a good size! I would like to try again with chickens, only this time I have to close off the top of the coop run area with wire as mine were attacked by hawk and owl!!
Have a good week!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Oh I miss my girls aka chickens. The roses are lovely. We, our state, is open and pretty much back to running in full swing. I'm thankful to be out and about.

Linda P

The chickens have a lovely home! How exciting to see the bird peeping out from the bird house and then two beaks open ready for what the parent has brought them. Very cute! I'm glad that you're having a quiet time, enjoying your walks and nature photography. It's interesting to study a tree through the seasons and that walnut tree is magnificent.


Hello, Sallie

I love that chicken condo, they have a cute home. Sweet captures of the birds and bird houses. The flowers are beautiful. I am hoping for a bumper crop of blueberries. Pretty skies! Our activities are much the same, reading and taking walks. I should be sorting more of my photos. Take care and stay well. Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead!

Life Images by Jill, Western Australia

Looks like it was a great week!


lovely photos, specially nice to see the young house sparrows!

Iris Flavia

Cute fotos of the mama-bird and her babies. Yes, we do cook more and new recipes.


I like most the little ones peeping out of their "home window"! So cute!
Stay healthy, Sally, and have a nice week!


Sallie - every day for the last couple of weeks, we have had rain. So unusual for dry Montana. At times, I have stayed out in the garden during a light rain, or otherwise I won't get anything done out there!

Don't you just feel for these bird parents - those gaping mouths, so demanding. It must be exhausting! You captured a fabulous series of photos!

Thanks for linking up as always, and enjoy your week ahead!

// Heidrun

How wonderful it is, to look exactly on past. On a travel, on special moments. There is so much true poetry in this captures... the Rose with teardrops... and especially the little Birds.

Thank you for sharing.
Stay healthy and well.
Happy MosaicMonday


I'd sure like to see some raindrops. Love the baby birds. So nice to have a country space to get to.

ellen b

Glad you are doing well in these times. I love the color of that tiger lily. The photos at the birdhouse are fun, too. Happy beginning of summer to you!!


Your daughter and son-in-law have a great spot. Love the chicken condo. The only time I had a chicken was when I was a little kid. Not sure if it was mine or Mom's. It was a single Banty Hen. I remember her foraging in the plants between our house and the house next door. And that was in the city, Compton in California. I had a rabbit and a series of guinea pigs, a family dachshund, fish, a series of red-ear turtles when they were legal, an iguana Dad brought home from the high school where he was a vice-principal, and a series of horned toads I brought back from the Los Angeles riverbed before it became a cement channel. I would bring one home each weekend Dad took me horseback riding, and exchange it for another one the next time. It wasn't so bad growing up in the city in those days I guess. - Margy


Love your sky mosaic and roses - great photos of birds too!

Lydia C. Lee

The bird peeking out of the birdhouse and the mum feeding the babies are great shots!

Cathy Keller

Wonderful photos! We're still doing our best to social distance, too. Gives me time to catch up on things I've been putting off! Have a wonderful week!

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